Hello and welcome to another episode of Kyäni
Wellness TV. My name is Dr. Andreas Boettcher, member of
the Scientific Advisory Board here at Kyäni. Now, in this video, we’re gonna talk about
four but actually really five key components to healthy aging, stay tuned. You know, I just recently returned from a
five-city, two-week tour through Europe and I’ve asked millions around the world this
one simple question. How many of you want to age well? Well, of course, naturally, everyone raises
their hand. And then I asked a very simple follow-up question
about how many of you are consuming 6 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables every single
day. Well, as you might imagine less than 1% raised
their hand. Now, do you see a potential problem or a gap
in this equation to healthy aging? Well, if you do, stay tuned, and if you don’t,
please stay tuned. Because what I’m about to share with you is
absolutely critical to how you age. That regardless of what you choose to do,
you are going to need these vital micronutrients to help protect the critical elements that
determine your quality of life and, of course, how you are going to age. Now, what are those critical elements? Well, they are quite simply these, number
one, being our mitochondria. Now the mitochondria is the powerhouse cell
of the human body. I want you to think about it like the battery
pack inside your cell phone. Now, as me, probably like you, when our cell
phone battery starts to go down, some of us get into a little bit of a panic and we can’t
wait to find the nearest outlet to be able to plug our phone in and some of us are even
tethered to it like a leash, sitting in the corner of a seminar or at an event waiting
for our batteries to charge. Well, not many people take the same time and
attention when it comes to maintaining the battery pack of our human cells. This is, of course, where we derive our energy. This is where the electron transport chain
happens. This is where ATP production occurs. And ATP production is critical to cellular
health, performance and function. I mean, after all, this is how your muscles
contract, this is how your body moves, this is how your eyes blink, this is how your lungs
breathe, this is how you think, this is how you actually get things done. And unfortunately, most people are neglecting
this critical powerhouse cell of the body, and unfortunately, artificially stimulating
their energy sources with their daily Starbucks habit instead when, in fact, this vital powerhouse
cell may be missing the vital micronutrients that it needs to give you what you are ultimately
looking for. And your ability to maintain healthy levels
of mitochondria are critical to how you age. Now, the cool thing is we can also control
the number of mitochondria that we produce through the choices that we make as well,
more on that in a moment. Telomeres. Telomeres are basically the protective end
caps to your chromosome. These are healthy DNA, your RNA that basically
lead to the replication of cells. See, your body is not stagnant, it’s just
not there. You have a new layer of skin every three days. You have a new liver every three months. You have a completely new skeleton every six
months because old cells die off, new cells are replicated and put into their place. Now, this is where the chromosomes come in. Now the telomere is basically the protective
end cap to your chromosome. And I want you to think of it like the protective
plastic cap at the end of a shoelace. We all know it’s there to protect that shoelace
from fraying so it protects the longevity of your shoelace. Well, that end cap gets shorter or starts
to break or fray apart, and in the case of the telomere, basically what happens to that
shoestring? Yeah, it frays and it becomes brittle and
it doesn’t work as the way that it should. Now, this is something that you definitely
do not want to have happen to your DNA because this is where all those new cells are made. Now, the things that we’re discovering is
that your telomere length can shorten as we age due to lifestyle choices, smoking, lack
of exercise, processed foods, stress, etc. And the shorter that telomere becomes, the
higher your mortality becomes. In fact, the mortality rate of those with
shorter telomeres over longer telomeres is twice that of those who maintain healthy telomere
length. So we’re gonna be talking about what you can
do to maintain healthy telomere length. Stem cells are incredibly important for the
help and repair of broken and damaged cells. Now, the cool thing about stem cells is that
stem cells can become any cell of the human body. They’re the foundation to building any new
cell. And many of them can become dormant and there
are some critical nutrition hacks if you will that can help you to awaken those dormant
cells. And then, of course, free radicals which I’ve
talked about extensively on this show are the damaging effects of oxidation, metabolism,
breathing, they’re angry little Pacman that are missing an electron that are floating
through your body that gobble up your healthy cells and DNA and tissue and as a result wreck
