Hello, and welcome to another episode of Kyäni
Wellness TV. My name is Dr. Andreas Boettcher, member of
the Scientific Advisory Board here at Kyäni. And in this episode, we examine The Ugly Truth
Behind Today’s Health Care Crisis. Stay tuned. [00:00:14]
[silence] [00:00:29] Now, this is gonna be one of the more serious
conversations that I’m gonna have on Kyäni Wellness TV, because it’s really that important. And it can make the difference between the
health you enjoy today and the health that you enjoy tomorrow. And it can make a tremendous difference, not
only in your health potential but also economically and, of course, in the quality of the life
that you live. Because I’ve traveled all over the world asking
a very simple question, “How many of you want to age well?” Well, obviously, that’s a rhetorical question,
and we all do. But the question is, “Are we really living
up to that genetic potential that we all have? Are we maximizing every potential that we
have? Or are we being potentially undermined by
those that we often, unfortunately, trust maybe a little too much?” And so, to begin answering this question,
we really need to take a little step back into a journey, and in evaluating the convenience
stores of yesterday. And I’m talking about years ago. When you examine what the convenience foods
of the past were, well, they were what nature intended us to eat. But somewhere along the way, with modernization
and the industrial revolution, things have changed. And I think you know where I’m headed. Because when you look at today’s convenience
store, you’ll be lucky to find a basket of fruit, probably somewhere in the corner. In fact, I was actually doing a training,
above all places, at Los Angeles International Airport where I visited a convenience store
trying to find a healthy snack. Now, about the only thing you can find healthy
in here is a bottle of water and maybe a basket of fruit somewhere. And there was one tiny basket in this convenience
store that had some apples and some bananas, but the rest of it was this. Now, I struggle to even call this food. I’m not even sure what it is. It’s man-made, it can last forever, and it’ll
still be there 100 years from today, making it edible. And if you actually think about it, could
that even be classified as food? And so, when you start to look at the trends
today and the choices that we are being marketed to and being offered, it’s really no surprise,
as a physician, to see the challenges that our patients have and why they’re having them. Look, I’m not blaming you. Now, you are responsible for your choices. But for someone who’s as educated as I’ve
taken the time to become on health, and wellness, and nutrition, it’s incredibly difficult to
find healthy food. Especially when you’re out on the road, and
you’re traveling, and you’re busy. So, one of the biggest recommendations that
I have with you is to avoid this altogether and plan your meals in advance. Bring your kitchen with you. And I’ll do more videos and episodes on meal
prep, and meal planning, and how you can do it, and how I do it, and how I do it for my
entire family. But I just have to show you this trend. Because the trend is that this wholesome,
organic, natural food that our forefathers grew up on, really, unfortunately, no longer
exists. Yes, there are farmers markets, but it’s not
like it is today. Because everywhere you go, we are being hit
by brilliant colors, and brilliant marketing, and brilliant advertising, telling you how
cool and how fun these foods are if you really want to be socially accepted today. And I wanna challenge you to start thinking
otherwise, because these foods will absolutely do zero, nada, nilch, for your ability to
age well and your health potential. And when you put this into the standard American
diet, this processed food has replaced these organic, wholesome, natural sources of things
that we should be eating, with 53% of it coming from processed garbage. Like I said, I don’t even have the heart to
call it food because it really is garbage. It absolutely has zero nutritional value and
makes many of us today nutritionally bankrupt. Yes, in the United States, we’re one of the
richest nations in the world, but I would argue one of the most malnourished nations
in the world because of our food quality and what has changed in the standard American
diet, with over 80% coming from processed meat and coming from processed garbage. None of which the body is designed to eat,
much less recognize and derive really any nutritional value from, other than just pure,
empty calories. And I wanna take a moment and look at some
of the clever marketing and clever advertising that, in my opinion, has brainwashed many
into believing in thinking that somehow their products are gonna make you cooler, gonna
make you more acceptable, and make you more of a man or a woman in many instances. I mean, when you look at the old Marlboro
Man, how much cooler could it be than a cowboy smoking on Marlboro? And if you smoke Marlboro, well, you’ll be
just as cool as he is. Or today’s Super Bowl parties. If you think about what we’re being told is
fun food is chicken wings, deep dish pizzas, Doritos, Cheetos, nachos, fried onion rings,
