Hello and welcome to another episode of Kyäni
Wellness TV. My name is Dr. Andreas Boettcher, member of
the Scientific Advisory Board here at Kyäni. And in today’s episode, we’re gonna talk about
MCT oil and why we’ve decided to include it into our FIT20 performance protein. Stay tuned. [00:00:17]
[music] [00:00:32] Well, it certainly seems like MCT oil is all
the rage today, after all, just Google MCT oil and you will find a plethora of information
all over the World Wide Web touting its benefits and quite honestly, rightfully so. So, in today’s episode, I want to break it
down a little bit for you and give you some of the science and the research behind it
and why we’ve decided to include it into our very unique performance protein called FIT20. Now, medium-chain triglycerides are exactly
what they sound like they are. They’re basically…When you think of triglycerides,
you’re thinking of carbon and hydrogen atoms linked together. You have short-chain and you have medium-chain
with about 6 to 12 carbon atoms in them. And then you have the long-chain, which are
more than 12, which are typically like your omega-3 fatty acids. Well, medium-chain triglycerides are actually
rapidly absorbed and have a quite a beneficial effect, particularly for us as athletes or
anyone who’s trying to prevent sarcopenia, loss of muscle tissue, improving protein synthesis
and the list goes on, and that’s what I’m gonna be breaking down for you in today’s
video. In fact, when you look at some of the benefits
of MCT oil, it can actually have a thermogenic effect in helping you because it’s quickly
and rapidly taken up by the liver, which creates a thermogenic effect and helps to boost up
metabolism, which can actually help you to maintain a healthier weight. It specifically helps to reduce stored body
fat, which is what we want to get rid of when we’re losing weight. Have more energy. Helping you with more clarity and thinking
and mood and so forth. Experiencing better digestion and gut health,
and gut health is profoundly important. It’s why we’ve put collagen in our performance
proteins, why we have it in HL5 because it’s so critical in actually helping to help with
leaky gut syndrome, to restore the gut lining. And it’s where your gut is where your immune
system actually begins, and about 70%, 80% of your immune system actually comes from
having healthy gut. And so balancing hormone level is very important
along with vitamin D and omega-3s and amino acids, all of these are very important for
your hormone health. And I’ve seen a lot of people get on hormone
replacement therapy without actually taking care of the foundational micronutrients that
are important for mitochondrial health where actually hormone production can actually begin. A lot of research is going in the benefits
of maintaining the health of mitochondria not only in terms of ATP production and energy
production but also as the genesis of hormone health and production. Improving your mood, fighting bacterial infection
and viruses, and absorbing fat-soluble nutrients from various foods. So, there’s a lot to cover here. I’m not going to be able to cover every single
facet of MCT oil. So, what I want to do is I just want to give
you some of the information and the research of why we’ve decided to put this into our
FIT20 performance protein. For example, in 2003, a study published in
the “Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders” showed that after comparing long-term
consumption of MCTs and LCTs, LCTs are long-chain triglycerides, on energy expenditure, body
composition and fat oxidation in obese women, the MCTs had more significant effect. Substitution of MCTs for LCTs in a targeted
energy balance diet proved to be often better in prevention of long-term weight gain due
to increases in energy expenditure and fat burning. And that’s because it’s so rapidly absorbed,
taken up by the liver, and has a thermogenic effect, and thus, of course, boosting your
metabolism. And we want to increase that natural thermogenesis,
that natural fat-burning ability. And when you go to the gym, and you’re working
out, you’re igniting your furnace, and we want to fuel that furnace by throwing more
fuel on the fire. Not just gas, but we want to throw long burning
and sustainable energy, which is what MCT oils can provide. So, it’s more like putting coal on the fire
as opposed to short-term gas, which just causes initial flare up and then quickly goes back
down. So, we want to continue to maintain that furnace,
okay? Also, another study in 2001 in “Journal of
Nutrition” compared body weight and fat weight in groups of adults either consuming LCTs
or MCTs over a 12-week period of time. Now, the energy, fat, and protein, carbohydrate
