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be talking about collagen and why it matters, and why you really need to be paying attention
to this powerhouse in the wellness supplement world, and why you need it, and how it can
actually go beyond just hair, skin, and nails, but actually help you to improve athletic
performance, recovery, reduce the effects of sarcopenia and maybe even prevent it when
combined with healthy living and exercise of course. And, of course, some alternatives for you
that are vegans. Now, we have to understand first and foremost
a couple of things about collagen. It is the most abundant molecule in the body
outside of water. In fact, 30% of the entire body is represented
by collagen. Now, just to give you an idea, 75% of it represents
the skin, 70% ligaments, 90% bones, 70% is cartilage, and then 85% of your tendons are
collagen as well. This is going to be absolutely critical because
we talk a lot about health and wellness and fitness in training but we don’t necessarily
talk about the health of your ligaments, your tendons, and your joints as it relates to
movement and we all know that movement is life. Now, of course, there is a problem. Unfortunately, as we age, which we all are
desperately fighting, including me, myself, and yours, our collagen production declines
as we age. In fact, we start to lose as high as 1, 2
to 5% every single decade after the age of 20, 25, 30 years of age, it simply starts
to decline. And as a result, that lattice network of collagen
that not only makes up those critical areas but also inside of our blood vessels, and
of course in our skin, all of it starts to break down in our gut lining leading to leaky
gut syndrome, inflammation, which can lead to a whole host of health problems and challenges
starts to decline. And it makes our bodies more susceptible,
and it reduces our ability to live a healthy lifestyle. Now, if you’ve watched some of our previous
episodes, I have talked about collagen before and I just want to reiterate some of the top
benefits of collagen. But as you’re about to find out, this is not
a complete list. Not only important for healthy injury, healthy
injury, healthy aging, repair after injury, maintaining weight loss, healthy blood pressure,
boosting your metabolism, increasing fat burning, reducing cravings, bone health, increasing
muscle mass, and of course, increasing strength. So, these are the reasons why we decided to
come out, at least at the time of this video, with two new incredible collagen products
that are truly performance collagen products. But not only because of the collagen that’s
in it, but also the synergistic ingredients that are added to these performance proteins
as I like to call them. In fact, I really look at it as we’re redefining
the marketplace in terms of protein supplementation and how we can use it to benefit our bodies
and our ability to age naturally and slow the clock of aging if you will. Now, I’ll be breaking down the synergistic
ingredients in future episodes because they all deserve their own video, and, depending
on when you’re watching this, they already may be live. So, we’ve decided to come out with our HL5
product and our FIT20, both of which contain hydrolyzed collagen, which I’ll talk a little
bit about in a moment. But let’s backtrack just a little bit and
understand why collagen is unique. And the reason why it’s unique is because
of its amino acid profile. Not only does it have the essential amino
acids that our body needs, but it also is rich in arginine, glutamic acid, proline,
glycine, hydroxyproline are all essential amino acids that are necessary that go to
those vital structures that I’ve already mentioned to you. So, let’s talk about them individually so
you can understand. Proline, for example, makes up almost 15%
of collagen. And glycine, in particular, play a major role
ensuring your body’s running smoothly. Proline helps protect the integrity of your
blood vessels, improve joint health, and has various cardiovascular benefits. As I’ve talked about on many episodes here,
we really consider ourselves not only a healthy living company but one that really focuses
on cardiovascular health. For obvious reasons being that it’s the top
threat to our health around the world. And our blood vessels, 55,000 miles of them
that line the human body are all made up of this vital collagen matrix that help to provide
the support, the flexibility, and the integrity to our cardiovascular system. And as a result, though, unfortunately, as
collagen declines, so can the integrity of our blood vessels and many of us as physicians
say, well, you’re basically as healthy as your arteries. When you actually think about what arteries
do in shuttling nutrition, exchanging waste products, and of course shuttling hormones
throughout the body and the list goes on. So proline plays a particularly important
role in maintaining the structural integrity of the cardiovascular system. Now, glycine represents one-third of the protein
found in collagen. And so it’s the smallest amino acid and it
has big effects. Now, to ensure that our cells function properly,
glycine helps to build healthy DNA strands. It’s also one of the amino acids that form
creatine. Now, creatine is not just a high school weightlifters
dream supplement, it’s a profound supplement that can have profound benefits, but we can
also boost it naturally through collagen. And what’s interesting about creatine, creatine
