Hello and welcome to another episode of “Kyani
Wellness TV.” My name is Dr. Andreas Bechtler, a member
here of the scientific advisory board at “Kyani.” And in this video, we’re gonna talk about
the importance of telomeres and are they truly the key to longevity? [00:00:19]
[music] [00:00:34] So what in the world are telomeres? Well, in this video, I’m gonna give you a
high-level overview on what they are, why they’re important, what can damage them, and
what more importantly you can do to preserve their length because many believe in today’s
anti-aging world that they truly are the key to longevity. And the question is why is that the case? Well, basically, your telomeres are your protective
end caps to your DNA, to your chromosomes that are responsible for cellular replication. Because remember, your body is not stagnant. Old cells die off every single day and new
cells need to replace them. I mean, for example, you’ve a new layer of
skin every single three days. You have a new liver every 90 days. You have a completely new skeleton every six
months. And your chromosomes are directly responsible
for that replication process. Now, the key is are you avoiding some of the
chemicals and impurities that can damage this replication process? And are you providing the micronutrients that
are absolutely critical for this high-level, if you will, manufacturing process that occurs
on an unconscious level every single day? Well, your telomeres are absolutely critical
to protecting your chromosome, your DNA because they are basically, in essence, the protective
end caps. And the way that I always like to use this
as an analogy is that it’s like the protective plastic at the end of your shoestring. They prevent your shoestrings from fraying
and, of course, give your shoestrings life so that they last with the length and the
time of the shoe. Well, in essence, it’s the same thing here. Now, over time, these telomeres, these protective
end caps can shorten. And what can happen is, in essence, your DNA
can unravel and they can fray, and the replication process goes awry. And in fact, many of today’s chronic degenerative
diseases that many people are suffering from including cancer are indirectly or even directly
related to their development thereof. So, it goes without saying that protecting
your telomere health is absolutely critical to prevent this unraveling and this fraying
so that your cells continue to have a healthy replication process. Now, what are some of the lifestyle choices
that can shorten your telomere length? And many of today’s top threats to our health,
honestly, are self-inflicted wounds. And here is just a short list of some of the
things that many people are doing on a daily basis that are slowly damaging your ability
to age well. In fact, I’ve asked this question all around
the world, how many of you want to age well? You want to age gracefully. And, of course, everyone raises their hand. But yet, when we’re doing the basic fundamentals
to maintain that goal or to achieve that goal, we often fall short. And these are some of the top threats to your
telomere health and, in turn, your telomere length. In fact, your telomere length, if maintained
properly, DNA shows that we have the ability to live to 125 years of age. But no one, in essence, is doing that. Other studies have shown that when you have
shorter telomeres, your life expectancy is significantly reduced, and these are some
of your top threats. And, of course, chronic stress, it’s something
that we deal with on a daily basis. However, alcohol, tobacco, poor diet, and
being overweight are choices, choices that we make. And stress is not necessarily bad in and of
itself. It’s all in how we choose to manage it. And, of course, avoiding or what I prefer
to do, just pretty much eliminating everything else that you see on this list. And if you struggled with being overweight
like my son, if you watch my story, go back to episode number nine here at “Kyani Wellness
TV” and I promise you, you’ll be well on your way. In fact, I challenged a friend of mine on
Facebook who I saw had gained over 40 pounds. And I politely sent a note that I was worried
about his health and his longevity. He followed the advice that was in that one
episode and he’s down 16 pounds in three weeks, and he’s already starting to feel amazing. And so, we wanna make sure that we limit or
completely avoid these top threats to your telomere health. I mean, in essence, doing many of these things
is like slowly pulling the trigger. It is self-inflicted suicide. It’s just more slowly and it happens over
time. Now, I’m not saying you can’t enjoy some of
these things. I don’t know. I guess I am because why? Do I have an occasional glass of wine? Yes. Do I have an occasional beer? Yes. Occasional, but it’s not a daily thing. And I certainly don’t smoke and I avoid being
