Hello and welcome to another episode of Kyani
Wellness TV. My name is Dr. Andreas Boettcher, member of
the Scientific Advisory Board here at Kyani. Now, in today’s video, I want to talk to you
about the importance of L-carnitine, why it matters and what the science says about it
and why you should consider it as part of your supplementation protocol. Stay tuned. Now in this episode, I’m going to be breaking
down L-carnitine. L-carnitine tartrate in particular. Why it’s important. What the science says so that you can make
an informed decision about your healthy living goals. So, we have a lot of information that I’m
going to cover for you and I’m going to try to keep it high level and make it as simple
for you to understand. I do have a lot of research to share with
you so that you can make an informed choice for your health and for those that you ultimately
love. Now, what does L- carnitine actually do? Well, L- carnitine actually helps your body
to produce energy. In particular, it helps you shuttle the fatty
acids from stored body fat into the mitochondria where it can produce ATP adenosine triphosphate
, which is the energy molecule of the body. And the mitochondria is the powerhouse cell
of the body. This is where your body derives its energy
from. Now, of course, glucose can also contribute
and increase ATP production, but fatty acids in particular due to their long fatty acid
chains have the ability to generate quite a bit more ATP than glucose in and of itself. But there is a rate-limiting factor because
the fatty acids actually have to get into the mitochondria so that it can go through
beta-oxidation produce the acetylcholine and the pyruvate to help kick off the ATP via
the NAD in the NADH so that you can ultimately get the energy benefit and the fat burn that
you are ultimately looking for. And I talked to a lot of people around the
world and they want to lose weight, but I’m sure you really want to lose the fat because
after all, you want to retain what muscles you have, so you can have that nice strong
athletic, lean, tone physique that I believe all of us are capable of achieving when you
follow the principles of healthy living. So what you need to understand when it comes
to L-carnitine is L-carnitine is the actual molecule, if you will, that helps to shuttle
the fatty acids through the membrane into the mitochondria. And L-carnitine is typically derived from
your meat sources and the redder, the better. Now, of course, when I do talk about meat
sources, I’m always assuming that you will have know that I’m referring to grass-fed
organic sources, not the typical grain-fed meat that you will find in your average local
grocery store. But actually taking the time to buy grass-fed
beef so that it’s free of pesticides, has 10 times the omega-3 content versus what the
grain-fed meat is rich in pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, omega-6s and strong inflammatory
reactions that can wreak all kinds of havoc throughout your body. What I’m talking about is always organic grass-fed,
pasture-raised, wild-caught always. When I’m talking about any particular protein
source. And as vegans, it’s quite possible that you’re
not getting enough L- carnitine to actually shuttle the fatty acids into the mitochondria
so that you can get the fat burning effect that is needed. Now, it also has been shown to be quite important
when it comes to increasing nitric oxide levels and we talk about this quite a bit here at
Kyani and I won’t talk about it here. I have an entire episode, I believe it’s episode
number three here on Youtube that you can go back and take a look at it if you want
to understand why nitric oxide is known as the molecule of life, and why it’s so important
for you to maintain healthy levels of throughout your quality of life. Now, L- carnitine tartrate in particular also
enhances the oxygenation of muscle when oxygen is lacking and subsequently improves recovery
from anaerobic exercise. One of the big reasons why we’ve put the L-carnitine
tartrate into our FIT20 Performance Protein, is so that you can get the maximum benefit
from protein synthesis, muscle repair, muscle recovery, fatty acid metabolism, sustain energy
and helping to normalize blood glucose levels. All of which I’m going to be talking about
in this video. And this does include you if you are of the
older generation who is also out there exercising and wanting to maintain levels of health and
fitness, and muscular endurance, and stamina. As we all age, I’m assuming we all want that
benefits because I want you to understand that FIT20 Performance Protein is not just
your “Bodybuilder protein” This is really been designed for everyone because of one
of the greatest risks your help is sarcopenia and that is muscle loss or muscle wasting. And the majority of women that I’ve coached
in particularly also the elderly, are not getting enough protein. And even some men to help them degenerate
the healthy levels of protein synthesis that they need to help use the amino acids that
are very important for hormone production, testosterone health and the list goes on.And
so it’s very important that we maintain healthy levels of protein. Now, I will always say choose nature as thy
source first because you can’t out supplement a poor diet. So it’s designed to be work in addition to. Now, one of the other exciting benefits of
L-carnitine tartrate is that it can up-regulate the content of the androgen receptor. Now, this is the main mediator on the influence
of testosterone and muscle protein synthesis. So, therefore, L-carnitine tartrate can enhance
testosterone uptake through reduced muscle damage and increase the availability of the
