Hello, and welcome to another episode of
Kyäni Wellness TV. My name is Dr. Andreas Boettcher, member of the Scientific
Advisory Board here and three time Ironman Triathlete and Masters Men’s Physique
competitor. In this episode, we’re going to talk about the important role
of antioxidants and the role they play in your health and the prevention of
premature aging and degenerative diseases. Stay tuned. Thanks for joining us as always for
another episode of Kyäni Wellness TV. Now, as I promised, I want to talk to you a
little bit about antioxidants and I really want to keep this at a 30,000
foot view for one for your understanding, and two, so that you can
action the content that we’re sharing with you here at Kyäni Wellness
TV for your own Healthy Living Movement. If you’ve been a fan or watch any of
our episodes, you know we are so much more than a world-class supplement
opportunity company, but a company that is truly committed to helping you get
the most from your health potential. To do so, we’ve got to take care of some
basic fundamentals, and here’s what I mean:
So many people when I was in practice and even today come up to me
and ask, can you help me with this? Can you help me fix this? Look, I always
go back to the basics because most people aren’t taking care of the basics.
Antioxidants, though basic, are incredibly important to maintaining your
health and well-being. In in essence, antioxidants really help you combat the
dangerous and deadly effects of free radical damage. Now what are free
radicals? Well, free radicals are basically an unstable molecule that is
missing an electron and as a result, I’d like you to think of it like an angry
little Pacman that is floating through your 33,000 miles of blood vessels that
are gobbling up your healthy cells, tissue, and DNA, and if left unchecked, can
create a whole whole host of degenerative diseases and problems that
can wreak havoc with your health potential. Without us getting our
essential antioxidants that donate their electron to help combat and basically
nullify these free radicals, your body is vulnerable to degenerative diseases.
Before we go into some of that, I want to share with you what the causes are. I
mean, after all, what causes free radicals to be produced in your body to begin
with? Well, there’s a lot of them. You know, it begins
with stress. It’s something that we all can’t avoid. Pollution from the air that
we breathe, pesticides are a big problem, so there’s a really important reason why
you want to buy organic whenever you can, drugs, cigarettes, tobacco, and alcohol, and
even if you don’t smoke, but you’re exposed to secondhand smoke, you are
vulnerable to degenerating free radicals in the body. Certain medications
and excessive use of antibiotics, radiation, injury, aging, infection, poor
diet, unhealthy fats, sugar, and synthetic additives are all reasons. When you
look at the average American diet, depending on what part of the
country you live in, a good 60 to 80 percent of the American diet is
processed sugar chemical-laden foods that do absolutely nothing for your
health, and as a result, not only that, because of their excessive amounts of
calories, basically fill you up with garbage, making your body devoid of
nutrition. I would in fact argue in this country here, that even though we are one
of the most abundant wealthy nations in the world, that we are one of the most
nutritionally bankrupt, malnourished countries in the world. Yes, and I would
definitely state that very definitive opinion because when you look at what
the average American is eating on a daily basis we are missing out on some
of the most vital nutrient nutrients that our body needs that can combat the
very problems that people come to me seeking the solution for when they’re
not taking care of the basic fundamentals. I cannot emphasize that
enough. It’s also byproduct of normal metabolism and breathing. Though oxygen
is essential to our health and well-being, oxygen is also a cause and a
generation of free radicals in and of themselves, and excessive exercise,
particularly long endurance training. Before I go into some of this, I want to
share something that is really important for you the athlete.
For those of you that are out there conditioning and doing long distance events, doing a
lots of training, Olympic athletes world-class athletes, I’ve got a
phone call scheduled with a world-class MMA athlete who’s competing for a huge
fight later this month in New York and so what I want to talk to you about is
that there is a benefit to free radical or reactive oxygen species generation as
a result of training. So one of the things that I do recommend is if you are
an athlete, that you avoid consuming antioxidants during your training–
meaning during the actual training event itself. You know, hours after you’re done
training in the day you definitely want to get your antioxidants. You want to
definitely get your nutrition in to promote your recovery, because you know
it in your recovery where your body actually gets stronger. Now, the reason why I
say wait a little bit to consume your antioxidants is that the science
I’ve been reading lately, I’ve been doing quite a bit of research myself, on the
reactive oxygen species. It is actually a benefit of training and you don’t want
to thwart that too soon during your training because it helps to promote the
very benefit in performance and fitness gains that you’re actually looking for.
