Hello, and welcome to another episode of Kyäni Wellness TV. My name is Dr. Andreas Boettcher from the Scientific Advisory Board here at Kyäni. In this video, I want to help you answer the question, “should you try the Triangle of Health?” Maybe someone has shared it with you, you’re considering it, maybe you’re even skeptical and you’re wanting evidence to show the value of our products, and of course, benefiting your overall health potential. Stay tuned. So someone has shared with you the Triangle of Health and you’re now wondering, “well, is this worth the investment, and should I consume this to bettering my health potential and that of my family?” Well, in this video, I want to help you answer that question, plus a very surprising benefit to the Triangle of Health that most aren’t even aware of. Now of course there’s a lot of information on the Internet and there are plenty of choices that are out there for you. We’re not here to trash any other company or product. Rather, here at Kyäni, we want to give you value and giving you tools to Healthy Living. To help you optimize your god-given health potential to whatever that ability is, for you to awaken that inner pharmacy, which is far more powerful than any outer pharmacy. As a result of all the noise, and quite frankly, much of the confusion that’s created, you might find yourself in that position. As a result, you may be skeptical, and I encourage you to be skeptical. If you are skeptical, I do ask that you just remain with me. What I’m about to share with you and what someone has shared with you and the opportunity to consume the Triangle of Health could literally change your life. I will tell you there is no quick fix. We’ve never met, I don’t know your health potential, I don’t know your lifestyle, I don’t know the choices that you’ve made. This is part of the entire Healthy Living program that begins with great, whole -food nutrition. Let food be thy medicine. Of course healthy exercise and fitness and a great supplementation program that gives you all the micronutrients that the body needs to express optimum health potential. One of the questions that many in our field get, including myself, is, “will the Triangle of Health help me with fill in the blank.” and I’m just gonna answer this question for everyone and for you: That is an impossible question for any of us to answer. We don’t know. They may never have met you, or you may just be acquaintances, or maybe you’ve even been friends. They don’t know every aspect of your life, nor do I. I don’t know your health history, I don’t know your food choices, I don’t know your background, I don’t know whether you’re underweight, overweight, exercising, not exercising, on medication, not on medication, have a condition or disease or symptoms that you don’t even maybe know about, or have different types of conditions, look if you’re answering that question, or asking that question, what that does tell me is that something has gone awry, and I strongly encourage you to go back and watch Episode 1 of Kyäni Wellness TV to truly understand how disease manifests itself in symptoms and infirmity and what you can ultimately do about them. That means there has been a decline in function over time, and that declining function over time has resulted in a symptom. The way that we work here at Kyäni is we don’t claim to treat or cure anything. We give the body what it needs at a cellular level, the basic micronutrient profile that provides you a complete 100% daily allotment of all the water soluble and fat soluble antioxidants that the body needs to function properly. I know one thing’s for sure, that the majority of patients that I saw in my practice and in the world today are nutritionally bankrupt. So, the question really is just another question in and of itself, meaning, we don’t know. Here is what I do know. What I do know is that we have hundreds of thousands of product consumers around the world that are experiencing amazing benefits and of course, yes, it is anecdotal, and it’s a result of what we call Healthy Living. Everyone has their own health potential. What that is for you, we don’t know, but let’s just give your body what it needs– the basic tools that it needs at a cellular level and see what the doctor inside you says. You know, I used to always tell my patients, I don’t treat or cure, you’re your own doctor. Your body is the only thing that it can heal. What I can tell you is that the elements that are found in the Triangle of Health are essential to expressing your body’s optimum health potential, because if you’re not getting your six to ten servings of fruits and vegetables a day, I can virtually guarantee you that there is a nutritional deficiency of some kind. Even if you are, it is very likely that you’re eating the same ones nearly every single day, and the result: you’re making yourself deficient in something in one form, shape or another of a powerful micronutrient found in some other type of food that you potentially are likely not getting. I can tell you right now I’ve been through obviously our conventions and events and I’ve met many of our Customers around the world, and truly, anecdotally the stories are powerful. What will remain to be seen for you? We can only let the product speak for themselves. Now, this is my role. Someone has shared this opportunity, this product with you to bettering your health and your potential. Their job is not to sell you on it; their job is to simply share it. My job is to basically inform you and educate you to all of the powerful benefits and botanicals that are found in our incredible lineup of products. My role here on the Scientific Advisory Board is not only to assist in the formulation of products and product development, but also, most importantly, in healthy living education. Here I am at a convention in Dallas. I’m sharing these pictures with you because I firmly believe and live everything that I share with you here on Kyäni Wellness TV. Overcoming my own injuries and back surgery and even an autoimmune condition through Healthy Living. Again, not treating or curing anything. It was a combination of losing weight, healthy nutrition, and healthy supplementation that allowed me to restore my kidney function back to normal. I firmly challenge you to go back to your doctor: “Ok great, you’ve got me on this medication, what are you going to do to help me get off of it?” If they tell you you have to live with it the rest of your life, I would never personally accept that answer. Challenge them. Balance out your healthcare team, whether that’s adding chiropractic, a naturopathic physician, a dietician, personal trainer, all the things