Hello and welcome to another episode of
Kyäni Wellness TV. This is Dr. Andreas Boettcher, member of the Scientific
Advisory Board here at Kyäni and in this episode, we are going to answer the most
frequently asked questions that we get regarding the Triangle of Health. Stay
tuned. Thank you, as always, for joining us for
another episode of kyäni Wellness TV and I hope you’re enjoying our episodes of
our channel here and the content that we’re providing. I certainly welcome your
comments and suggestions and feedback in the comments below. In
today’s video, I want to answer the most frequently asked questions as it relates
to the Triangle of Health. I’ve got a lot of information I want to share with you,
so I’m gonna go through it quickly because I’m gonna be respectful of your
time, because I know how busy you are and you likely have other things that you
want to be doing. So the goal of this video is to help you be able to
make a decision quickly one way or the other and know that we support you here
at Kyäni where together, everything is possible through our Healthy Living
Movement. So, one of the biggest questions that we always get is will the Triangle
of Health help me with, fill in the blank. Look I’m just gonna tell you right now
and I’m going to answer this for everyone who’s ever shared the Triangle
of Health it’s an impossible question for us answer. I don’t know right, but
what I do know is that the Triangle Health provides you with the water
soluble antioxidants of 22 superfoods over 60 trace minerals in combination
with the most heavily needed and utilized fats and antioxidants that the
body needs at a cellular level in combining with the power of Nitro
Nutrition to ensure the bioavailability, managing a healthy pain response, and
helping to promote cardiovascular health at the same time. It’s a powerful
one-two-three punch and we have hundreds of thousands of Customers all around the
world that are touting its benefits and many of them have experienced dramatic
shifts and changes in their health and well-being. What’s possible for you? We
have no idea. What I do know is that majority of the population out there is
nutritionally bankrupt as a result they’re not getting the nutrition that
they need from pure high-quality sources at a cellular level to function properly.
Make sure you go back and watch episode number one on the health care continue
and understand where we at Kyäni fit into the health care equation because
look we don’t know your background we don’t know your age we don’t know your
history we don’t know your lifestyle choices so it’s really impossible for us
to answer. What I can suggest for you is let the products speak for
themselves, get on the products, but give it a minimum of 90 days. Know it’s a lifestyle program,
and you know, we’ve surveyed our audiences around the world and many of
them didn’t even realize any benefits so 30, 60, or even 90 days after continuous
supplementation because after all you’re trying to awake that inner pharmacy,
which is far more powerful than any outer pharmacy. Depending how long
you’ve neglected that inner pharmacy, it will take time as of course you would
probably understand it makes sense for you to awake and depending on where you
are in your healthcare journey. Now working with your physician I’ve got two
tips for you here. I did a whole episode on my own personal autoimmune condition
where a doctor told me I needed to take some ACE inhibitors. So my tip number one
and what I did is, as I said thanks, but no thanks, but will you monitor me while
I take care of my health, because I knew I needed to lose weight I needed to get
back in shape. I needed to be active again, I needed to
have healthy nutrition, healthier food choices, and a proper supplementation
program. There wasn’t one thing that helped me reverse the blood that was in
my urine, that’s how poorly my kidneys were
starting to decline and I was only thirty years of age at the time of this
diagnosis. I’m now 48 and I no longer had that blood in my urine and I never took
a medication in my life, but I did it responsibly and let my physicians and my
naturopath monitor my labs and my kidney functions to keep an eye on them while I
was making my lifestyle choices because at the end of the day you are
responsible for your health–not your doctor, and it sure as heck is not your
insurance company. They do not care. So what we want to do is to help you arm
you. Feel free to challenge your physician, and if you are on medication,
tip number two is to say, hey listen doc, you’ve got me on all these medications,
but I’m feeling all these side-effects or whatever it is for you and even if
you’re not, I would encourage you to get off of them because over 600,000 people
are dying every single year as a result of medications. 40,000 from properly
prescribed, meaning that you took it the way they told you and
how they told you to you use them. 40,000 that’s more than
gun violence. Now I’m not gonna get into a political debate, but we all know what
a hot topic gun violence is and rightfully so, but no one is talking
about the danger of that orange little bottle that’s sitting in the majority of
medicine cabinets around the world today. They are not benign, they are powerful
drugs. Many of them are addictive and they
really, at the end of the day, don’t necessarily do anything to treat the
cause of whatever is potentially ailing you. So I challenge you to go challenge
your doctor to say, hey what can we do to get me off of these medications? I want
to start this Triangle of Health and I want to start exercising and I want to
start eating properly and see what I can do to help start weaning off of these
medications. Will you help me along the process? That answer should be yes. Now if
they say no, well, you may want to get a second opinion, because often I will find
that the doctor may just be too lazy to teach and educate and do those
things or they just simply have gone so far down the medical pathway in terms of
pharmacology that they see that that is the only option. Now are there exceptions?
