– I’m sorry, did I poke you with my really long lifted lashes? Didn’t mean to do that. (slow melodic music) Hey guys, I’m Ella Dove, and
this is What The Wellness. Today I’m at Hourglass Cosmetics in New York’s Soho neighborhood to try out their signature lash lift. So unlike lash extensions,
which are everywhere right now, they’re actually just
going to permanently curl my natural lashes. Some dermatologists say
that a lash extension might damage your natural lash line, but this should perk up my eyelashes without adding anything to my face or causing any damage. The treatment is supposed
to last anywhere from eight to 12 weeks, and costs $150. So I have no idea how you
actually perm an eyelash. Let’s go find out. (melodic music) – Hi, Ella.
– Hi. Nice to meet you, I’m
Yoli, and I’ll be doing your lash lift service today.
– Nice to meet you. So I’m actually glad that you
came with no eye makeup on, that’s gonna make this a lot easier. So I’m gonna apply
these under eye patches, and we’ll make sure that they
hold your bottom lashes down. So I have different sized rods here, and based on the length of your lashes I’ll decide which one
is gonna be appropriate to give you the best curl. We don’t want them to curl too inward. You see how this feels right here. – Yeah. – [Yoli] I’m gonna be gluing
that right onto your lid. – Got it. (melodic music) You know, I don’t normally have people like poking and prodding my eyes, but I’m into it. – [Yoli] Putting your lashes onto the rod. I like to do it in sections, just because the glue will start to dry. So using the rod, it helps to pull them up and really separate them. So I’m not having to do as much work once they’re actually adhered to the rod. – So I know with extensions you’re not supposed to wear mascara,
but with lash lift you can? – Yeah absolutely, you
can totally wear mascara, and the nice thing about it is that you’re not having to wear mascara in efforts to build up your lashes, the lashes are already built up. And this is where I just
really get into the lashes and make sure that everything
is as separate as it can be. I think that looks really good. – Great. – Okay. – I’ll just lay here. (Yoli laughs) – [Yoli] So we’re gonna
start on your right eye now. (melodic music) – Feels like you’re raising
like each individual lash and lifting it, which makes sense, but it’s a very gentle tug,
like it doesn’t feel… It’s more gentle than my
eyelash curler, that’s for sure. (melodic music) – All right, so I think
we got a good lift there, I’m feeling good about this. So I feel like they’re gonna
come out really beautiful, so we’re gonna start with the solutions. So I’m gonna use a little brush, and we’re gonna apply
the first lifting lotion. So we only wanna go halfway up. We definitely don’t wanna get solution on the ends of the lashes. So I usually just kinda make a line here and then make sure that’s it’s really saturated at the roots. Kinda dragging it inward,
then I’ll run a wet Q-tip dipped in water along your water line, just to make sure that
there’s no solution there. – It really just feels like I
have stickers on my eyeballs. It’s not a bad feeling,
it’s just a new feeling. – All right, so we just set the timer. I’ll be back in nine minutes. – It’s a good time to meditate. – Okay so I’m going to
remove the first solution. – Mmkay. – So the next one is the setting lotion. That’s the one that’s
gonna lock in your curl. Okay so we’re gonna
start the second timer. Okay so I’m gonna be checking on you in about eight and a
half minutes from now. – Bye. – [Yoli] Adios. – Oh wait, do I have my phone? Okay, I’m now going to
attempt a blind selfie. Let’s see how good of a millennial I am. Is it on my camera? – [Male] No.
– [Female] No. (laughing) – Wait, it’s on. Okay so you gotta lock it. Is it on my camera? – [Female] No. (laughing) – I’m a failure of a millennial. – [Yoli] Camera. Now you’re on your camera. – Okay, okay. Ready? – [Yoli] You’re not on selfie mode. (laughing) – Did it work? – [Yoli] Yes. – [Female] Cute. – [Both] Five, four, three. (timer beeps) – Ooh, wait, how did that happen? And we’re gonna remove the solution. I’m actually gonna go on this side, since this is the side
that we were starting with. (melodic music) Yeah you can already see. Well you can’t, but I can. (melodic music) – I’m so excited. – [Yoli] Three, two, two and a half. Okay, go. – [Ella] Oh my god. – [Yoli] Wow, they look so pretty. – [Ella] And they’re just
gonna stay like that? – [Yoli] They look beautiful. They look like doll lashes on you. – Oh my god I look like a… It’s amazing ’cause even
when you curl your eyelashes it doesn’t get that curled. I love them. – [Yoli] It looks so pretty. – It’s wild. – Yeah it looks beautiful. Yeah so this’ll just
condition your lashes. And you’ll leave this on
for the 24 hours, okay? – Great. I love them, thank you so much.
– [Yoli] You’re welcome. Wow, it’s strange to be
out in the world again. Well cool, now I just get to
go like live my best life. My lifted life. Well, my lashes are lifted. I’m a new woman. But they just look amazing. Like, they’re curled. Do you see that? Do you see how curled they are? Tomorrow, when I wake up, they’re still gonna look like this. And the next day, for like
at least six more weeks, they’re still gonna look like this, which I think is really cool. And I feel like for
summertime it’s awesome ’cause I can go do whatever I want, don’t have to worry about
mascara running down my face. I can travel, I can swim,
I can do everything. Who doesn’t want their lashes lifted? I’m Ella Dove, thank you for
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YouTube channel today to see all of the weird, wild, out there wellness experiences I’ve tried and find out what’s actually worth it. So a quick What The Wellness update. It’s been four weeks since my lash lift and I am still very much lifted. (melodic music)