around secondhand smoke whenever possible. And, of course, avoid the sugary processed
foods that can be preserved in a bag or it’s in a box. These things wreak havoc on your telomere
health. So, the question now becomes what can you
do to protect them? Well, there’s all kind of ways to manage stress
and meditation is a big one, fitness, exercise. My preferred method is the power of transmutation. You know, I am no different than you. I have stressful events that occur in my life. And I have found the best ways to channel
any of that frustration, pain, anger, hurt, betrayal, or whatever it is that you’re feeling,
or even guilt from maybe some of the choices you’ve made, is to, one, forgive yourself,
and two, take all of that negative energy and put it into something positive. And it’s amazing the amount of weight or how
far you can run when you’re motivated and fueled by the things that are creating the
very stress in your life. It’s a wonderful outlet. Now, maintaining a healthy body weight, which
obviously, spills into what I just said, following those advice that I have in episode number
nine, but of course, actively engaging in physical exercise. Heavy weight training, and yes, that does
include you ladies, and high-intensity interval training, which I have another episode on
somewhere here on “Kyani Wellness TV,” has also been shown to help to preserve your telomere
length. Now, you also wanna eat a telomere protective
diet, which I’m gonna talk about here a little bit more in just a second, as well as how
to boost telomerase activity. Now, telomerase is the enzyme that helps to
protect and to ensure that your telomeres are functioning properly, that they’re rebuilding
and not shortening. So, it goes without saying that stimulating
telomerase activity goes a long way to helping you to preserve the length and the health
of your telomeres. Now, what does it mean to eat a telomere protective
diet? Well, obviously, you wanna avoid all the foods
that I was talking about. And, of course, you wanna have a diet that’s
rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, bioflavonoids, and all of the essential nutrients, the micronutrients,
the water-soluble and the fat-soluble antioxidants, and the omega-3s that are rich in helping
to preserve a healthy inflammatory response to helping you manage stress, eliminate cortisol,
a stress hormone that wreaks havoc on your telomeres, and giving the vital micronutrients
to help the DNA to do this replication process, this work that is going on right now as you
are watching this video. And unfortunately, many people are not getting
the micronutrients that their body needs every single day to ensure the proper function on
a cellular level of what many of us just simply take for granted, and that is our health and
wellbeing. So, let’s talk about some of those micronutrients
in boosting telomerase activity. Now, B vitamins are absolutely critical. They help you to dispose homocysteine. Homocysteine is an inflammatory marker that
has been linked to a lot of cardiovascular events and cardiovascular disease. And it’s very important for SAMe function. SAMe is a critical nutrient or chemical that’s
necessary…it’s not a nutrient. It’s a chemical that’s necessary in the process
of allowing your telomerase to do the very job that they’re supposed to do. It is S-Adenosyl methionine and it’s very
important in the proper function. And B vitamins are required to help produce
this SAMe that is necessary for telomerase activity. Vitamin D, studies have actually shown…the
“International Journal of Obesity” showed that taking up to 2,000 IUs has been able
to increase telomere length by as high as 20%. And the majority of the population around
the world is deficient in vitamin D because we’re not getting out in the sun the way that
we used to, or you may not be able to produce it from the sun the way many people are, and
you’re not getting enough of it in your diet. So, very important that you maintain healthy
vitamin D levels. And I’ve got a whole episode on the importance
of vitamin D, again, somewhere here on “Kyani Wellness TV” because my goal is to really
arm you with as much information as possible to help you to maintain that inner pharmacy,
which is far more powerful than any outer pharmacy. Now, vitamin C is very important not only
for immunity and free radical…eliminating free radicals which are those angry little
Pacman and unstable cells as a byproduct of breathing and metabolism, and excessive exercise
that damage your DNA, but they are also very important for maintaining telomere length,
that’s what TL is, by reducing another inflammatory marker known as cytokines. And these wreak havoc, again, on your telomeres,
so maintaining healthy levels of vitamin C. Vitamin B, they are water-soluble antioxidants. You need them every single day. You lose them. You cannot overdose on them. And you wanna make sure…and the majority