intakes did not differ significantly between the groups, only the types of fats that they
were receiving. Well, what did they find? Well after 12 weeks, decrease in body weight
and body fat was significantly greater in the MCT group than in the LCT group. The decrease in the area of subcutaneous fat,
the fat that’s found directly underneath the skin in the MCT group was also significantly
greater than that in the LCT group, which suggests that the MCT diet might be able to
help reduce body weight and fat in individuals who need to lose weight. In other words, it’s believed that they help
the body produce ketones, which gives you the same benefits of the ketogenic diet without
needing to cut the carbs drastically to low levels. And so whether you choose to do keto or not,
that’s entirely your choice. I’ll probably do an entire episode on that. If you follow our healthy living program that
we offer here at Kyäni, which has, you know, fitness, nutrition workouts, meal plans, I
recommend a well-balanced diet of healthy carbohydrates, healthy fats, and healthy sources
of protein. At the end of the day, whatever diet works
for you and the one that you can maintain to get to healthy weight and have healthy
laughs and feeling great and performing great, that’s at the end of the day what’s going
to be the ultimate litmus test for you if you will. And so what I’m simply saying here is that
you can get the benefits of ketone production without necessarily drastically cutting carbs,
which a lot of people have a challenge with, and not to mention carbs also are beneficial,
healthy carbs, that is, right? Complex carbs can actually help you suppress
cortisol, the stress hormone, and also help with boosting testosterone production. These are just two of some of the profound
benefits of making sure that you have healthy carbs in your diet. Now, it also has been shown to improve energy
levels and mood. In 2004, “Journal of Neurobiology and Aging”
found that MCTs in coconut oil helped improved memory problems, including Alzheimer’s disease
in older adults. It only makes sense that a food that supplies
both fuel for your brain also helps you absorb the vitamins and minerals better, which will
also make you feel more clearheaded, energetic, and positive, okay? So, not only do they feed your brain cells,
but they also improve your gut health, which is largely connected to cognitive function
thanks to the gut-brain connection. And so we wanted to put this in here because
when I finish my workouts, for sure not only am I taking the FIT20 performance protein
post-workout, but I’m also taking our Sunset formula as well because it’s rich in the fat-soluble
antioxidants that our body needs for healthy hormone production, vitamin D levels, omega-3s,
tocotrienols, Beta carotene, and Astaxanthin to help counter the effects of inflammation
and to help stimulate and promote protein synthesis. So, when we create products here at Kyäni,
we’re not only creating world-class foundational health nutritional supplements, but they’re
designed to work synergistically together to give you a full complement of the vital
micronutrients that your body needs to stave off aging, inflammation, disease, pain, suffering,
and the list goes on. And so a lot of times many people make the
mistake of looking at the latest, greatest biohack, looking for the latest, greatest
exotic fruit, and vegetable, and miracle supplement, if you will, when we tend to take for granted
and overlook the basic foundational nutritionals that we need on a daily basis. You have to get this nutrition that’s found
in our products from somewhere, and you have to do that consistently. You can’t just biohack your way to better
health and not take care of your total health profile, meaning healthy food, healthy nutrition,
healthy workouts, healthy stress management. All of these things go together. They’re the sum of a lot of times small, tedious
efforts repeated every single day, but the rewards are well worth it. They will pay you hand and fist over, and
over, and over again by giving your body the powerful nutrients it needs for that inner
pharmacy, which you’ll hear me talking about all the time, which is far more powerful than
any outer pharmacy that you’ll find at your local street corner. Now, it also supports digestion and nutrient
absorption. This is really important, especially after
workouts so that you can get the biggest ROI from the nutrition that you’re consuming. Both MCT and coconut oil are beneficial for
balancing bacteria in the gut and the microbiota, which in turn has positive effects on digestive
symptoms, energy expenditure, and the ability to absorb those vitamins and minerals, right? And so medium-chains can help kill a wide