So definitely make a mental note of that. So this is really important to
understand, because if you don’t have a way of managing these free radicals, it
leads to what I like to call, “biological rusting” because those angry little
Pacman float through that body, gobble up your healthy cells, your DNA,
and your tissue, and the result, they start to rust you from the inside
out. Now, naturally, this is a metaphor; you’re not physiologically rusting, but
it’s very similar in the result because this is a result of oxidation of air and
water and free radicals as a result eating through steel. It’s not
too terribly different on what actually happens on the inside, and as a result, it
can lead to a whole host of problems: cardiovascular conditions, disease,
autoimmune conditions, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, atherosclerosis,
the buildup of that plaque and that gunk in the arterial highway,
arteries, that lead to a cardiovascular event like a heart attack
or a stroke, cancer, accelerated aging, diabetes, leaky gut syndrome, arthritis,
and yes over 90 plus degenerative diseases. This is why this is so
important that you really take care of getting the antioxidants that your body
needs, because whether you like it or not, we are all producing free radicals. So
what is the role of the antioxidant? As I stated earlier, that
antioxidant donates an electron to that unstable molecule, filling in the mouth
of the pac-man, if you will, making it complete so it’s no longer unstable,
reactive, and of course causing damage to the system. In essence, they are a
free radical nullifier, and so as a result of this, gives
you that shield–it gives you that armor. Think of it like that army of soldiers
that are inside your body that are designed for one function and that is to
protect your health and well-being. Not only do they combat free radicals,
what what most people don’t know is that they also help to repair damaged
molecules in the body; so they are a way of helping your body to repair so
that your cells and DNA replicate properly. They protect the health of your
DNA, they protect the health of your telomeres, which is basically that end
cap to your DNA and as they shorten, that causes premature aging. Antioxidants help
with that. There’s also a chelation effect. Now what is chelation? Well
chelation is basically the body’s natural ability to remove itself of heavy
metals and toxins, so it’s not unheard of for many of our consumers
that use the Triangle of Health to experience detoxification symptoms; they
actually tend to start to feel worse before they start to get better, because
when you start giving your body the foundational nutrition that it needs, it
brings those systems online. Now I’ve got a whole episode on detoxification here
on Kyäni Wellness TV. I don’t remember what episode that is, but feel free to
look it up here on YouTube. It also helps to stimulate gene expression and endogenous
antioxidant production. So they help to stimulate the production of more
antioxidants so that is very beneficial in itself.
It helps to shield your DNA and it’s also a cancer cell suicide promoter, in
other words, it’s apoptotic. Apoptosis, natural programmed cell death.
Now look, I’m not sitting here claiming that any of our products treat or cure
cancer. What we’re doing here is giving your body the foundational elements so
the doctor within can do its job with the right tools. Most people are not
giving their body the right tools that it needs and are looking for an outside
in approach to health versus an inside out, where the inner pharmacy is more
powerful than any outer pharmacy. So that’s how I’d like you to take a look
at those antioxidants. Now the question is, where do you get them? Well, you get
them from your fruits and your vegetables. I just saw a video from someone I personally respect I won’t mention the name. You’ll see them
all over the internet talking about all of the essential amino acids
that our body needs and the essential fatty acids that the body needs, but
nowhere in there does it say we have essential carbohydrates. Well yes and no,
and what I mean by that is that when you look at what fruits and vegetables
provide for you, they are a form of carbohydrate, but they’re giving you the
antioxidants, the vitamins, the water soluble antioxidants, the polyphenols, the
bioflavonoids, the anthocyanins that all help to protect your body from this
daily onslaught of free radicals. The thing about free radical damage is it’s
not sudden. It happens slowly over time. So if you’re suffering from any kind
of health condition, the more you’ve been out of shape, the more you’ve neglected
your nutrition ,be honest with yourself, the longer it’s gonna take to bring your
systems online. So people have a mistake and belief
in thinking that somehow nutritionals are like a pharmaceutical. Like you just
take it overnight, next day you have a result. The body doesn’t work that way.