of the population is deficient on them along with vitamin D. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble
antioxidant. And I recommend anywhere an upwards of 5,000
IUs a day. Now, I recommend that you do get a simple
blood test to see where your vitamin D levels are. They are absolutely critical to your overall
health, energy, vitality, bone strength, the list goes on. It really acts more as a hormone than it does
as a vitamin. Now, vitamin E, in particular, tocotrienols…now,
there are eight different forms of vitamin E. And the most common form, the alpha-tocopherol,
has its own benefits, but it’s the most common form found in supplements today. But the most exciting part of vitamin E research
centers around tocotrienols and what they can do in preventing abnormal cell growth,
reducing the oxidation of LDL or bad cholesterol that leads to that atherosclerosis or plaquing
inside the arteries, and also inducing apoptosis, natural programmed cell death particularly
in abnormal cell development. Well, not only is it an important marker in
those three areas, but it helps to manage a healthy inflammatory response. It’s a potent antioxidant to help you eliminate
inflammation as well as production of free radicals. But it’s also assistant to helping to repair
your telomeres because just like anything that’s mechanical that you own, it requires
maintenance. It requires upkeep. And I want you to think of that vitamin E
as a very potent mechanic to your telomere health. Now, carotenoids, basically vitamin A, again,
strong antioxidant, strong anti-inflammatory, maintaining the health of your telomeres. And then, of course, as I mentioned already,
omega-3 fatty acids to help maintain a natural inflammatory response, reduce the effect of
free radical damage, and again, providing a protective effect to your telomere length. And then, finally, nitric oxide. Now, this is a very important one that most
people are not aware of because nitric oxide won the Nobel Prize in medicine and has over
160,000 peer-reviewed articles on its benefits. It’s the signaling molecule that’s involved
in virtually every single cellular reaction in the human body. And nitric oxide directly stimulates telomerase
the enzyme to provide the perfective and rebuilding effect on your telomeres. And unfortunately, as we age, by the age of
40, we’re already producing about half of the nitric oxide that we did when we were
20. And as a result, our arteries can stiffen. Our cardiovascular health can decline as well
as many other cellular level functions including the protective effect on your telomeres. And one of the easiest ways is to consume
a nitrate-rich diet. I’ve got a whole episode on the power of nitro
nutrition, nitric oxide. I think it’s episode number three here at
“Kyani Wellness TV.” Make sure you go look at this. But we have found a very ingenious, simple
way of providing you organic nitrates that you just simply put into your mouth that convert
into nitrite, that when they hit the acidity of the stomach convert into nitric oxide,
and provide a natural boosting effect to this vital molecule of life to the cellular functions
that we’ve talked about. So, maintaining healthy levels of nitric oxide
are very important. You can’t supplement with nitric oxide, so
we use precursors. And we found nitrates to be one of the quickest,
most efficient, and effective pathways, and we source it off from organic noni. It’s the equivalent of consuming a cup of
spinach to help you deliver these power nitrates. You wanna make sure you have a diet rich in
B vitamins, D, C, E, omega-3s, beta-carotene that are all important to providing and delivering
this protective effect to your telomeres. And so, all of these ingredients that I’ve
just talked to you about are found in our very convenient, easy-to-use Triangle of Health. Sunrise, our water-soluble antioxidant blend
that provides you all the B vitamins, the C vitamins, as well as many other micronutrients,
polyphenols, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, flavonoids, that are all essential to your
cellular function and health, not to mention our Power of Nitro Nutrition through our NitroFX
and Nitro Xtreme to help you deliver those powerful nitrates to naturally boost those
nitric oxide levels that are declining as we age, and then Sunset, which delivers a
very powerful blend of fat-soluble antioxidants including vitamin D, vitamin A, and the tocotrienols
in addition to the omega-3 fatty acids that we just spoke of. Combined with a healthy diet, a healthy exercise
program, you truly give your telomeres every potential to outlive you, if you will. All right, so there you have it. If you enjoyed this episode, please make sure
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