Yes. There are some conditions, but my goal would be for you to get off as many
as potentially possible for you and your health. So those would be my two
recommendations. Now let’s talk about fructose for a moment. There is fructose
in our Sunrise product–seven grams per one ounce serving, but I want to tell you
here that fructose is not necessarily really the enemy that it’s been made out
to be. Again, I have a whole Wellness TV episode on the topic of fructose
alone, but let’s just do a quick recap. You know it’s primarily found in fruit.
It’s the fruit sugar. It’s added most commonly to beverages, it’s
metabolized differently–100% by the liver so it doesn’t cause a glucose
response and elevated levels of consuming too much fructose can lead to
fatty liver disease, elevated triglycerides, and high blood pressure. No
doubt none of those things any of us want, including myself. Yet, I still take
Sunrise. Hmm, why is that? Well, let’s take a look. If you actually
look at the evidence on how much fructose you would need to consume to
create those negative effects that we just mentioned, this is from the American
Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2009, they basically concluded that 16 guys
consuming 3.5 grams of fructose per kilogram of body weight when it was
needed to be consuming to yield those negative effects. Now let’s put it into
context on how much that actually is. I personally weight eighty-two kilograms
multiply that by 3.5 grams about I weigh about 180 pounds.
That’s 287 grams of fructose per day that I would need to eat. Well what’s
that the nutritional equivalent of? Well that would mean I’d have to eat 41
bananas or 73 cups of strawberries or 728 cherries. Now I’d venture to say that
would be nearly impossible to do. My point in sharing this with you is it’s
not necessarily the fructose that it’s the enemy. I use it every day and
maintain less than 10 percent body fat and healthy blood pressure and healthy
triglyceride levels. I don’t have fatty liver disease, not to mention I put the
Triangle of Help on to my son who I just recently helped over the summer, if
you’ve been following our channel, lose 25 pounds and he was supplementing with
the Triangle of Health to help provide him the nutrition that he needs at a
cellular level because I’m like any other father out there, I struggle
getting good food into my kids until my son just said, you know what? I want to
get rid of this weight. Now he eats better than 99.9 percent of adults that
are out there today and he absolutely feels amazing. Ok, keto. I know keto is all
the rave out there today and I’m gonna tell you right now I’m personally
sitting on the sidelines watching this hysteria almost going on on the internet
with everything Keto. Look, there’s not one single long-term
study on the efficacy and the benefits of a keto lifestyle. Now I know I’m
probably gonna get some hate and some comments below and I welcome a healthy
dialogue. My problem with keto is is that our
products will throw you out of keto ok, let’s just answer that question, because of the
fructose that’s found in it, but so will eating too much of an avocado, so will eating too much of a Brussels sprout. The problem that I have with keto
lifestyle is is where are you going to get the water soluble antioxidants that
you need? The anthocyanins, the polyphenols, the bioflavonoids that the
body needs that you only get from fruit and vegetables? Yet this diet is telling
you to limit them not to mention just eating too much protein can throw you
out of ketosis because through a process of gluconeogenesis where the body
converts protein into glucose because it wants it. That’s what the brain
thrives on, and yes, I understand ketosis. If you can actually get there, then your
body can use the ketones as a fuel source. Problem is, is look, I consider
myself incredibly disciplined. I’m a men’s physique competitor. I’ve weighed
my food to the ounce, I went 12 weeks without a single gram of
sugar, I weighed everything, I proportioned
everything out, then I did it successfully for 12 weeks. I tried keto
for a month and found that incredibly difficult. Not to mention I really didn’t
like all the saturated fat. I mean, I’m not afraid of eating fat. I have fat
every single day in my diet, but not to the amounts that are recommended in this.