is used in the initial phase of ATP synthesis to kickstart any type of movement. So when you’re getting ready to do a set at
the gym, getting ready to run a sprint, or getting ready to, you know, start any kind
of activity, your body is actually using the creatine phosphonate system to actually kickstart
your ATP and help you with that initial movement. So, naturally, if we can increase our creatine,
we can actually potentially increase our strength, and our lift, and our ability to prolong or
prevent fatigue. This promotes healthy muscle growth, boosts
energy production during your workout. Now, glutamine is considered one of the most
important abundant amino acids in the body. It’s created within our muscles but it’s also
obtained from food sources. Now, here’s what’s interesting, research shows
that glutamine has benefits preventing anxiety, tension, sleep disorders, insomnia, a lack
of concentration, poor digestive health, and a weakened immune system, and lower energy. Now, according to a report printed in the
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it has also been shown to have positive effects
in production of growth hormone which can improve aspects of mental health, such as
helping with the release of GABA, a powerful neurotransmitter that boosts feelings of inner
calm and tranquility. Now, what’s also interesting about collagen,
it has a very high ROI in helping to build muscle tissue and lower fat-free or increasing
fat-free mass and lowering fat mass if you will, because of its nitrogen balance. It also helps with wound healing and prevents
muscle wasting and joint balance. And so you have to think of nitrogen balance. When you’re in positive nitrogen balance,
you’re in positive muscle growth. When you’re in negative nitrogen balance,
you are in muscle wasting. And so collagen is shown to be actually incredibly
beneficial with a high ROI, as I call it, return on investment for foods consumed, grams
per protein, in helping to retain muscle tissue. And of course there is arginine, also commonly
known as L-arginine. Breaks down into nitric oxide. And we’ve talked a lot about nitric oxide. I think I have an entire…no, I know I have
an entire episode on nitric oxide. I think it’s episode number three, plus many
more here on Kyani Wellness TV, which is an important compound for arterial and heart
health. Arginine has also been shown to improve circulation,
help strengthen the immune system, and has a positive influence on male libido. And so we really focus a lot on the power
of nitro nutrition through multiple pathways. We use our nitro effects and nitro extreme
products to deliver rich, organic Noni nitrates. Nitrates convert into nitride in the mouth,
convert into nitric oxide in the stomach, and then vastly assimilated throughout the
body to help with nutrition absorption by availability and the list goes on. Now, we’ve also had the L-arginine pathway
based on the use of collagen, but then also in our FIT20 performance protein, we’ve added
L-citrulline malate and L-citrulline to help boost L-arginine which also helps to increase
nitric oxide. So, hopefully you’re starting to see, if you’ve
been a fan and watching any of our work here, how we’re designing these nutritional supplements
to work in concert with healthy living, your lifestyle, and within one another in our product
line up and offering and helping you to live your healthy living goals. Now, why hydrolyzed collagen? Well, hydrolyzed collagen is basically the
pre-digested form, the broken down. The short version, you get more bioavailability,
you get better absorption. Now, here’s something that’s very interesting
out of the British Journal of Nutrition in 2015. And in this study, they examine older men
who were suffering from sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is just another fancy term for
muscle loss. Now, the primary findings in this study state
that collagen peptides further increase the benefits of three months resistance training
in older subjects with sarcopenia. Compared with placebos, subjects in the collagen
supplemented group showed a higher increase in fat-free mass and muscle strength as well
as a higher reduction in fat mass. So, basically we increase the muscle strength
and we lowered the fat weight, which is what we all want to lose when we are wanting to
lose weight. And we’re seeing the anecdotal evidence from
our worldwide community in our private Facebook group and the Healthy Living hub that are
talking about the benefits every single day by just even using our HL5 or our FIT20 or
a combination thereof with their Healthy Living goals. Now, here’s what’s interesting as well, that
they can attribute these increase, in fact re-amassing shrink collagen peptides supplementation
has been shown that collagen peptide intake was superior to whey protein even in maintaining
positive net nitrogen balance and body weight during a low protein diet. And, no, I don’t necessarily advocate or talk
a lot about the ketogenic diet. I know many of you are, and we’ve designed
these products to be keto-friendly so that you can get the best net nitrogen utilization
for the lowest amount of protein that you could potentially get away with. Although I have from varying opinions about
that and maybe I’ll do a different episode about it in the future. But I want you to know, for those of you that