M&Ms, and the list goes on. And this is how you have fun today, guys,
because if you’re not eating this, what kind of a fun party would it ultimately be? Look, I’m not saying I don’t enjoy those things,
or that you can’t from time to time. But the problem is, is that these companies
have taught us this is the way to go. I mean, if you look at the latest Doritos
ad, we’ve got a really well-known rapper who’s telling you how cool you can be when you consume
their Doritos. And I can tell you right now those Doritos
don’t do anything. They provide nothing for you. And unfortunately, they start to manipulate
the way we think. And if you think about, I think it was Pringles
or maybe even Lay’s that bet you that you couldn’t eat just one. Do you think by chance that that was an accident? They know how to do…they know how to manipulate
the nutritional ingredients so they when they hit the tongue, your serotonin just lights
up with, “Wow, did that taste good. I need to have more of it.” Because after all, they are profitable and
their stockholders are happy the more junk you eat. And it’s becoming more and more socially acceptable
to see this food at nearly every single social gathering. And the saddest part of all is that you start
to see this buffet of junk at every children’s birthday party. Because they don’t, after all, even most of
them don’t even know what real food is anymore. I mean, we’ve gotten to the point where we
now feed our babies Goldfish. Where did Goldfish become the gold standard
for nutritional value for our children? I’m still trying figure out when that happened,
where we’ve got a happy clown showing you how you can have a Happy Meal, when we know
that Happy Meal will do nothing but raise your risk for cardiovascular disease, high
blood pressure, diabetes, and the list goes on. Not to mention how socially acceptable it
is to consume alcohol. And I have a lot of guys that say, “Man up,
man. Have a beer. Be a man.” Well, I can tell you right now, it actually
does the opposite. Because if you ever seen that guy with that
big old beer belly, well, I can tell you right now that alcohol is shutting off your ability
to metabolize fat, destroying your liver, and wreaking havoc on your testosterone production,
elevating your estrogen, which actually turns you more into a woman than into any man, at
least that I know. And not to mention, women, it does the same
thing. It’s one of the leading causes for breast
cancer, as well as cardiovascular disease, and the list goes on. Again, I’m not saying you can’t partake or
enjoy in an occasional glass of wine, or a beer. And many of us will rationalize, “Yes, I need
to have a glass of wine for my antioxidants every day.” We kind of make light out of it, and we make
a joke out of it. But I can tell you right now, there’s a lot
better sources for antioxidants than a glass of wine. Look, I know it can help relax, I know it
can help chill, and I know it’s socially fun. But when it starts to predominate our daily
choices and the decisions we’re making… Again, it’s your health. You make the choices. My job here and the way I look at what I do
is to help you and arm you with the information you need to make the best decisions for your
health potential going forward. And I can tell you, the more stuff you consume
of this, you know, the less potential you’re going to have. And of course, but no, not the cute little
polar bear. He’ll tell you otherwise. You’ll have fun, and they show these polar
bears playing and having fun in the Antarctic, and what have you, and whatnot. But they don’t tell you that sodas are the
leading cause of diabetes, that they’re sugar-laden drinks, are addictive, and not to mention
demineralize bones, and one of the biggest causes of obesity today. I would still put in the diet category because
they are loaded with artificial sweeteners, which actually stimulate hunger and make you
want to eat more. But yet all their fancy marketing tells us
they’re fun, and that they’re cool, and that they’re happy, and that they’re socially acceptable. And yeah, in many ways can be doggone cute. Now, let’s talk about this for a moment, because
this is a really important moment. Today, more than 95% of chronic disease is
caused by food choices, toxic ingredients, nutritional deficiencies, and lack of exercise,
more than 95%. Now, what this tells me, and I hope is evident
for you is, it really comes down to the choices you make. And I follow a really simple rule, “Eat well
80-90% of the time. Reserve 10% of my weekly calories for some
quote-unquote fun food, or an occasional glass of wine, or a piece of dessert, or a little
bit of chocolate, or what have you.” But the rest is about being clean, because
I don’t want to be a statistic. And I can tell you right now, if you do what
everyone else is doing, and what all these companies are marketing to us and telling
us is socially acceptable, your chances of becoming a statistic are higher than average. So, if you want a different result, you have
to be willing to do something different. Which leads me to one simple question that