I mean, how much bacon can you eat? How much coconut oil can you have? How much
grass-fed butter and ghee can you honestly have? Where are you going to get
the micronutrients that the body needs at a cellular level? So that’s where
my concerns are as they relate to the keto lifestyle. Not to mention, most
people are just doing it for weight loss and because you’re keeping your carbs so
low the water that you’re drinking has nothing to bind to so it basically flushes
out and most of the weight that people are losing on the keto program is water
weight and there’s a difference between weight loss and fat loss and last I
checked most people want to lose the fat. You’ve got to exercise and I have
not yet seen anything that has shown that a ketogenic or intermittent fasting
program has any more beneficial than a well-balanced diet within the macros and
the nutritional daily caloric requirements that you need. There’s an
episode that I have, the law of energy balance, so please go
there and check that out, but that should answer the question on keto. If it works
for you, hey great, I’m just not sold on it personally, yet. I don’t know that
I ever will be. I think keto will likely fall into the same category as the
Atkins and everything else that just comes and goes. At the end of the day,
you still got to eat your fruits you got to
eat your vegetables. I believe you got to have your healthy carbohydrates.
Healthy carbohydrates I got down to three percent body fat. I still had about
30-40 percent carbohydrates in my diet when I did that. Carbohydrates are
essential for energy production, they’re essential for cortisol management and
hormone production. I have seen labs of people that are in true ketosis or a
ketogenic diet where their thyroid gets completely out of order and their
testosterone completely plummets as a result of that so be very careful if
you’re on it. Make sure that you’re monitoring your labs, not to mention the
other problem that I have with it is that you’re eating all these high
amounts of fats you can be thrown out of ketosis at the at the breath of the wind
and now you’ve got all of this saturated fat floating through your body. I just
have to think that the statin drug medication cholesterol medication
industry is just salivating at the ketogenic lifestyle, because they can
probably just be thinking about how many people they’re gonna be able to get on
their cholesterol medications as a result of it skyrocketing by eating so
much fat. So that’s my thought on keto for a moment. Preservatives, yes,
there are preservatives in our Sunrise formula. We have the potassium sorbate
and the sodium benzoate and I would assume that you also want to make sure
that when you’re eating food that it’s free from spoilage and bacterial
contamination. At the end of the day, they’re generally regarded as safe. There is such
minimal small amounts I’m going to share with you that amount amount in a minute.
I know some people are concerned about the sodium benzoate being
converted into benzene, a known carcinogen, when it’s in combination with
high citric acid or vitamin C, which is also found in our Sunrise product.
However for benzene to form, you also need to have light and heat and that’s
why we use the dark bottles that we do and the pouches that we have so that you can avoid that from ever happening, not to
mention, they only represent .06 percent of our entire formula, so
there are negligible small amounts to ensure that our products are safe to
consume. I’m going to share with
you our quality assurance and certifications that we have on our
product to make sure that they’re free from hazards and contamination; so I’m
gonna share with you those in a minute. Now let’s talk about the MTHFR
mutation. This is the methylene tri hydro folate reductase enzyme mutation.
Nutrigenomics is a huge topic on the internet today, and it’s actually quite
exciting. I’m still waiting for a lot of the science to catch up with it.
Basically what it is, is it’s making nutritional recommendations based on
your genomic or genetic makeup. Now I’m gonna come to you as of today, this is
September of 2018 and I’ve yet to see any other research to say anything
different and I’m happy to recant my position in the future if I’ve been
proven otherwise, but I’ve done a lot of research on this mutation, and is this
something you should be concerned about? After all, depending on what
literature you’re reading, about thirty to seventy percent of the population is
walking around with that mutation, heck I may even have it. I have no idea, and I really
don’t even have a desire to go get tested for this mutation. I’ll share
with you why in a second, but in essence, what it is, is that this mutation
prevents the formation of this enzyme, the MTHFR enzyme reductase; anything that
ends in ace is an enzyme. Folic acid into the usable form of folate; it’s missing.