are on a ketogenic diet that are watching your protein intake, collagen is going to
be a great source for you to help you to stay on track, stay in a ketogenic state while
getting the positive net nitrogen result that you’re looking for to increase your lean muscle
mass. Now, it’s also been proposed that the anabolic
window, we all maybe have heard about that post-exercise anabolic window is closer to
90, 120 minutes. Now, in this present study, collagen peptides
were ingested within 60 minutes after training. Now, here’s what’s interesting, is that the
rapid digestability and absorption in collagen peptides following supplementation have supported
the post-exercise muscle protein anabolism. Because it’s so rapidly absorbed and so quickly
made bioavailability, it actually created a pro-anabolic state promoting the results
that we saw here in the first bullet that we were talking about. Now, here is something else. Another rather speculative explanation for
the observed effects could be that collagen is rich in arginine and glycine. Both are known to be important substrates
for the synthesis of creatine in the human body, which is something that we were talking
about as well. And now, bear in mind, this was an older generation
here, older men. And the same will be true for you as well,
when we can extrapolate that information to you. This is the best news, you’re never too old
to start your healthy living journey. We’ve got a lot of people in our private Facebook
group that are just starting and they’re in their 60s and 70s and already starting to
see tremendous benefits. My point is, is you’re only as old as you
really choose to be. We can define how we’re aging and my goal
is to help redefine that. Now, here’s something else that’s really interesting
as well. Several investigations have shown that collagen
peptides significantly reduce pain in subjects with osteoarthritis as well as functional
joint pain. Therefore it can be speculated that subjects
who were supplemented with collagen peptides were able to perform the resistant exercise
with less discomfort and therefore have a result better training gain. And feel free to look up this study. It has a lot of information, a lot of conclusions
in it. It really talks a lot about the validity of
why we use collagen and why we’ve added these to our products. Now, here’s something interesting from the
Journal of Connective Tissue Research, and this was also in 2015. And here, what we’re talking about are satellite
cells. Now, what you may or may not know is that
when we’re actually exercising, whether we’re looking to be a bodybuilder, competing in
a physique show, or maybe you just want to age well and play with your grandkids, we
want to create a positive nitrogen balance so that we can have positive protein synthesis,
so that we can have positive muscle growth. Well, the way that muscles actually repairs,
they repair from microscopic tissue damage. When the fibers, when you think of muscle
fibers contracting and relaxing, they get damaged, they get small tears and they need
to repair, and when they repair they get bigger and as a result, that’s how muscles grow,
that’s how you retain strength. Well, what’s integral in controlling this
process are tiny satellite cells that hover outside of the muscle fibers themselves. And guess what the satellite cells are attached
with? Collagen. It’s the collagen that binds these satellite
cells that are responsible for that muscle tissue regrowth and rebuilding and repair. And without collagen, the satellite cells
are not able to attach and the repair can be diminished. And as a result, those hard earned gains in
the gym can, and efforts if you will, can literally be thrown right out the window. Now, we chose bovine collagen, which is an
animal source for many different reasons. And I’ve shared this in a previous video,
but I think it bears mentioning again. It helps reduce joint pain. From common joint pain to osteoarthritis and
rheumatoid arthritis, bovine collagen stimulates cartilage production which can cushion joints
and reduce joint pain. But we’re not claiming to treat or cure osteoarthritis
or anything of that nature. What we’re talking about is the importance
of maintaining joint health. All of these are substantiated by research
and studies. Okay? It also improves gut health, and this is critically
important, okay? Collagen can reduce the symptoms of leaky
gut by helping your body to repair the microscopic holes in the gut lining. See the microscopic holes in the gut lining,
you got to think of it like a net, it’s designed to keep certain things in and to keep certain
things out. But when that leaky gut happens, and the tear
is in that lining, as a result, things start to get into the body that shouldn’t, proteins,
bacteria, toxins and so forth that create an inflammatory response and wreaks all kinds
of havoc throughout the entire body, health performance, fogged thinking, depression,
mood, anxiety, and the list goes on, okay? Now, what’s interesting is that it also helps
to promote better recovery. The amino acids and collagen help speed the
athletic recovery when taken after a workout based on of course the science that I’ve already
shared with you. It’s also shown to increase strength. Collagen can make the recycling of ATP, the
energy currents in your body. I’ve talked about mitochondria, I hope there’s
an episode here somewhere on mitochondrial health, I’ve talked about more efficient,
