Hello and welcome to another episode of
Kyäni Wellness TV. My name is Dr. Andreas Boettcher, member of the Scientific
Advisory Board here at Kyäni, and in this episode, we’re going to have a
conversation about, can you really biohack your way to better health? Stay
tuned. So it’s a pretty seemingly benign
question and one that I really want to challenge many of you out there in
defining what that answer really means for you. And we all define health
differently. And it really comes down to a balance between mental, physical, and
spiritual well-being, not merely the absence of disease symptoms and
infirmity. And as a physician who’s taken the history of thousands of patients, I
can tell you virtually with 100% certainty there’s not just one thing
that’s missing in your life that’s going to be the panacea to your potential
health challenges. Health is a complex issue that requires a
multiple level of function between various different organs systems and
cells to operate at 100 percent healthy efficiency if you will, but all too often
in today’s world, many are presenting the latest greatest biohack as the solution
to all of your health problems. And to all my fellow colleagues and
biohackers that are out there, I commend you on all of the work that you are
doing, but I also want to make sure that we bring some context to it in terms of
proper expectations because in my opinion you really can’t just have one
thing equal one result, because like I said, health is much more of a complex
issue. There’s usually not one thing that’s missing that’s going to help you
to potentially overcome your health challenges, especially the more you
neglect the basic foundational elements to health and well-being. Really what
are they? Well they come down to number one maintaining a healthy body weight. We
all know the epidemic of obesity today and how it’s just wreaking rampant
throughout our country, and as a result lately, leading many to unfortunately
suffer from a whole host of cardiovascular problems, diabetes, stroke,
cancer, and the list goes on. And so to think for one moment that you can just
biohack your way to better health when we don’t have a healthy body weight to
begin with is a bit of a misnomer. I think it can
be very misleading and very frustrating for the consumer who may be overweight
and thinks this one biohack can actually help them get there. I will say
sometimes these bio hacks can make a difference and I’m gonna expand on that,
so just hang on; let me
finish the foundation here. You gotta have Healthy Living nutrition, you’ve got
to have a healthy servings of your fruits your vegetables, your lean sources
of protein, and some legumes at the end of the day that’s really what it comes
down to. How you want to break those down into macros and ratios depending on
what “diet” you’re following. It really comes down to
personal preference. You need to have a lot more of that and a lot less of the
processed junk and garbage. Unfortunately, today’s average American
diet, about 80 percent are consuming processed foods, chemicals, pesticides, and
the list goes on. The biohack is gonna have a hard time overcoming poor
nutrition. I’m a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for a
supplement company, and I will tell our audiences when speaking around the world,
you can’t out-supplement a poor diet. now if you do have a poor diet, you
darn well need to be supplementing, because where else are you gonna get the
foundational nutritionals? Now, more on that in just a moment. You gotta have a
Healthy Living level of fitness. Our bodies were designed to move.