Now it doesn’t mean you can’t produce it at all, it just simply means you’re not
as efficient. It just declines your ability to be able to do that. What’s
really important is that this folate helps to recirculate homocysteine to
methionine, which produces other healthy benefits that the body needs and so this
is the marker that we really want to pay attention to. I’m going to come back
to that in a second. So the question really is, should you be concerned now
there’s over 5,000 different articles out there trying to link this mutation
to over 400 plus diseases including cardiovascular events and cancer and
depression and swings and schizophrenia and mental
disorders and and the list goes on and on.
As a physician, our radar usually goes up when something’s linked to
everything is usually linked to nothing. What we what I have found, and I
welcome you to provide a link below. If you can find an article that says this
mutation leads to X condition: I mean a equals B a causes B then I welcome it.
Because all I can find is guilt by association, meaning those 400 conditions
those people also happen to have that mutation, but there are also people that
have that mutation that don’t have any of those 400-plus diseases or conditions,
so is it really cause and effect? Is it really worth the concern that it’s being
made out to be? not to mention, folic acid is one of the
most heavily fortified ingredients in foods today. It’s found in everything
from grains to pastas to breads to cereals to bars; it’s everywhere.
The question is, is this something that you should personally be really
concerned about? In my opinion as it stands today, no. I’m more concerned with
you not getting the healthy antioxidants vitamins and minerals that you need from
a well-balanced diet especially from a product like Sunrise that provides you
of 22 different superfoods and all the anthocyanins and bioflavonoids and
polyphenols and the 60 trace minerals that along with it that you are probably
not getting. Not to mention there’s a very small amount of folic
acid in our formula. Now, interestingly enough, in the FASEB Journal here they
had an interesting conclusion where MTHFR mutation actually shows to have
benefit with better renal function in patients and independently from other
variables and homocysteine levels. I mean this is interesting, not to mention gastric
cancers, oral cancers also shown have a benefit. Maybe I wish I had the mutation,
I don’t know, I might. I don’t know. I honestly do not know, but it’s not gonna
really change what I need to eat. I still need to get my fruits, I still need to
get my vegetables, I still need to get my healthy proteins, I still need to get my
healthy fats, my healthy carbs, that’s not going to change. There’s only but so much
to choose from and I’m going to continue to supplement
with the Triangle of Health like I do and give it to my family. So my point is, I don’t necessarily believe that it’s been made out to be. In fact there’s
also some authors in a book chapter. It’s on the biology of the MTHFR reductase
where they basically concluded that it’s non conclusive–that there is not a
direct correlation between one another. It’s more by guilt by association, but
then again, there’s also people that don’t have any problems with their health
that have this mutation as well. Here’s the thing: be aware of companies
that sell the diagnosis and the cure. A lot of companies that are out there
say they’ll sell you the diagnosis, oh and by the way, here’s the cure. What I have
seen even supplementing with the folate more active form of folic acid that it
doesn’t necessarily seem to make a difference. Here’s the thing, if you’re
really concerned about folic acid in your diet, and I don’t blame you, there’s
a lot of scary stuff out there in the internet, but also learn about the
internet today. It’s also kind of like the bathroom wall a bit. So you got to
learn to filter a little bit and kind of really read with skepticism and listen
like skepticism like you maybe with this video, which I totally welcome. I mean you
and I just met you don’t know who I am. If this is really a concern for
you monitor your homocysteine levels. That’ll be a good indicator.