havoc. And they are linked to over 90 plus degenerative
diseases, including the top killers here in the United States, cardiovascular disease,
diabetes, stroke, and the list goes on, arthritis, inflammatory conditions, digestive issues,
dementia, you name it, they’re pretty much linked to free radicals. And they’re a byproduct of just simply breathing
oxygen, stress, and so forth, and some of it is self-induced inflicted from smoking
and alcohol and other choices that we make. And so our ability to basically nullify these
free radicals which can only be done by delivering the right anti-oxidants, the vital micronutrients
that you need which you can only get by consuming 6 to 10 servings of fruit and vegetables every
single day. These nutrients are critical to your cellular
health and then the fifth one is managing inflammation and inflammation is a byproduct
again of all of the other negative choices that I’ve already mentioned and can lead to
all hosts of problems, digestive issues, dementia problems, cardiovascular problems, and of
course, the list goes on. So the question now becomes what do you do
about it. I mean, after all I’ll be the first one to
admit even with the healthy diet that I consume getting in 6 to 10 servings of fruits and
vegetables every single day consistently is difficult, not to mention the fruits and vegetables
of today are not what they were off yesterday, due to over farming techniques, lack of minerals
that are in the soil today, depletion, pesticides, pollution, and so forth. So I find it critically important to supplement,
not replace, supplement your diet so that I can hit those numbers every single day and
deliver the vital micronutrients. Now, here at Kyäni, we’ve put a very convenient
1-2-3 system together to help you manage these key components to aging. Now, whether you ever choose to consume the
Triangle of Health or not is entirely your choice. My goal for you in this video is that you
have to address these nutritional needs no matter where you choose to get them. Now, we choose the most bioavailable, potent
sources, they’re all certified, have quality, purity and potency and effectiveness which
I will get to a little bit more in a moment. But I want to share this with you as a way
of educating you regardless of what your choice is, regarding the Triangle of Health for any
of the products that we create here at Kyäni as part of our Healthy Living Movement because
I’m incredibly passionate, as you know, about health and wellness, your health and wellness,
and giving your body what it needs at a cellular level. And that’s really the foundation behind Sunrise
which is the first part of a three-part equation known as our Triangle of Health which is anchored
by our wild Alaskan blueberry which is one of the richest natural sources of vitamin
C on the planet plus 22 other superfoods and 60 trace minerals to help deliver the micronutrients
that those cells in your body needs to ward off free radicals, to fight off inflammation,
and provide a very convenient dose that gives you in one ounce serving five servings of
fruits and vegetables a day. Now, that doesn’t mean you just take one or
two pouches a day and then just go eat whatever you want. Now, yes, at least you’re getting that nutrition
in, which is really good, and a lot of our customers feel fantastic without making any
lifestyle changes whatsoever but I often will ask them, “Imagine if you put it all together,
good nutrition, good mindset, good fitness, good exercise. Boy, you really create the maximum environment
to help your cells do what they are designed to do, but we have to nourish them at a cellular
level.” And these 22 superfoods are rare. We source them from all over the world and
we use extracts. So this is not a box store of multivitamin,
these are extracts, basically meaning they’re as close to nature as they are without actually
consuming the fruit themselves. And there’s some exciting research actually
on extracts. But here you can see just a list of some of
the micronutrients that are found inside of the extracts that we use here at Kyäni in
our Sunrise formula. Now, you have to get these nutrients from
somewhere. And no, fried tempura vegetables are not gonna
do it because the frying will destroy a lot of these things. So you want to eat these things as close to
nature as you can which makes the Sunrise even more powerful in and of itself. Now, let’s talk a little bit about the science. Okay. And this is really important, this is out
of “Clinical Nutrition 2018.” “Adequate nutrition levels are essential for
mitochondrial function as several specific micronutrients play crucial roles in energy
metabolism and in ATP production.” Now, I was gonna put up a biochemical equation
but I thought, you know what, that’s just too technical. I don’t know, it’s probably gonna sound like
I’m trying to impress you and trying too hard and it looked very technical but basically,
it broke down the entire electron transport chain and where the micronutrients that I
just showed you on the previous screen factor into the formation of ATP. This is your energy. This is where you get the fuel to perform