range of pathogenic viruses, strains, and bacteria that cause digestive issues, including
candida, constipation, diarrhea, food poisoning, stomachaches and so on. So, hopefully, this is starting to make sense
why this is not just your ordinary box store protein that you’re gonna find in your local
box store or your local nutritional store. In fact, I feel like that we here at Kyäni
have created a whole new category of performance protein because it’s more than just the amino
acid profile that you’ll find in our products, okay? Here is also something that you need to understand
that’s really important. You need to consume coconut and other healthy
fats to absorb the fat-soluble nutrients found in various foods like the Beta carotene plants
like berries, squash and leafy greens, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and lutein. All of these things are really important,
and you need healthy levels of fat to absorb these nutrients, which I was just talking
about. And it’s also why you’ll find magnesium in
our product as well because 80% of the population is deficient in magnesium, and it’s involved
in over 600 chemical reactions in the body and over 300 enzymatic reactions throughout
the body, which are a catalyst in many of the reactions and a requirement in particular
to ATP production, which starts in the mitochondria. Without magnesium, you cannot produce the
energy that your body needs or help to even recycle it because your body can’t store ATP. So, it has to recycle it and regenerate it
on a daily basis. And if you’re deficient, guess what? Your energy is going to go down, and no matter
how many times you decided to start your day at Starbucks, if you’re not having healthy
levels of magnesium, you’re not really addressing the cause. You’re just artificially, in my opinion, kind
of shooting a shot of adrenaline in you, if you will, to get you going through the day
when it could be as simple as a couple of B vitamin deficiencies and some minerals that
you’re missing to give your body the catalyst that it needs to produce the ATP and the energy
that we all demand on a daily basis. Now, when you consume a healthy diet filled
with lots of different whole plant foods but don’t get enough healthy fat sources at that
same time, your body is basically not capable of utilizing these nutrients as well. And so that’s in essence why we’ve also decided
to include this. Now, MCT oil and post-workout recovery. Now the “Journal of Surgical Research by M
Garfinkel and colleagues, coconut/MCT oil is highly insulinotropic, okay? Meaning it does generate insulin sometimes
as a misnomer that’s promoted in the ketogenic world. Insulin is not the enemy. You don’t get fat from insulin. You get fat from excess of insulin, especially
from simple carbs and simple sugars. But you need insulin to help promote testosterone
and hormone health and production and to help shuttle nutrients into the vital muscle tissue
for repair and for recovery. And hence a spoon of this oil makes a great
addition to the bodybuilder’s post-workout shake. Moreover, because it’s easily digested, it
does not slow down the absorption of other nutrients as long-chain fatty acids would. Now, both whey protein and MCT oil stimulate
that insulin secretion, which I was talking about and both assist in immune system function. This is important when tough training regimens
can lower immune system function leading to tiredness, fatigue, and of course, sickness. And so it makes sense to put this into a performance
protein product. Now, also enhance exercise endurance through
the increased mitochondrial biogenesis and metabolism. Now, in fairness, there are some research
that shows there isn’t that effect. So, maybe the verdict is still out. Test it out for yourself. See how well you perform as an athlete, okay? Our results in this particular study here
were consistent with recent findings on MCT in combination with leucine. And leucine is, if you watched my previous
episode on way protein isolate, is a rich amino acid found in whey. And leucine is absolutely critical in addition
to valine and isoleucine in preserving lean muscle tissue, particularly when you’re in
a calorie-restricted state or a slight calorie deficit when you’re trying to hit a weight
loss goal, okay? And Vitamin D to increase muscle strength
and function in human. And again, that’s why we combine it with Sunset
because it’s also a rich source of vitamin D, which we just recently doubled the amount
in to help you meet those needs, okay? Now the authors reported that the combination
of MCT but not LCT leucine and vitamin D increases body weight, right-hand grip strength, walking
speed, leg open-and-close test performance and peak compare to the control group in a