However, do know there are other things that can elevate your homocysteine so
you can start to see how complicated this gets. You know, things like stress,
lack of exercise, pollution, pesticides, medications, antibiotic,s the list goes on
and on. So get a baseline of where you are, but in the labs that I’ve seen even
if they have that mutation don’t show elevated levels of homocysteine. Your
homocysteine is the marker that tells you whether you’re really having a
problem or not, but again, elevated homocysteine could be linked to
something else in all of its entirety. Alright, and then not to mention,
there’s only point zero zero to five percent of folic acid in our entire
formula per serving, so the amount is so small that I
would challenge you to not have this weigh so heavily that you ignore all of
the other powerful 22 superfoods and 60 trace minerals minerals that are found
in Sunrise. So what makes our products unique? Well we talk about the Power of
Nitro Nutrition and what it can do to: increase blood flow to the splanchnic
and mesenteric blood vessels that line the intestinal lumen where nutrition is
actually being absorbed because many of us are supplementing, but are you getting
the most from your hard-earned dollars and your supplementation efforts.
What we’ve done is we’ve used the Power of Nitro Nutrition, nitric oxide, I
believe that’s episode number 2 on Kyäni Wellness TV where I talk about this in
more detail, but in essence, this helps to improve dilation of the blood vessels,
blood flow, and thus helping you to absorb more nutrition. Now interestingly
enough, we started to examine something that we wanted to have researched and
studied and validated by a third-party testing agency. We went to Trinity
Bioactives and they did a third-party study based on what I’m about to share
with you here, which is very interesting. Aspirin induces some of its benefits by
boosting nitric oxide levels, not to mention so does morphine so we
thought, well, if we can use Nitro Xtreme, which is a naturally sourced nitrate
from the organic noni plant to help boost nitric oxide levels, could it
create a similar nitric oxide boost as that of morphine? So that’s exactly
in essence what we did with Trinity Bioactives
and where we use the endothelial cells of the aorta and comparing the
contrasting the effect of morphine and Nitro Xtreme, our product specifically on
its ability to produce nitric oxide, and the tests were quite extraordinary is
that you can see that our Nitro Xtreme was negligibly behind the power of
morphine and its ability to produce nitric oxide. So it’s not far behind.
Now here’s the beautiful thing about all of this is that it can do so without the
side effects of and do so within five minutes of
consumption and can last in upwards of three to four hours. Nitric oxide is a
very quick fickle fleeting molecule that comes in does its effect, and then leaves,
and it disappears. We don’t know where it goes, but it’s pretty
interesting. Here’s the effect three four hours later: you can see how much level
Nitro Xtreme raises that nitric oxide levels and producing those
wonderful benefits. As I mentioned to you earlier, this is actually a picture
from my kitchen I’ve got an episode on Kyäni Wellness TV that’s coming up or
maybe up depending on one you’re watching this video where I actually
have my entire meal plan laid out and how I supplement with the Triangle of
Health throughout the entire day and then, like I said earlier in this video,
let’s let our products speak for themselves, because you are your own
doctor and what we want to do here at kyäni is to help give your body what it
needs at a cellular level, regardless of who you are, your background, your race, or
your ethnicity by providing you with the antioxidants,
water soluble, fat soluble, antioxidants the Power of Nitro Nutrition to help
you give your body what it needs at a cellular level. You can rest assured that
our products are certified for some of the world’s most powerful certifications
that are found. Everything from our Sunset product to our quality assurance
from hazards free from pesticides free from mercury radiation and so forth.
I’ve got a whole episode on that topic on just our certifications as well so
I’m not going to break all those down with you right now. I just want you to
know that our products and the effort and the time and the money the resources
that we put into here at Kyäni to ensure the quality, purity, and potency of our
products is truly second to none and if you want to learn more about these
certifications, what they each are, depending on when you’re watching this
it’ll be available on YouTube as well. I had a mentor once
tell me and you’re watching this video because you’ve got a certain amount of
questions and what we have found is that a lot of people are really questioning
us from a place of what if we’re wrong, right? And a mentor once told me that our
quality of our life is in direct proportion to the quality of the
questions that we ask ourselves. I would counter with you and say, what if
we are right? What if the Triangle of Health is what you need to get back to
the function and the health and the vibrancy and the well-being and the
energy and the enthusiasm the focus and the performance and the concentration
that you may be looking forward to bettering your health and that of your
family. I know my family, we all use the Triangle of Health and we certainly hope
that you will consider the same. Let our product speak for themselves. If you have
any comments or questions, feel free to post them below, and we’ll see you again