I wish more doctors would ask. Do you have an idea what that is? Any guesses what that could be? Well, it’s an actually a pretty simple one. And as I reveal it to you, I want you to think
the last time you visited your doctor that they asked this question, “What do you eat?” With 95% of today’s degenerative chronic diseases,
being nutritionally mediated and a lack of exercise and fitness, that one simple question
could really change the game of healthcare today. But if we’re honest with ourselves, and hopefully
if you are a doctor, I do encourage you to go back to your roots, to remember your Hippocratic
Oath, to first do no harm, to seek the cause and treat the cause, not mask the symptoms. And I’m gonna to get to that in just a moment. Because if we just asked this question, I
think we could do a massive service around the world to eradicating some of the top threats
to our health today, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, the list goes on. As a result of choices that people are making,
and unfortunately, chemicals that are being put into these so-called processed garbage
foods that are wreaking havoc on our health potential. But instead of asking that question, unfortunately,
you’re left with a tiny little piece of paper that has you running off to your neighborhood
pharmacy for that little “magic orange bottle” that’s going to fix all of your problems,
despite you eating all of the other stuff that all of the big companies want you to
believe is cool, hip, and fun. Look, if I’m a little bit passionate about
this, I want you understand where it’s coming from. I have taken thousands of patient histories
over the years, and it never ceased to pain me the amount of disease and suffering people
are having today as a result of choices that they are making. So, you have more control than you think. Have we really lost faith? And here’s what I mean, that we put more faith
into a knife or an orange little bottle than in our body’s natural ability to heal. See, the one thing that I learned going throughout
medical school, if you will, is that the body is an amazing organism. And no matter how much we will look into it,
we will never fully understand its intricacies, and its detail, and its complexities. But what we do know is that it was designed
to be well, when it’s given the right tools. Unfortunately, many people start to think
this is the solution and continue to make all the other poor choices. And I’m gonna tell you right now you cannot
out-medicate a poor diet, period, end of story. It’s like the fire alarm going off in your
home. And instead of actually calling the fire department,
and putting out the fire, and evacuating… What medications in essence do is just pull
the battery from the alarm, and everything else is still fine. Well, meanwhile the house is still on fire. And so I’m challenging you a little bit to
start to think about the choices you’re making. And where are you putting your faith? Because I can tell you right now, prescription
companies spend billions teaching us that this is the way to better health, that this
is what you need. I mean, every other commercial on TV today,
at least here in the United States, seemingly is another drug ad, telling you that if you
want to live like this, that you need to take my fancy statin medication. Now, if you can’t read this, I did that intentionally
and on purpose. Because this is one of the most common statin
medications that is prescribed today and all of its side effects. Because if you’ve ever looked in a magazine,
had a fancy little prescription ad, the front looks like this. But if you flip it over on the back are all
of the side effects. I mean, here’s everything from liver toxicity,
to muscle dysfunction, to endocrine dysfunction, to central nervous system disruption, and
the loss of memory, and all kinds of problems that are just kind of glossed over in the
ad. They show a family having a good time, having
a lot of fun. But don’t take this if you have nausea, vomiting,
upset stomach, decreased length of health and healing time, decreased kidney or liver
function, and it also may cause you to kill yourself in the process. But in the meantime, please enjoy your life
playing in the park. See, the thing you have to really ask yourself
is, regardless of what you may be suffering from, “Is that really a result of a lack of
XYZ drug in your body?” I used to tell my patients, you know, “Do
you think your children have chronic ear infections because there’s a lack of antibiotics in their
blood?”, “Do you think you have high blood pressure because there’s a lack of ACE inhibitors
in your blood?” Right? So, you got to start thinking about, “Where
can you start taking responsibility?” And relying on the news can be a challenge,
because they are the biggest advertisers on today’s television networks, and they’re across
all of them. So to think that they’re ever gonna disparage
this or promote a natural, healthy alternative to you is really a pipe dream, because there’s
just way too much money at stake. In fact, how bad is it? Seven out of 10 Americans take at least one
prescription. Four or 5 out of 10 Americans take two or
more prescriptions. And drug companies are not gonna stop, because
they get to show profits to their shareholders, because their goal is to get more people on