and B vitamins are an incredibly important critical component to maintaining the mitochondrial
function and most people are deficient in them because they’re not getting in those
6 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables consistently every day. And as a result, mitochondrial function can
decline. The number of mitochondria themselves will
decline because your body goes, “Hi,” if you don’t really need them. And unfortunately, then we start to supplement
with caffeine and other things from the outside to get us up and to get us going when in fact
it could be as simple as a micronutrient deficiency that could be leading to the problems that
you are experiencing. In fact, many of our customers find that they
don’t need that habit when they start supplementing with Sunrise on a daily or regular basis. Now, other studies here have talked about
the importance of blueberries to help fight off the effects of aging and even increase
neurogenesis in the brain, in particular, as it relates to blueberry extracts which
is, again, one of the primary ingredients found inside of Sunrise. And, of course, the wild Alaskan blueberry
has one of the highest ORAC values of any nutritional food or superfood found in the
world today. This is in the “International Journal of Circumpolar
Health 2013.” And so, again, why we chose to put these ingredients
together the way that we have. Now, next, I want to talk to you about Sunset
because Sunrise delivers the water-soluble antioxidants that your body needs, while Sunset
delivers the fat-soluble antioxidants but not just any. We’ve got the wild Alaskan salmon as our source
for the omega-3 fatty acids for essential cardiovascular health. We’ve got the beta-carotene. Beta-carotene or vitamin A is very important
for stem cell health. In fact, research shows that vitamin A can
actually awaken dormant stem cells to initiate cellular repair, health, and healing. And the majority of people are deficient in
these things. In fact, vitamin C, I think about 43% or 44%
of the population is deficient in vitamin C, yes, even in today’s times and we kind
of get numb to vitamin C because we hear it so often but it’s critical for immune health,
for lymphocyte antibody production, natural killer cell production, it’s essential in
collagen formation, it’s essential in suppressing cortisol and stress reduction. So maintaining healthy levels of vitamin C
and the fact that it’s water-soluble means we can’t produce it endogenously, we’re losing
it every single day through our urine so we have to bring it in externally. Very, very important. Beta-carotene’s a fat-soluble antioxidant
as I mentioned to you, very important for eye health, immune system health, but also
awakening those stem cells. And, again, about 45% or so of the population
is deficient in vitamin E at any given moment. And then, of course, vitamin D, I’m gonna
talk about vitamin D in a moment. But right now what I want to talk about are
tocotrienols, because the power of tocotrienols is not to be underestimated. This is one of eight in the family of vitamin
E and the majority of vitamin E supplements today are made of alpha-tocopherol. The majority of the benefits of what I’m showing
you here are related specifically to tocotrienols. In fact, 90% of today’s research is going
in the direction of tocotrienols because of their powerful anti-inflammatory effects,
immune-boosting effects, helping with cognitive function, reversing dementia, and other problems
and conditions that can result even including some exciting research as it relates to the
oxidation of cholesterol which builds to the arterial plaquing of the walls, but also in
its ability to help potentially starve cancer cells and help prevent angiogenesis or new
blood vessel formation to abnormal cell growth and inducing apoptosis or natural cell death
in cancer. Because cancer has a mind of its own. It doesn’t operate under any normal cellular
rules where old cells die off and new cells come in. No, they just grow and they grow and they
grow and they never die. And so apoptosis can be induced by maintaining
healthy levels of tocotrienols. Potent as a free radical scavenger to help
consume those free radicals that we were talking about, has a tremendous benefit in helping
to maintain healthy hormone levels, to maintain healthier weight. They work together synergistically with vitamin
C in the formation of collagen, very important as well, helping to manage menstrual symptoms
as a result. Endurance and muscle strength. This is a really key component for me, for
someone who spends a lot of time in the gym working out, in weight training, in recovery,
in reducing oxidative stress but maintaining the health of my cardiovascular walls, the
arterial walls, which I’ve talked about in other videos how important maintaining arterial
health is. In fact, as a physician, we often say that
you are as healthy as your arteries. And maintaining the health and strength of
your arteries has a positive effect in so many ways, but also, again, as it relates