Movement is life and muscle tissues incredibly important, especially as we
age to help boost our metabolism, to boost our hormone production, to reduce
balance problems, fatigue issues, help us to build our stamina, to help us to be
able to play with our grandkids one day, and it’s incredibly important to
maintain this gift of a machine that the human body is. So many unfortunately
just take it for granted and push off their fitness. I’ll start tomorrow. I
challenge you, if that’s you, start today. It can be as simple as just simply
walking out your door 15 minutes and 15 minutes back. Do that three or four times
a week, combine it with Healthy Living nutrition. and I guarantee
you’re gonna start moving towards Healthy Living weight. Now you’ve got to
have a Healthy Living mindset, and the one issue that I really have with the
biohack mentality is it’s very similar to pharmacological
interventions or prescription medications. You’ve got X you take
Y and now you’re Z. Unfortunately, 70 to 80 percent of today’s prescription
medications do nothing to fix the cause of the problem. I mean, you don’t have
high blood pressure because you have a lack of ACE inhibitors in your blood. You
don’t have chronic infections because there’s a lack of antibiotics in your
blood. There’s something that’s gone awry internally and so many times marketing
companies and other supplement companies who are great at preying on what you
want, which is the quick fix, the magic pill, the panacea that’s gonna fix all
your ills, while you still negate and ignore most of this. So, Healthy Living is a mindset. It’s
about the choices that you make every single day, and getting to a healthy
weight, maintaining healthy nutrition, and healthy fitness is really the sum of
small choices repeated every single day. There’s no magic biohack in there; it’s
very simple, often too simple we want to overcomplicate it. When I feel that the
solution is often right there in front of us. If we can just check these four
boxes, combine it with Healthy Living, supplementation with the right
foundational nutritional elements that we all need–the water soluble
antioxidants, polyphenols, bioflavonoids, the fat-soluble antioxidants, and the
Power of Nitro Nutrition in terms of delivery, helping to maintain a natural
inflammatory response, maintaining cardiovascular health, getting the
absorption to bioavailability of the nutrition that you need, that, in the end
of the day, is a very simple basic formula, but so many want to overlook
this and they just simply forget to check the boxes. Don’t forget to check
the boxes. So before you jump on the latest, greatest quote-unquote biohack,
ask yourself, are you checking these boxes? As a physician, when I was working
with my patients, I would often challenge them: we need to get these things into
play if you really want to get the most from my care, because if we
don’t have these elements in place, something is going to suffer.
Now, the magic thing is, and I want to think about it
like this question that I have for you. So many people that
consume our Triangle of Health products, our foundational health system that is
comprised of all the elements that I just spoke of, experience dramatic
benefits and results without even changing all these things. And that’s
great and that’s wonderful, however, I would challenge you or anyone out there:
imagine if this quote-unquote biohack does make you feel better, but you’re not
checking these boxes. If you flip that around, combine your bio hack with these
foundational elements, what would be possible for you? Imagine the
possibilities if you can feel this much better without doing the first four,
imagine where you could be if you put it all together. That’s really the
take-home message, because at the end of the day, you’ve got to practice this
consistently. And this is something that I see people failing at all too often.
They’ll be good for a day or two and then four days
they’re right off the bandwagon. And where they get impatient, you’ve got to
maintain patience, you know, you didn’t lose your health overnight, and it’s not
gonna be regained overnight. Go back and watch episode number one here at Kyäni
Wellness TV where I talk about the health and disease process and then also
what it takes to reverse that. It takes time to bring systems back online,
because the more you neglected the foundational elements, the longer it’s
going to take be patient be consistent and allow the body to heal, because at
the end of the day, your body’s its own doctor.
No doctor heals, it’s the doctor within. We here at Kyäni through our Healthy
Living Movement want to help give you the tools, the mindset, the training,
the support, without all the fluff, without all the hype, without all the
fads, without all the quick fixes, without all the gimmicks that just basically get
you down to the road if you will where the rubber meets the road and gets you
real-world Healthy Living results, because at the end of the
day, you can’t out biohack a horrible diet, or overconsumption of alcohol, or
smoking tobacco, laziness, or the overuse of prescription medications, at the end of
the day, your bio hacks are going to quote unquote suffer as long as you
continue to do these things. I see it many times, often in a restaurant
there’ll be someone sitting there having a plate full of cheese fries
and chicken wings with their bottle of lipitor on the table thinking that that
is going to overcome that. Nothing could be honestly further from the truth
and some will do that even with supplement companies. Imagine if you
replace all of that with a healthy diet, with the healthy elements of what we
call the Healthy Living Movement here at Kyäni. With a proper diet, with a proper
fitness program, with a proper foundational supplement program that
delivers the micronutrients that we all need, with the right stress management
and the right relationships in your life, these are the elements that we all must
work out. They require maintenance, they do require attention, and they do require
patience. It’s something that we all strive for. So I’d like to hear your own
comments, your own thoughts, and your own suggestions, and I encourage you to focus
on, rather than the next greatest biohack, ask yourself, are you checking all the
boxes that are required for a Healthy Living lifestyle? And that is really the
key word: practice it consistently, be patient, post your comments, your
questions below, and if you’re excited about our Healthy Living Movement, search
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doing to live a healthy lifestyle, and of course, any comments or questions that
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