Hello and welcome to another episode of
Kyäni Wellness TV. My name is Dr. andreas Boettcher from the Scientific Advisory Board,
and welcome to my kitchen, where I truly believe the magic happens when it comes
to transforming and maximizing our health potential. In this episode, I’m
gonna fill in these empty plates with what I eat on a daily basis to maintain
my health, and how I integrate the Triangle of Health to maximize my health
potential, and more importantly, how you can, too. I’m really excited to share with you
today’s episode because this is really a passion of mine, and hopefully you’re
seeing that by now, especially if you’ve been a subscriber at Kyäni Wellness TV.
As you can see, I’ve now filled in the plates with, honestly, what a typical day
looks like for me for me nutritionally. I want you to take
notes as you go along and as you watch through today’s video. I’m gonna walk you
through each of the steps here kind of what my rationale, what my thinking is,
why I’m choosing some of these foods, in an effort to help you to better your
health and let food be thy medicine for you. This is a very similar program
that I actually not only transform my own health with, but clients that I’ve
worked with and coached on a one-on-one basis, and no one more important
than my own son who I helped over the summer here in 2018 lose about 25 pounds
getting him ready for his freshman year at high school. It’s transformed the
way he feels, the way he thinks, his competence, his self-esteem, and more
importantly, how he is taking care of his health. He is no longer in pre-diabetic
symptoms or insulin resistance as he was diagnosed with before because all of the
choices that he made right here, where I truly believe the magic happens, and that
is in your kitchen. You’ll see here I’ve also got our Triangle of Health,
which is our foundational superfood nutritional program designed to give
you, to fill in the blanks, and making sure that you’re getting 100% of all the
water soluble and fat soluble antioxidants, micronutrients, and minerals
that the body needs, regardless of where you are today in your health.
You may be “healthy,” but it’s our gift and it’s how we manage and
maintain this gift, because there is no finish line to health; you have never
arrived and even if you’ve overcome any kind of disease, or pathology, or symptom,
you’re never “cured.” There’s no finish line to health–you’ll
hear me saying that over and over and over again. This is a lifestyle
program; this is how we choose to live our life, and hopefully you’ll find this
video to be helpful as I walk you through the day and the life. Now a
couple of things so many of you been asking me, you know,
what do I do with the Triangle of Health, how did I supplement
with it, and then how did my son supplement with it, and how did he
achieve the results that he did. So we like to start off our day with a
workout. That may or may not work for you and that’s totally okay. Feel
free to work out in the evening get your workouts in. I don’t care when you do
them, just get them in. We prefer to do them in the morning on a fasted state so
that we can maximize our fat burning potential and also, we train heavy. I
strongly encourage, whether you’re a man or woman, that you train heavy. The
reason why is that it stimulates muscle production obviously, strengthens bone,
but it also skyrockets your growth hormone naturally when you can train on
a fasted state. In fact, some studies show that you can increase your growth
hormone production by over a thousand percent by training heavy on a fasted
state. I’ll do more episodes on that in future Kyäni Wellness TV shows, but
you can also, and you may be asking, well, how do I do that in the evening after a
long day? Well as long as you can give yourself about a four-hour window of not
eating before you workout, you can recreate that fasted state. so you can do
that again in the afternoon if you get off work and you want to do that before you
go home and have dinner. So just keep that in mind. You can still reap the same
benefits. Now the way that we like to get going, and you can imagine getting a 14
year old up at the at five o’clock in the morning to go to the gym before he
goes to school, you know one of the things that we really pride ourselves on
is the Nitro Xtreme. This is a powerful nitric oxide booster that’s naturally
boosted by consuming the nitrates found in our organically-sourced Noni
plant. It’s the equivalent of eating about a cup of spinach, and it
skyrockets your nitric oxide production, increases blood flow, increases
circulation, and it also helps you to get the maximum from your nutrition. We call
this the Nitro Effect. It also reduces your time to fatigue; this is a
great product for anyone who’s physically active or wants a natural way
to help boost their energy level without all the sugary over sugared
drinks, stimulants, and so forth that can help give you a natural boost
to energy. So we would start off before our workouts consuming the Nitro
Xtreme. One serving, very easy, just take the droplets out, put it right into the
mouth, and then it automatically starts to convert into nitric oxide through the