to nitric oxide production which is where it occurs, inside the arterial walls themselves. So maintaining the health of your arterial
walls and their strength and their durability is very important, and tocotrienols have a
very exciting benefit. Tocotrienols also help to inhibit HMG-CoA
reductase. That’s an enzyme that’s critical in the oxidation
of cholesterol and it’s the oxidation of cholesterol that can lead to the arterial plaquing and
buildup inside there. So maintaining healthy levels of vitamin E
have been shown to negate that formation or potential effect, and then, of course, cognitive
function, brain function, and may even potentially lower cancer risk. Look, I’m not claiming to treat or cure. What we do when we formulate and look at products
is what can we do to deliver the most effective supplements and ingredients that have the
most research and the science behind them in the most synergistic way possible so that
you get the bioavailability and the absorption and that’s how we make our determining effects
of what we put in it and how much we put it in so that you can get the benefits and the
protective results that you are looking for. Now, vitamin D, my goodness, maintaining healthy
levels of vitamin D, I’ve got a whole episode on vitamin D in and of it alone but if there’s
one thing you walk away with in this video is to please get your vitamin D levels checked. vitamin D acts more like a hormone critical
for maintaining bone density, bone health, immune system health, but also by maintaining
healthy levels of vitamin D you can reduce your risk of developing certain types of cancer
by as high as 60% and yet, the majority, over 90% of people, are deficient in vitamin D. And I live in Southern California, I supplement
with it, yet I’m outside every single day and I’m just barely at the upper range of
the healthy levels of vitamin D. Now, I can’t imagine if you live in a climate where it’s
cloudy, you’re inside all the time, you’re not outside with the majority of your skin
exposed to the sun, and even if you are, some people have a deficiency in converting sunshine
into vitamin D internally. So that’s why I really recommend, I cannot
recommend enough that you get your vitamin D levels tested, right? So it’s important for bone health, maintaining
healthy levels of blood sugar, promotes a healthy heart. In fact, the Vanderbilt University Medical
Center showed that low vitamin D levels had a higher incident, a higher risk for cardiac
events. And so it also enhances, of course, the immune
system. I’ve got a little bit of glare on my TV so
that’s why I’m kind of leaning away here so I can see that. Hormone regulation is very important. Cognitive function, and, of course, may help
you to lower your risk of cancer. So why we’ve put all of these different components
together is because there’s strong science behind them and we know people are not getting
them. And I know that because I ask that simple
question, “Are you eating enough fruits and vegetable every single day?” Now, why omega-3 is so important? Well, they help to reduce the total number
of cardiovascular event, coronary heart disease, total strokes, all go down when you maintain
healthy levels of omega-3s. Now, one of the things that’s really important
is that when you begin to supplement with a product like Sunset is that you do it consistently
for 90 days because if you have a deficiency in omega-3s, it takes the liver at least that
long to help replenish and rebuild those stores of essential omega-3s that our body needs
and to help put those ratios into play. I also recommend that you limit your consumption
of vegetable oils that are rich in omega-6s, certain types of nuts that are rich in omega-6s
and then, of course, staying away from any types of meat that are not grass-fed, grass-finished. Anything that’s grain-fed are gonna be rich
in omega-6 fatty acids which create a pro-inflammatory response. So I recommend you limit those, flip it around,
consume a product like Sunset, get in your wild Alaskan salmon so you get those omega-3s
for not only those functions but eye health, brain function, and really for maintaining
a healthy inflammatory response. They make a tremendous difference in my opinion,
in my own recovery, from my own workouts, or when I’m sore without resorting to NSAIDs,
aspirin or anything of the like. I don’t even know when the last time I took
an aspirin or an Advil was, I couldn’t even tell you. And so I really focus on natural sources for
my anti-inflammatory benefits. And then, of course, we combine it with the
power of Nitro Nutrition and I’m gonna talk about all of these things as they relate back
to those five key components here in just a minute. But Nitro Nutrition is so critical to maintaining
arterial wall health. It’s won the Nobel Prize in medicine, there’s
over 166,000 studies on this chemical in and of itself. It’s known as the “Molecule of Life.” It’s involved in virtually every cellular
reaction inside the human body. And so what we’ve done is we’ve sourced the
organic and only plant to deliver you a rich source of nitrates that combine with the bacteria