their prescription drugs and medications. I’m gonna talk a little bit more in a second,
okay? Big Pharma spent $9.6 billion annually on
TV advertising alone, by far outspending anyone and everyone across every single category. Nine of 10 spent more on ads then they actually
spend on research and development. They are marketing machines, and they are
brilliant at it. I mean, think about their ad. You do this, you have fun, but it may cause
all of this. But you go talk to your doctor and go ask
for it. If I did that with a health and wellness product
and I told you it could be potentially all these complications, all of a sudden everyone
puts up their big stop sign and says, “Nope, not going to do that.” But for somehow, drug companies are able to
get away with it. When you start to think about what those side
effects are and how dangerous and deadly they are, which I’m gonna reveal in just a second,
you really need to stop and think about where you’re getting your information. They also spend twice as much on lobbying
efforts than the next lobbyist category, twice as much. In fact, they put up to $40,000 in donations
to the average politician. Every politician, on average, receives $40,000
in campaign donations. Do you think that that might have an influence
on the policies and the laws? And I can tell you, for me, as a natural health
care provider, nothing could be more frustrating. Because no one’s talking about the ugly industry
of the processed food industry and what it’s doing to wreak damage in our health. Yet, it’s all of these magic pharmacologies
that are gonna fix your problems and take care of all of them for you. Yet, I can’t talk about the health benefits
of nutritional ingredients, and micronutrients, and what they can do, and I have to be careful
what I say? If I’m a little bit on a rant, I am. I’m that passionate about it because I really
do care, because I really cannot stand seeing what’s being done in this country. Because here’s the thing. You would now think that with the amount of
prescription drugs that are out there, if they’re really working, that it would make
a dent in, let’s just say cardiovascular disease for a moment. But if I asked you a question, “Is cardiovascular
disease on the rise or on the decline?” Probably say, “Rise.” Cancer, diabetes, stroke, name it. Every single one is on the rise, yet we are
taking more drugs than ever. Does anyone just stop to think, “Maybe what
we’re doing is not working”? I mean, let’s look at some projections for
a moment. New statistics predict that 45% of people
in the United States will have at least one issue related to cardiovascular disease by
2035. Remember the comment I said, “If you do what
your neighbor has always done, you’re likely gonna end up being one”? That’s exactly what we’re talking about. This is up from earlier predictions, from
the American Heart Association, which was at 40% not too long ago. So the trend is upwards on cardiovascular
disease, yet medications are up. You would think disease would go down, but
it’s not happening. Because why? We’re not addressing the fundamental root
cause of the majority of today’s chronic disease and suffering. And that are the choices that you make in
your lifestyle, the foods that you eat, the way that you manage stress, the way that you
either exercise or don’t exercise. It’s pretty simple. If you give the body the tools that it needs,
you can be quite amazed at what could be possible for you. Now, the AHA predicts that the costs related
to the disease will double from $555 billion in 2016 to $1.1 trillion in 2035. And this is the sad truth. Disease is big business, period, end of story. I’m sure the pharmaceutical industry is ecstatic
about the processed food industry, “Great, eat more of that junk, because that means
they’re gonna need more of my stuff when they go run to the doctor because their health
is suffering.” And I wouldn’t even be surprised to see if
they’re somehow in cahoots together, which is a whole ‘nother story in and of itself. And so, as a result of this, what happens
is, is what most people don’t realize is, is that this prescription drug mentality creates
a revolving door. And here’s what I mean. You take one medication, it leads to side
effects, you run back to the doctor, “Oh, I’ve got all these new side effects.” “Oh, well, I’ve got that one too.” Now, you got a second bottle. Then you take that second bottle, and that
has new side effects. Well, you run back to the doctor and next
thing you know you got one bottle, two bottles, three bottles, four bottles, five bottles. Anyone have a family member that has a minimum
5. 6, 7, 8, maybe even 10 bottles of these powerful
drugs in their medicine cabinet? I don’t know about you, but I don’t wanna
see a single one of these bottles in my medicine cabinet for my entire life, period, end of
story. You’d literally have to have me dragging,
kicking, and screaming to think I’m gonna be taking any of that stuff. And I’ve done this by reversing my own autoimmune
condition by addressing the very factors that I am teaching you here on Kyäni Wellness
TV. Healthy mindset, healthy food, healthy fitness,