nitrate nitrite nitric oxide pathway, which I did another video on, I think it was
the Power of Nitro Nutrition. Go back into Kyäni Wellness TV and you’ll learn
a little more about that if you want to know more about the science. Alright, so
then obviously we would be doing our workout, and then when we come back
we want to make sure that we maximize our recovery, right? Because you don’t get
stronger in the gym, you don’t get leaner in the gym, it’s what you do after the
gym and the rest of the day that determines whether you maximize your
workouts, and it’s in the recovery where you get stronger. So we would always
have then, right after our workout in the morning our Sunrise. This is our
powerful superfood formula. It has over 22 superfoods, over 60 plus trace
minerals in a one ounce convenient serving of some of the most powerful
superfoods that you are likely not getting. From the Wild Alaskan Blueberry
to the Acai Berry, and so forth. So again, I’ve got a whole episode on
that as well, but this is really powerful to help boost antioxidant production to
overcome the free radicals that our body produces when we’re training and
exercising and so it helps to neutralize those free radicals, boost recovery, boost
energy, and also provide satiety, because one thing that’s really
underestimated here and it’s funny, you know, when
I did my men’s physique show and did my photo shoot afterwards, some people would
see those photos and go, “Man, did this guy even eat? Well this is what I ate. This is
a lot of food, and so I challenge you to actually eat more than
this on a daily basis. The beautiful thing about this is when you give your body
what it needs at a nutritional level, you’re not hungry. That was the
biggest thing I noticed with my son when we started eating clean. I started
supplementing properly is that he was getting the nutrition that he needed. He
went from eating 3,500 calories a day and a lot of it was processed food, I’ll
be honest, you know, I’m like any other father, I struggle when my kids would try
to have “fun,” but I knew it wasn’t healthy, and I knew it was
destroying his health. Finally we had a come-to-Jesus moment if you will and
say it’s time to take care of your health young man. We started putting
these foods in him and I was lucky to get 1,400 calories down him in a day
because he was eating nutritionally dense food and supplementing with super
foods that were giving the body everything it needs. So one ounce
serving after a workout and then this is typically what I would have for
breakfast: six ounces of egg white maybe mixed in with some spinach for some
nitrates and although the iron, and of course healthy other nutrients that come
with it. Some mushrooms as well. I like the Bob Mills steel-cut
gluten-free oats for the rich fiber content and a nice natural carbohydrate
source; it’s complex. I’ll even add in a cup of blueberries with this and I
like to mix, and this is one of my favorite milks, it’s coconut almond milk.
It’s only 45 calories per serving, there’s no sugar added. I’ll add maybe
four ounces to this as well and that would be my breakfast, right? We’d start
off the day, Nitro Xtreme, get the day going, and then, and even if you’re not
necessarily working out, you can just do your Nitro Xtreme right in the morning
with your healthy breakfast and Sunrise. That would be the way Start your day off in a powerful way. Certainly, in my opinion,
beats the line at Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts eating refined processed food
that are just gonna do nothing except lead to a crash. This is gonna help you
stabilize blood sugar levels, stave off hunger, and give your body the fuel that
it needs and so that would be the morning. Then about mid-morning, I
would have another snack. This would be right here, is about five ounces of
chicken and these are sweet potato wedges. I love sweet potatoes;
sweet potatoes, yams are also my favorite. They’re nutritionally dense, rich in
vitamins and micronutrients, Vitamin A, and Beta-Carotene, and the beautiful
thing about this is, there’s multiple different ways that you can prepare
sweet potatoes. One of my favorite things do is I’ve got a little French fry
slicer and I’ll slice them up myself at home and I’ll bake them on about 425
for about 20 minutes on a lifted tray that has air that comes up underneath, and they come out really nice and crispy without all of the trans fats as
a result of frying, because I do like french fries, I just don’t like the
traditional version. I much rather prefer the healthy versions, or you can just do
potato wedges–absolutely a fantastic way, and also when you when you cook them
and bake them properly and then if you let them chill, it reduces the lectin
content. If you’ve been following anything Dr. Gundry’s
work on lectins, you do want to make sure that you’re soaking beans,
soaking nuts, preparing your sweet potatoes or
nightshade types of foods, and when you soak them or cook them properly and let
them chill that basically null and voids the lectin content so they’re safe to
consume. Don’t be afraid to consume them. So that would be like a