The body takes time to heal and repair, so it takes time to build up the
stores of good nutrition and the time to use that nutrition to start to repair
and to undo the damage that many of us have done over years. The best
part of it is without the side effects of prescription medications.
Prescription medications in that they really don’t fix anything. Over 80% of
them are classified as maintenance medications, meaning they do nothing to
treat the cause or the problem of the conditions, they’re just there to try to
manage symptoms, but they wreak havoc on other parts of the body hence you see it
in all their commercials with all of those side effects. That’s a game
that I simply don’t want to play. I would rather and I would encourage you to look
at what can you be doing nutritionally and with supplementation to give your
body than tools that it needs. I would argue that over a consistent use
over waiting for one day that fire alarm to go off and then running to that
little orange bottle and thinking that’s going to fix all of your ills. So now
whether you need these or not, well it’s not a question what do you need, you need them, it doesn’t matter what your background is, doesn’t matter
where you’re from, doesn’t matter about your ethnicity, it doesn’t matter about
your race, we all need the essential vitamins and minerals that are found in
fruits and vegetables, today, period, end of story. I’ve been asking audiences
around the world, truly, I’ve spoken in Turkey, I’ve spoken in Germany, I’ve
spoken in Hawaii, spoken in Canada, and I’ve asked all types of demographics, how
many of you, and I’m asking you, are consuming five to ten servings of fruits
and vegetables a day, consistently, every single day. Usually maybe one, depending on how big the audience is, I would say probably anywhere from 1 to 3 percent of
the audience actually raises their hand. As a result, I can already tell you
if that’s you, you are nutritionally deficient. You are not getting the
antioxidants that your body needs. I’m gonna be honest with you, I’m
not always consistent with that either, because life is busy; we’ve got
careers, we’ve got trouble, we’ve got kids, we’ve got all kinds of things that are
going on. So you need to plan your meals accordingly, but I
also firmly believe in supplementation. I won’t go into all the reasons why
here, but nutrition just isn’t what it used to be due to soil depletion,
pesticides, pollution, and the list goes on. I’ve got a whole episode on that, feel
free to check that out if you’re interested on finding out more on that topic, but here’s
the bottom line: here at Kyäni, we decided to say, how can we help you get the
equivalent of five servings of fruits and vegetables every single day from
some of the world’s most powerful superfoods that you likely are not
getting much less can even find on your grocery shelf? Well, as a result, that’s
where we’ve come up with our Kyäni Sunrise. It’s a complete profile of water-
soluble antioxidants that you need with, the king of fruits, the wild Alaskan
blueberry has ten times the vitamin C content of the blueberry found here in
the lower 48 states, not to mention some of the world’s most exotic fruits that
help provide the nutrition that you need at a cellular level in one convenient
one ounce dose that you take every single day in the morning–hence the name
Sunrise. As I mentioned, this is the equivalent of five servings of fruits
and vegetables. Now there’s something here that I want to tell you that’s
really important: this does not give you the green light to go eat and do as you
please. You can’t out supplement a poor diet. Now, if you are on a poor diet you
darn well better be supplementing because where else are you going to be
getting into high-quality nutrition? Because we focus on using extracts to
get it as close to nature as possible verses in the capsule form using a
liquid form providing more bioavailability, more absorption, more
bang for your buck, and a very tasty convenient dose that even my kids love
to consume. So my point is, as you combine this with a balanced nutritional program
and a fitness program, wow, you’ll be amazed at what’s possible for
you and your health potential. In fact, here are just some of the benefits of Kyäni Sunrise. It helps boost energy, supports
cognitive function, proper cellular support, a healthy stress management
response, it helps to support the immune system, healthy digestion, heart health,
healthy blood sugar levels, maintains healthy joint flexibility, boosts energy,
and supports brain function, and cellular health, and immune system effectiveness,
and this is really just the beginning. When you just want to start to look at
the potential of what a powerful superfood formula can do for your
health and well-being. Now the key is going to be consistency, and that’s why
we recommend anyone who tries our products, at minimum, 90 preferably six