three-month trial in frail elderly individuals. And that, I want to emphasize that last word
because this is not just a bodybuilder’s product. This is a product for everyone. Every adult that wants to preserve their muscle
strength and prevent muscle wasting or Sarcopenia. So when you combine the FIT20 performance
protein, which is rich in leucine, which is rich in the MCT oil, and you combine it with
Sunset, and the vitamin D, and the other micronutrients found in our triangle of health, you have
really put together a powerful combination on a cellular level to really give your body
the best chance of its own defense. Now, here’s something that’s also interesting. It also increased mitochondrial biogenesis
and metabolism. And I’ve done a whole episode on mitochondrial
health, and it’s one of my areas of personal fascination because this is where you get
your energy. This is where your body produces ATP, and
again, remember fatty acids need to go into the mitochondria using the L-carnitine tartrate
as a transport mechanism, which is also found in our FIT20 performance protein so that you
can generate more ATP as per a glucose molecule. Glucose molecule, I forget exactly off the
top of my head, only generates a small fraction of ATP in comparison to the longer, even medium-chained
fatty acids, which can generate a whole lot more ATP through Beta oxidation in producing
the ATP that is needed. Now, in this study, here’s what’s interesting,
that it increased mitochondrial biogenesis and metabolism by MCT in vivo, okay? This is not in vitro, vitro meaning in a petri
dish. This is in vivo in body, okay? Mitochondria are the key organelle for complete
oxidation of glucose and fatty acid and ATP generation, the most critical energy source
for muscle contraction. Thus, it’s expected that the increased running
endurance is coupled with the increase in energy output from the mitochondria, which
could be due to the up-regulation of mitochondrial mass and enhanced mitochondrial metabolism. And that’s why I’ve even personally seen FIT20
performance protein even used before a workout, a good 30 to 45 minutes before a workout really
helps to not only preserve your lean muscle tissue but also to stimulate performance because
we’ve also added L-citrulline malate, which actually helps to boost nitric oxide production,
and increases more blood flow, increases more circulation, and can potentially help increase
time to fatigue. So, it’s very interesting, and it’s fascinating,
and I continue to learn more in research every single day. Now, muscles are fueled from glycogen, from
carbs and protein and intramuscular triglycerides, IMTG, from dietary fat. Research suggests that IMTGs are important
for muscle building and strengthening because they provide the energy for the muscles, have
muscle-cell volumizing effect, adding more volume to the muscles themselves, which directly
stimulates muscle growth because they form part of the muscle cell membranes, the protective
part of the muscle cell in and of itself. So, it makes sense to put it inside a recovery
formula as well, which is what FIT20 is also designed to do. Now, it appears that the body’s IMTG storage
capacity can be improved through exercise, particularly aerobic exercise, and through
eating a high fat lower carbohydrate diet. Adding MCT oil can help refuel your IMGT stores
even faster. So, why not put it in and make it in a convenient
way for you to get what you need? And, of course, you can see the entire profile
here of everything that we have here at FIT20 and every one of these I’ve broken down into
its own individual episode here on Kyäni Wellness TV. Feel free to search YouTube, find what you
need to make the best decision for you and your family. And I do want you to know as always, all of
our products are of the purest natural sources, all-natural zero sugars, 99% lactose-free,
non-GMO, keto-friendly, and gluten-free. And even more important, no artificial flavors,
colors, sweeteners, fillers, binders, or flow agents. You will not find a more clean, more pure
source of protein to help you to meet your protein needs as well as your other micronutrient
needs of which we’ve been discussing. Of course, it is certified by the highest
levels of standards in today’s manufacturing world. And our commitment to healthy living always
continues as we push the envelope, providing you more and more value, more and more services
to help you with your healthy living journal. Because not only do we provide you with world-class
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your inner pharmacy. And, of course, all of our work here at Kyäni,
we don’t want to forget our worldwide charity in Caring Hands, the ability to give back,
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