which helps muscular strength and power. And it’s very important to start taking care
of your mitochondria. I’ve actually been doing a lot of research
on how mitochondrial health is really the beginning of steroid genesis of sex hormones. And so many people are declining in hormone
function and not realizing that by not taking care of your mitochondria you could actually
start to throw your hormone balance offline. Supplementing with outside hormones, or even
bioidentical hormones are not to be taken lightly. They are a medication and they come with massive
side effects, potentially, down the road, including blood clots, stroke, breast cancer,
prostate cancer, just to name a few. And that will always be my last resource if
that would be ever something that would come across my plate. My point is, take care of your mitochondria. Use those powerful micronutrients, the water-soluble,
fat-soluble antioxidants, the CoQ10 that we’ve also put into our HL5 to help you to take
care of your mitochondria, the powerhouse cell of the body, and collagen also aids in
this process as well. Now, we also chose to go with bovine as opposed
to marine because marine, or fish, can cause allergic reactions for those of you allergic
to fish. It really, when it comes down to formulation,
which one do you kind of go with? These are the reasons why. Now, the question becomes, what if you are
vegan? I told you I would get to this. Well, here’s some things that you’ll want
to take a list of, and I’m not going to read these all literally one by one, but feel free
to pause this video, take a screenshot, and make sure your diet is rich in these. To get the proline and the glycine, here are
some of the foods and lysine. Lysine is another amino acid that vegans are
notoriously low in. And so these are critically involved in the
process of synthesizing and generating collagen. So make sure your diet is rich in these nutrients. And so I wanted to give you some resources
as well, because right now, at the time of this video anyway, there isn’t a vegan source
available in terms of getting the collagen needs met in your body. Now, you’ve often heard many people talk about,
do you need all types of collagen? Well, they’re well over 28 different types
of collagen, and some say you need all five types. Here’s the thing, in my opinion the answer
is no, and here’s why. Because collagen is broken down into those
individual amino acids and those amino acids go to make collagen throughout the entire
body. They don’t just go to the joint, they don’t
just go to the gut, they don’t just go to the hair, or the skin, or the nails. Collagen is collagen. It breaks down its individual amino acids
and those amino acids go to make collagen throughout the entire body. So, in my opinion, anyone that’s marketing
it, you need all five different types and so forth. It’s really become more of a marketing ploy
than it is anything that I could personally validate. What did we choose to go with? Well, we went with type one and type three
bovine, hydrolyzed, grass-fed collagen to help you to meet your collagen needs. Now, I talked to you earlier about 10 different
benefits. Well, there’s actually really 15 different
benefits of collagen. Healthy response to inflammation caused by
training, helps to promote joint health, helps reduce risk of injury to ligaments and tendons
in particular when you’re training, helps to maintain a positive net nitrogen balance,
which we’ve already talked about, and it helps to reduce the unwanted body fat while increasing
your fat-free mass. Now, of course, all of our products here,
we pride ourselves on being the cleanest, purest form that you can get in the market
today. And that is our statement, that you will not
find a cleaner, more pure source of collagen or whey protein isolate than you will find
in our products today. They’re all-natural, zero sugars, gluten-free,
dairy-free, non-GMO for HL5 hydrolyzed collagen whey protein. Our FIT20 performance proteins also all-natural,
zero sugars, 99% lactose-free, non-GMO, keto-friendly, and gluten-free. And just what’s important, what’s not in there. No artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners,
fillers, binders, or flow agents. Because we wanted to really give you a very
clean, a very pure source to help you to meet your protein needs. I truly look at ourselves as the Ferrari of
today’s protein offerings in the market today. Because you’d be hard-pressed to find this
in any box store or many of your more popular nutrition stores around your local communities
today. And, of course, all of our products are manufactured
by the highest of certifications and standards to maintain quality, purity, potency, and
effectiveness. And, as you already know or may not know,
not only do we offer some of the world-class best products that you can have to meet your
nutritional needs, to meet your healthy living goals. But we’ve also, by consuming any one of our
products, give you free access to our online Healthy Living hub that is full of information
on nutrition, recipes, cooking, meal plans, workouts, training, plus a private Facebook
group where you’ll be able to receive coaching from myself as well as other healthy living
experts from doctors around the world to help you with your healthy living goals, because
it’s our commitment here at Kyani to continue and to be the world leader in healthy living.