Hello and welcome to another episode of Kyäni
Wellness TV. This is Patricia, Licensed Esthetician here
at Kyäni and member of the Scientific Advisory Board. We’re going to be continuing our series today
on the Fleuresse Complex. This is what really makes our line special
and unique. These are four ingredients that are core and
fundamental in every single one of the Fleuresse products. We already covered the Swiss apple, so today
we’re going to be going over the cosmetic-grade blueberries that are in our formulation. So, blueberries, for those of you who know
and love them, we know them to be high in antioxidants. Well, I’m breaking it down a little bit further
for you and I’m talking about what is actually in the blueberry that has the antioxidant
powers and what that does. So, anthocyanins are actually found in the
skin of the blueberry. Blueberries are rich in those–what they do
is they boost UV protection from the environment, the sun, the UVA, UVB, they help us protect,
and actually for the blueberry itself help the blueberry protect itself from the environment. We are just really harnessing what they do
for themselves and putting it into skin care and apply it topically so that our skin can
get the benefits of it as well. It suppresses inflammation, which is highly
tied to aging, and stabilizes collagen. Collagen is something that is essential for
the skin because it, think of it like a mattress, you’re plumping up the skin, you don’t want
it thin and tired, you want it plump and supple. It has more vitamin A,C, and E than green
tea, and we know green tea is a super great antioxidant, it has lots of health benefits. The blueberry helps to repair the skin cells. Anytime we can do that, we’re repairing the
damage and thus slowing the aging process. It’s kind of like feeding our skin topically
with the Fleuresse Complex. So we talked a little bit about what it does
in the topical application. For those of you who love to consume blueberries,
there is wild Alaskan blueberries in our Kyäni products–in the Sunrise product. So, I wanted to show just a little bit about
how consuming internal wild Alaskan blueberry in the Sunrise product in particular, helps
our skin out. So what is this going to do for us on the
inside? It’s going to help to prevent fine lines and
wrinkles, increase our elasticity, aid in scar repair, and fight against blemishes,
again it’s reducing inflammation. Blemishes are tied with inflammation. We know acne is an inflammatory condition. And balancing out the oil will also help ward
off some of that sebaceous activity and the breakouts that can come from it. It helps even out our skin tone. We see that there’s UV protection with the
anthocyanins, so of course it’s going to help to even out the skin tone over time because
it’s preventing that stress and damage at the surface from the sun. So I hope you enjoyed today’s video, and if
you did, please subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have many videos that we are putting out,
and we are going to continue on the next video to go over the rest of the Fleuresse Complex. We look forward to seeing you on the next