months of consistent use with a combined healthy eating and fitness program to
really allow our products to truly work. If you’re thinking you’re gonna take
this for seven days, 10 days, 30 days, 60 days and you’re gonna see dramatic
differences, you’re not. It just doesn’t work that way. I’m just being honest
with you, now with some people are there exceptions? Yeah, absolutely. It just
depends on the person, but the interesting thing is when people stop
consuming it. That’s when they really start to notice. Here’s the point:
I want you to let our products speak for themselves. Obviously,
I’m biased here. I’m part of the Scientific Advisory Board I help with
the formulation and design of all of our products here, and we’re continuing to
look at the most cutting-edge in research and looking how we can improve
our formulas and make them even better. But at the end of the day, it’s going to
be what it does for you. If you’re suffering from any type of problem or
condition that just simply lets me know that something in your body is not
working. It’s likely missing something. Most people aren’t taking care of
the foundational elements for their health and it begins by giving your body
a healthy dose of the most bioavailable pure forms of water-soluble
antioxidants that the body needs, combine it with a healthy eating plan, which I’ve
got a whole video on. This is actually an image from my kitchen. Go back and take a
look at that. I break down a healthy day of nutrition that I consume
for myself, my children, my family, my wife, and those that I love. Let the
products speak for themselves, and we’ll discover what’s possible for you, because
only your body can truly give the answer.
My only caveat is consistent use for a minimum of six months, and allow your
body to bring those systems back online. Rest assured that all of our products
here, we literally spend tens and tens of thousands of dollars to ensure that our
products meet purity potency and effectiveness. We’re certified not only by
the GMP, but the safe quality food certification, which is even a higher
level of certification than the Good Manufacturing Practice. This requires
three to four days and an independent testing agency to come in and verify
that what was in our product is actually in our product.
We’re HACCP and HARPC certified. That basically says our products are free of
any contaminants or hazardous or biologicals our Sunset is produced in an
FDA pharmaceutical-grade facility where underwriters laboratory that ensures all
of our ingredients are mostly all-natural wherever they can be. When it comes to designing nutritionals, you’re always
weighing pros and cons of different types of ingredients and these are
ensure that we’re giving the best for you. It’s safe for athletes to use for
the Center of Doping Research, we’re IFOS certified. That ensures that our fish oil,
basically our Sunset product that provides the fat soluble antioxidants
that your body needs in the evening is free of radiation and mercury.
We’ve won the Monde Selection International Gold Quality Award, and then of course we’re
gluten free and so we go to excess extensive measures to ensure that our
products meet and exceed the expectations of today’s very finicky and
skeptical consumer. So I want you to know where we’re coming from and the links
that we go to ensure that you’re getting the best quality. You’re
watching this video either because hopefully you’re enjoying these episodes,
but maybe someone has shared us with you and is asking you to try the Triangle of
Health. As I mentioned, totally fine for you to have a healthy level of
skepticism. There’s a lot of unscrupulous supplement companies out there making
ridiculous claims telling you that their latest greatest bio hack is going to be
the cure to all of your problems. Look, that’s not us.
We’re part of a Healthy Living Movement. As a result, its natural for you to have
questions, and if you are skeptical, that simply means you’re probably asking
yourself, well what if we’re wrong? Right? The challenge that I would have for
you is to maintain an open mind. Let our products speak for themselves,
because the other inverse of that question is, what if we are right? You
know Tony Robbins once taught me that our life is in direct proportion to the
questions that we ask ourselves. If you’re not happy where you are in your
life and your health and your well-being, start asking yourself a new question and
ask yourself what if we’re right. What if the Triangle of Health can help you
experience more energy, more vitality, better function, better focus, without the
use of pharmaceutical agents, prescription medications, helping you to
live an active adult life well beyond your years.
What if we’re right? Post your comments or questions below. I hope you enjoyed
today’s episode. I look forward to seeing you again on another episode of Kyäni
Wellness TV.