androgen receptor. One of the things that understanding when
it comes to hormone productions, is gland secretes a hormone, they go to the receptor
where it then yields an effect. And so what happens is, is either maybe the
gland may stop working so it’s not secreting enough, or the receptor is not as receptive
as it once was to be able to yield the benefit and the effect. So versus just artificially, you know, restoring
your hormone levels, doesn’t it make sense to make sure your glands are working properly,
that they’ve been removed from free from all the toxins that can actually wreak havoc on
your hormone health, which I’ll probably do a whole another episode on. And then, of course, improve the sensitivity
of the androgen receptor where the hormone can yield its effect. And this is one of the other more exciting
areas of L- carnitine L- tartrate in helping to increase or upregulate those androgen receptors. It doesn’t increase testosterone, but what
testosterone is being produced to make sure that you’re getting the benefit and the result
of whatever testosterone production that you do have. Now, let’s talk about a study done in the
Asian Journal of Sports Medicine. This is the effect of two week trial of L-
carnitine supplementation on exercise-induced oxidative stress and muscle damage performance. These results suggest that a two-week daily
oral supplementation of L-carnitine has alleviating effects on lipid peroxidation and muscle damage
markers following an acute bout of exercise in active healthy young men. Now you might be wondering what is lipid peroxidation? Well, that’s basically where free radicals
attack the protective layer around your vital cells. And when those free radicals are left unchecked,
they basically can cause those cell membr anes to break down and of course damaging
the cell, which leads then to a whole host of problems and degenerative diseases and
symptoms and so forth. So, it helps to have a protective effect to
the lipid membrane, which is so critical to cell stability. Now, out of the Journal of Physiology in 2013,
skeletal muscle carnitine loading may increase energy expenditure, modulates fuel metabolism,
gene networks, and prevents body fat accumulation in humans. This is really exciting. Okay? When we talk about this, and I know it’s a
little bit lengthy, but just bear with me because I really want to give you the science. Okay? In conclusion, this study talked about that
increasing skeletal muscle carnitine content in healthy humans can modulate energy metabolism
over prolonged period, as reflected by a prevention of an increase in adiposity, okay? Or adipose tissue fat tissue in abdominal
and leg regions, by increasing energy expenditure during lower intensity exercise. Okay? So this is really basically reinforcing the
message where we talk about L-carnitine being the rate-limiting factor, if you will, shuttling
those free fatty acids into the mitochondria where they can then, of course, generate the
ATP via the beta-oxidation of those free fatty acids. Okay? Now, out of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning
Research, the effects of acute L-carnitine supplementation on endurance performance athletes. Okay? Significant reduction in heart rate was found. Now, these running speeds were analyzed as
a significant difference was found in both supplemented groups. The results that show that three or four grams
of L- carnitine taken before physical exercise can help potentially prolong time to fatigue
or exhaustion. Now, we definitely recommend that you get
your L-carnitine from the meat sources that we’ve talked about already in this video. We’ve put 750 milligrams in our FIT20 Performance
Protein with that in mind. We don’t want to just throw in three to four
grams of it and then you’re still eating it as well. So, it’s really important that you complement
it with a healthy living balanced nutrition plan. It’s also why FIT20 really works great before
workout and can also work well after workouts. And I’ve personally have felt the difference
in using these both before and after. And it just depends whether you want to work
out in a fasted state or in a non-fasted state, meaning in either an empty stomach or not
an empty stomach. And there’s pros and cons to both of them. And if you’re just starting out in fitness,
it’s usually recommended that you actually have some protein before you workout because,
in particular with FIT20 you’re getting the collagen that’s really important for helping
you to generate creatine for strength and endurance, also boosting nitric oxide through
L- arginine. Also, the leucine that is rich in the whey
protein isolate. All grass-fed sources that we use here also
have muscle preserving effect, so that when you are weight training that you can help
to metabolize and burn more fat and preserve the muscle tissue when working out. And then, of course, the L- carnitine helps
you to shuttle the fatty acids into the mitochondria to help you to sustain and of course, reduce
or prolong your time to exhaustion. Okay? So hopefully that all makes sense. I know that was quite a bit of a mouthful. Now, in Nutrients Journal 2018 supplementation
with L- carnitine help with recovery after exercise. Okay? That attenuates the side effects of high-intensity
training by reducing the magnitude of exercise-induced hypoxia or muscle injury, and hypoxia issues
without oxygen. In conclusion, given the impact of structural
and symptomatic consequences of high-intensity exercise, impairment of muscles sarcomeres
and pain, which do not only reduce the quality of life but diminish further training capacities,