mid-morning snack. Then for lunch, you know here you can see that one of my
favorite things to do is to get a pokey bowl, there’s a place here in Encinitas
Lazy Acres where I like to go where we can get the fish where it’s wild. In this
I’ve got some salmon, I’ve got some tuna, I’ve got some sprouts, I’ve got some
avocado, I’ve got some calamari in here, and then it’s also, you can’t see it
right now, but it’s on a bed of black rice. Black rice is again another one of
my favorite complex carbohydrate sources; much better than brown rice and white
rice in my opinion in terms of its rich fiber content. It has more fiber than the
other two that I just mentioned, it also has I think twice or even three times
the protein level as well, and it’s rich in anthocyanins, which is a powerful
antioxidant and a lot of people don’t know about black rice. So that’s how
I like to consume that. Then for dessert, you know, some organic
raspberries and blackberries. Again, these are all organic and when I do get
chicken, its organic chicken, right? I want to make sure all my food is clean:
pesticide free, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, all of that. Then again
in the afternoon I might have some grilled asparagus, baked asparagus here,
I’ve got some Wagyu grass-fed beef, it’s very lean,
again it’s about another five ounce serving. If you do eat beef, make sure
it’s grass-fed. It’s well worth the extra price. Look, I know you might be think
this looks expensive. Let me just say this: have you ever run the cost of what
it takes to treat heart disease? Cancer? We’re talking hundreds of thousands of
dollars, not to mention the loss and quality of life and vitality and
function. That’s a price I don’t want to pay. This will pay you back tenfold in
terms of your ability to focus, energy, to produce more, to earn more, to live a more
active and vibrant life, and so get the grass-fed version, because 80% of today’s
antibiotics are prescribed to animals; animals that many of us eat. You want
to make sure that it’s grass-fed. It’s also going to be a much richer source of
omega-3 fatty acids, which help maintain a natural inflammatory response in the
body, and so I’ll either grill or bake the asparagus. I haven’t done it, it’s raw
right here just in preparation for this video. Finally for dinner, you
can see here I’ve got a bed of arugula and spinach and salad and some
blueberries and some raspberries. I love adding grilled vegetables to my salad; it
just lines up the flavor of it, so I’ll have some either grilled or baked
Brussels sprouts or asparagus on there and I’ve got some again organic chicken
on here again from my protein source and so one of the things that I want to
point out with you on this is that during the day, Nitro FX or Nitro Xtreme
depending on how you’re feeling is a great way to enhance the nutrition
profile any food that you’re consuming this is again the power of Nitro
Nutrition we want to make sure that we get the most from these nutrients as
possible to give us every potential to be healthy from the inside out. The other
thing I want to mention, too is that you might be going, man Andreas, there’s no
way on Earth I can do this every single day.
I’m gonna challenge you. You can because look, when I went to chiropractic school
I was working, waiting tables at Outback Steakhouse,
not to mention personal training to pay my way through school and I still found
my way to get to the gym every morning and have
my meals prepped for the day. I literally would carry a cooler with me. You know
the best way is preparation– take your kitchen with you. If I do go out to eat, I
look for meals that are very similar in makeup like this. The other thing that I
want to give you a little tip on here is you don’t necessarily have to have five
or six small meals throughout the day. sometimes I might not have time for this
one, right? So let’s just say I didn’t have
that. You know then what I would do is I would take that meal and maybe
combine it with something else and then if that’s the time I’m gonna have a
little bit of a larger meal, but you’re gonna see I’m gonna still stay in
compliance with what I call, “the law of energy balance” because if you look at
all of this, this is about 2,300 calories for the day. It’s about on average what I
eat to maintain my weight and maintain about five percent body fat, which flies
in the face of many of the low-carb dieters out there because you can see
there’s plenty of healthy carbs here and the key is to not exceed that law of
energy balance. It all comes down to how you do that. Make sure you watch that
episode if you want to get an idea of where you should be caloric wise in
maintaining your health and well-being, because if I exceed my calorie
requirements even eating all of this, guess what, I’m gonna gain weight. Doesn’t
matter how healthy the food is if you, eat more than you need, you are going
to gain weight, so you have to make sure that you maintain that balance. Beautiful
thing is, once you get a hold of it and take the time and effort to educate
yourself, this gets easier and easier and easier.