healthy supplementation, healthy lifestyle. That’s it. And you start doing those things, do those
things first. Then see maybe where this might, might be
necessary. And if you are on this, challenge your doctor. Say, “Okay, great, you’ve got me on this. What are you gonna do to get me off of it? What do I need to do, Doc?” Now that might mean you need to accept some
responsibility. And unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry
knows people don’t want it because people just want the quick fix, “I don’t wanna take
time to take care of my health, I don’t wanna take time to cook and exercise, I just wanna
eat what I want, drink what I want, do what I want. That orange bottle will fix me.” And they know you want that, and they market
that to you. And I can tell you right now, I think you
know by now that this is not the truth, and this is the ugly side of today’s health care
crisis, right? Now, some of you might be saying, “Well isn’t
healthy living expensive?” Well, let’s talk about that for a minute,
right? Just treating type-2 diabetes, one of the
most preventable conditions on the planet by maintaining healthy weight and exercise,
costs $400 to $600 per month. Now just because maybe your insurance might
be covering some of that does not make that okay. Imagine if you had to spend that. Would that be enough to curtail you to say,
“You know what? Maybe I need to start getting my health under
control.” This is expensive. Not to mention, if you don’t manage it properly,
a whole host of complications come with it. And I’ve unfortunately experienced this personally
in our own family. And it’s again why Patricia, my wife and I,
are so passionate about what we do here at Kyäni with our Healthy Living Movement. Cancer, on average, costs $150,000 to take
care of. And even then, it’s just a crapshoot on whether
it’s going to be taken care of or not. And then of course, high blood pressure costs
more than $2,000 per year in complications. Now, this is pretty interesting here. And a study done, 225,000 adults, 36.9% of
people report having hypertension. And, you know, I’ve got a whole episode on
our Power of Nitro Nutrition, and how some of our products, how they can help you with
a healthy blood pressure response, and so many lifestyle factors and tips that are on
here. But this is an astounding number. Here’s the cost, $131 billion annually. See, disease is big business, and pharmaceutical
companies could care less about fixing anything. Because here’s the fact. Over 80% of today’s prescription medications
are classified or known as maintenance medications, meaning they never fix anything. You take them for the rest of your life, and
they like it just like that. I mean, after all, what incentive would they
have to have you healthy? It’s a contradiction in and of itself. It’s a conflict of interest at the highest
of levels, because they really don’t care about fixing anything. All they care about is getting more people
and classifying more things as diseases so that only their drugs can get you “healthy
again.” And I think by now we all know at the end
of the day, really, it comes down to our choices. And far too many people are running for that
orange bottle or that knife and not addressing potentially the root cause of their problems. Focus on building a foundational healthy living
program. Good nutrition, good fitness, good healthy
relationships, mindfulness, healthy supplementation, and do that consistently. And we call it our 90-day challenge, to help
you to start getting on the path to healthy living, to get off this roller coaster of
marketing fads, hype, and gimmicks that only prey on your weaknesses and unfortunately
make us healthier. See, the problem that I see with majority
of today’s diets is they’re trying to teach you how you can have this while still enjoying
this. And I can argue very clearly even if you are
of healthy weight and you get away with “eating this” doesn’t mean that you are healthy. It’s about getting the right food and the
right nutrition the way that nature intended us to consume, and as close to nature and
as raw as you possibly can. That can really help you to elevate your health
potential and help you to rise above the marketing phrases, taglines, that only prey on our weaknesses,
to help us to justify these bad behaviors that I think we all innately know are not
good for us. To know that the choices that we have every
single day can determine our ability to age well. And I asked you that question earlier in this
video, “How many of you want to age well?” Well, the good news is, is that the body is
resilient. It’s truly amazing. And if you start doing this consistently,
and you start focusing on this, and start giving your body the tools that it needs at
a cellular level, your chances of living a healthy life grow exponentially. Choose here, the chances of you becoming a
statistic grow equally, but in the wrong direction. So, I hope you enjoyed today’s episode. Know how much we care here. Join our Healthy Living Movement. Follow us all over our social media, #healthylivingmovement. Subscribe to this channel. Patricia and I have a lot more coming your
way to help you to reach your healthy living goals naturally.