in your mouth to form nitrite, then when it’s swallowed, ingested, mixes with the stomach
acid, converts into nitric oxide to yield the beneficial effects so that you absorb
more nutrition from our products and, of course, get the most in maintaining the health and
benefits as it relates to your cardiovascular health. And like I said, it’s known as the miracle
molecule. It won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for its
tremendous benefits and the research still continues today. In fact, here are just some of the systems
that are affected by maintaining healthy levels of nitric oxide and our body’s natural ability
to produce nitric oxide declines as we age. And so not only do we want these benefits
but when you do supplement with a Sunrise and a Sunset, we combine it with Nitro FX
or Nitro Extreme to generate that natural boost in blood flow so that you get the most
from our supplementation and the bioavailability thereof, so very important. Now, how important is the science of nitric
oxide? Well, the Institute of Regenerative Medicine
talks about NO being “the holy grail of stem cell therapy. It is the most important signaling molecule
that controls everything from blood pressure to preventing disease and conditions to dramatically
stimulating your stem cells.” They are a signaling molecule that tell things
to go like, “Hey, it’s time to work. It’s time to go.” And when your levels are low, your stem cells
aren’t getting that message. The other component is that this is really
as important as it relates to your telomeres. Nitric oxide signals the enzyme telomerase. Telomerase is the enzyme that is directly
responsible for maintaining the health and the length of your telomeres. They help to rebuild them and to maintain
them, and without adequate levels of nitric oxide, telomerase cannot do its job and thus,
as a result, can cause shortening of the telomeres over time and we’ve already talked about the
negative benefits or results thereof. And, of course, those with shorter telomeres
suffer a mortality rate nearly twice of those with people who maintain normal telomere length. And it’s not only NO that’s important as it
relates to your telomere health. In fact, this is what I was talking to you
about. I think I may have mentioned it in another
video, Institute of Regenerative Medicine talks about our natural ability to produce
nitric oxide declines as we age, and that’s just normal. Factor in processed food, alcohol, smoking,
stress, lack of exercise and that’s even exponentially lower and faster. So that’s why it’s so important and why we
focus so much here on a message of healthy living, healthy living through mindset, through
nutrition, through fitness, through exercise, and of course, proper supplementation. So when we put all of this together, here
are just some of the vital nutrients that are required. This is not a comprehensive list by any means,
it’s too far of a list, okay, but I just want to give you an idea how each of these elements
relate to helping combat or maintain the health of these key areas. And, of course, all of this nutrition that
you’re seeing here is what is found in Sunrise, in Sunset, and of course, the power of Nitro
Nutrition so that we can help you to protect these vital cells, stimulate these cells where
need be and then ward off the free radicals and, of course, the fifth one being inflammation
through the powerful fat-soluble antioxidants. Vitamin C has a critical component to that,
vitamin E, vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, all important for maintaining a
healthy inflammatory response. So when I look at our Triangle of Health,
I really look at it as an anti-aging foundational health system combined with the right key
components of healthy living truly set the foundation in play to help you live a healthy,
abundant, and extraordinary life. But most people are neglecting what they need
at a cellular level and instead what they do is they run to the doctor saying, “I’ve
got X, Y, Z problem” and the doctor doesn’t even ask, “What are you eating or not eating?” They just simply say, “Oh, you’ve got this
symptom. Well, then let’s just give you this,” without
even looking at the foundational elements, if you’re deficient in these areas and could
they be wreaking havoc and very much causing the very problems that you may be suffering
from. And so I want you to rest assured that all
of our products here at Kyäni are certified by the highest levels of standards. We go beyond the GMP certification to the
Safe Quality Food, FDA pharmaceutical grade facilities and our production, winners of
International Quality’s award and certified by the International Fish Oil Standards are
just a few of some of the certifications and the lengths that we go to to ensure the purity,
potency of our products, to help do our best to protecting your mitochondria, your telomeres,
your stem cells while helping you to ward off inflammation and the dangerous effects
of free radicals. If you like what we’re doing here at Kyäni
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