It makes it easier to pick out foods and so forth. I hope you find this to be
helpful in how I use the Triangle of Health. Now again, if I were working out
in the afternoon you know what I might do is have a fast before
dinner. So I might not have this, maybe I have some of this in the morning, and I
have this set for my dinner, and here’s my four hour fast right and then
I’ll have my Nitro Xtreme before my workout do my workout. Then I might
have another Sunrise right after that for my recovery, and then have my dinner.
So that gives you a couple ideas on how you
can maximize our Triangle of Health, how you can incorporate it into your lifestyle.
There’s flexibility. Here’s what I’m trying to say: you
might be wondering what this is over here, and look, I have a sweet tooth just
like anyone else! The key is to be able to manage it though. One of my favorite things to do and even with my son we had a little bit of
dark chocolate every single night. Not this whole bar. I will open it right now and just show you how much we
actually eat. What will do is my son and I will take
one line; this one serving this is about 14 grams right here. 14 grams of this
Lilly’s chocolate is about 70 calories–60 calories, somewhere in that
ballpark, but that would be it. Be disciplined to just have this and then I
would have about a half teaspoon of almond butter with it for some healthy
fats with it I love the taste of almond butter it’s my way of creating a healthy
version of a Reese’s Pieces if you will. This is Justin’s Classic Almond
Butter, not the sweetened version, okay. You want to keep an eye out for that.
Just a 1/2 teaspoon, I’ll add it to this, it’s a great treat, it’s a my reward for
a day well done, in the kitchen to help me stay on track. The beautiful thing
that I like about Lily’s is that it is stevia-sweetened, it’s vegan and it’s
non-gmo, and so it has less than one gram of sugar. I strongly encourage you
to look for this brand wherever your grocer might be carrying this. This
Lily’s, it’s one of my it’s actually my favorite form of chocolate to get, and so
that’s our treat for the evening. The beautiful thing when you have a little
bit of healthy fat with this like I did here, I’ve got some
avocado, some healthy fat, then at the evening we have our Sunset and our
Sunset is honestly, I mean, they’re all brilliant formulas and I love them
all, and Sunset in particular with our Wild Alaskan
Salmon, Omega-3 fatty acids, and Tocotrienol is the most potent
bioavailable form of Vitamin E, all designed to help you manage a healthy
inflammatory response. It promotes restful sleep, cognitive brain health,
cardiovascular health, and healthy cholesterol levels, it’s a great thing to
consume in the evening, it’s the way that we’ve designed it. Sunrise in the morning,
unless you’re working out in the afternoon, have it again in the afternoon
if you like. I wouldn’t do more than two servings a day of this; that’s plenty. We
combine it with a healthy nutrition program and then in the
evening you have your Sunset right before you go to bed. It’s helpful to
have a just a little bit of fat with it, because they’re fat soluble antioxidants. This
is water soluble antioxidants, these are the fat soluble antioxidants. This will
help you get the most bioavailability and absorption from that. The only thing
I would recommend is don’t take the Nitro Xtreme before going to bed. You
know maybe after 6:00 if anything, if you want to boost your absorption. Then just
simply do Nitro FX just a little bit with dinner or any of these other
meals will help you. It’s a little bit lower dose of the nitrates so you don’t
get quite the energy boost with it and it won’t keep you up at night. So anyway,
this is the day in the life of our home here in our kitchen. I hope you found
this video to be helpful in you living a healthy life. Feel free to post your
comments, your questions below, and I’ll look forward to seeing you
again in another episode. Best in health, this is Dr. Andreas.