facilitation of recovery from exercise by L- carnitine supplementation is particularly
beneficial to the healthy young active population. However, the elderly also experienced lean
muscle mass and function decline as well. And reduce muscle L- carnitine content and
mitochondrial dysfunction can also benefit from the positive impact of supplementing
with L- carnitine. And so I want you to know why this is not
just a bodybuilder product, but for something of all ages to benefit from. And then when I say all ages, I’m really talking
about from, you know, about 18 and up. Maybe 16, 17 depending on the athlete, the
young man or the young woman, what they’re doing, what their nutrition is like, but really
from 18 on and beyond So, all right. Now, out of the Journal of American College
and Nutrition, now, L- carnitine, constant infusion improves insulin sensitivity. This is really important obviously in type
two diabetics. Okay? A significant effect on whole-body insulin-mediated
glucose uptake is also observed in normal subjects. Now, in diabetics, glucose taken up by the
tissues appears to be, promptly utilized as fuel since glucose oxidation is increased
during L-carnitine administration. So, one of the things about type two diabetes,
it is really one of the most preventable conditions and unfortunately is one of the most rapidly
growing epidemics in this country simply due to poor diets, processed food, overeating,
too much sugar, too much junk. When you start eliminating that and start
putting good food, good supplementation like L-carnitine, like FIT20 protein with a healthy
living diet, which you’ll find all in our healthy living hub. And I’ll talk about that more in just a moment. And you get that free when you enjoy any of
our products here at Kyani. It can help you to stabilize your blood sugar
levels because one of the detrimental effects is once you start down the road of type two
diabetes and using insulin, insulin becomes less, and less, and less effective. And as a result, insulin doses keep going
up, up and up. And unfortunately, when that happens, weight
goes up with it as well. And not to mention everything else that can
go along with that. So, it’s very important that if you’re in
this category to really jump on this, get control of your diet, get control of your
fitness, get control of your nutrition, use proper supplementations. I just strongly urge you, it is preventable. You can make a bigger difference than, you
know. Have more faith in your inner pharmacy. And we want to help you, give you the tools,
the need that you need to help you to live the healthy life that you’re capable of living. Now, in June of 2013, L- carnitine and the
Mayo Clinic. It’s our last study here for this video today. Now, this was a meta-analysis performed by
the Mayo Clinic, was released that looked at 3,600 patients and found huge cardiac benefits
and those who supplemented with L- carnitine. The study represented the largest, most powerful
scientific review of carnitines cardiovascular benefits to date. Now, you may have already read ahead. Here’s what they found. Carnitine supplementation was associated with
27% reduction in all causes of mortality. Let me say that again. 27% reduction in all causes of mortality. A 65% reduction in ventricular arrhythmias
and a 40% reduction in angina symptoms or chest pain in patients who had experienced
a heart attack. Now, imagine when you combine this data with
eating the foods that we know that we should eat and doing the exercise that we ultimately
know that we can do. If you’re feeling that I’m on a mission to
help you to age well, to live to your true health potential, to determine how you’re
going to age, to live a high quality of life, then your intuition serves you correct because
that’s exactly what we’re all about here at Kyani. And one of my personal missions is to be able
to help transform a million lives not only through great products but through a great
world-class community and more on that in a moment. Now, of course, I’ve done separate episodes
on all of the individual ingredients on FIT20. The next one to follow will be on MCT oil
and then of course, Why the Minerals? All of the other ones that are all here on
YouTube. Feel free to go take a look at them so you
can make the best choice. What we do want you to know is that we have
gone to great lengths to ensure the quality, purity, potency, and effectiveness without
all the junk, all-natural, zero sugars, 99% lactose-free, non-GMO, Keto friendly and even
gluten-free. No artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners,
fillers, binders, flow agents is 100% clean and pure. In fact, I have a challenge for you, for you
to find a more clean, more pure source as a protein supplement on the market today. Not to mention all of the other synergistic
ingredients that we’ve put into this performance protein that in my opinion is really redefining
protein supplementation as we know it today. And that’s what makes this product incredibly
unique and incredibly different and why you should really give it a strong consideration
in making this part of your supplementation routine. In fact, I challenge you to use this product
for 30 days and allow it to speak for itself so that you can ultimately feel the difference
and decide what you want to do moving forward. Do know that we use the highest quality standards
and certifications in the industry today to help produce our FIT20 Performance Protein
and of course all of our products here at Kyani. And when you enjoy any one of our products
here at Kyani on a monthly basis, not only do you get access to world-class supplements
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