that can give your body the tools that it needs. From being an Ironman triathlete to a men’s physique competitor and of course living a healthy life with my family, at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. For me, it’s about aging gracefully, so that I can not only jump like that with my kids, but jump like that with their kids. I want to share with you another personal story. My son Caden, and as you’ll see here, this was just over a year ago, he was overweight and he needed to lose weight. In fact, he had become insulin-resistant himself. As a result, pre-diabetic lab tests were found. So, we got together this week. He started working out with me, he started eating properly, I started meal prepping all of his foods, and I put him on the Triangle of Health, which brings me to one of the most surprising benefits that most people don’t realize when considering the Triangle of Health. Well, you can see his transformation here was nearly a hundred and forty pounds at five foot one nearly twenty percent body fat. Here, he’s down to a hundred and fourteen pounds in just two and a half months of working out with me, balancing out his nutrition, and he’s down to just over nine percent body fat and he feels amazing. He just started high school and honestly, I could not be prouder of the gift he’s given himself in his health and his living. One of the things that I love about the Triangle Health, as you consider it, is its ease of use. Even my son could do it, and so could you. You know, the way that we honestly began was, we used our Nitro Xtreme, because of the powerful nitric oxide- boosting ability that it has to improve oxygenation and reduce time to fatigue when exercising. So we would, about 20 minutes before his workout, have a little bit of Nitro Xtreme, we like to work out on a fasted stomach just for the enhanced fat metabolism. Doesn’t mean necessarily you have to workout in the morning, you can just wait maybe four hours before you work out in the evening of not eating and creating a very similar fasted state. I’ll do more episodes on that topic later. Then, after his workout, we would consume our Sunrise, which is our powerful water- soluble antioxidant. I’m going to show you some more the ingredients here in a minute and I’ll get to that. One ounce, very easy to consume, helps him get 100% of his daily water-soluble vitamins. Then in the evening, we would provide our Kyäni Sunset. This is a powerful, natural, helps your body manage and maintain a healthy inflammatory response, providing you wild-Alaskan, omega-3 fatty acids, in addition to our tocotrienols, which I did a whole episode on. So if you’re kind of getting what I’m hinting at here, I literally have episodes of 20 minutes just on one of our ingredients of the many that are found in our Triangle of Health, which makes it virtually impossible for anyone that shared this with you to really go over all of the benefits and what it can provide you. Here’s what we found. My son was eating about 3500 calories a day before we started. and he was always angry, moody, and irritable. I cut his calories down to about 1400 a day and put him on the Triangle of Health and then I had a hard time– believe this or not, getting food down his throat, because he was full; he was satiated, and this brings me to one of the most powerful benefits: When you start giving your body whole food supplements that it needs at a cellular level, your body is satiated. It will not be hungry. When you eat processed, nutritionally bankrupt food, your body is going to be constantly deprived of the vital micronutrients that it needs at a cellular level. As a result, it can constantly make you crave and be hungry. So as we started giving him what his body needed. He had less and less desire to eat. Now, I’m not promoting this as a magic weight-loss formula. What I am telling you is that it’s going to give you a hundred percent of the daily water-soluble and fat soluble vitamins and antioxidants and minerals that the body needs to perform its vital functions. So here’s what I suggest: Learn from our tools, while enjoying our product risk-free. We recommend that you, at minimum, consume the Triangle of Health for at least 30 days. Here is why: At our most recent convention, I surveyed the audience, and one of our other Business Partners did as well, and we asked, “how many of you did not even notice a benefit for the first seven days?” There were a lot of hands that went up. Then he asked again, “how about after 30 days?” Still, a lot of hands went up. Sometimes it takes 60 days, sometimes it can take 90 days. Everyone is different before they can potentially notice the benefits to start giving their body whole foods, superfoods, micro nutrients and minerals, that the body needs before it can start to manifest itself in expressing better health and potential. There’s no miracle supplement or pill that’s going to overnight, undo a lifestyle or a lifetime of poor choices. What we want to do is start complementing this with Healthy Living, healthy nutrition, healthy fitness, with healthy supplementation, to give your body that 1 2 3 powerful punch, to tap the innate ability of the body to heal itself. Then, while you’re consuming it, educate yourself. Subscribe to Kyäni Wellness TV. You’ll see that I have videos on many of the various different ingredients that are found in our products and of course every single Monday on Facebook if you just go to Kyäni Inc on Facebook and like our page. There’s no obligation, there’s plenty of tools and resources to plug into our community, and a weekly training from me there on Monday as well to help you to get the most out of your health potential. Then of course, those that become a part of our community, we have Kyäni Pro– another great resource and tool and education, because there is that much that is found in our Triangle of Health. Here’s just an example: The Kyäni Sunrise product. This 1 ounce serving is comprised of over 22 different superfoods and over 60 trace minerals that the body needs, yes at a cellular level, I keep saying that word a lot, but it’s that important. You’ll notice on Kyäni Wellness TV I’ve got an episode on the Wild Alaskan Blueberry in and of itself. I’ve also got an episode on the acai berry, plus I need to do episodes on all of the other individual ingredients. Here’s the bottom line. Not to mention Nitric Oxide won a Nobel Prize in medicine for its discovery with over 100,000 peer-reviewed articles touting the benefits of Nitric Oxide and what it can do for your overall health, vascularity, cardiovascular health, and maintaining a healthy blood pressure level. That’s just basically scratching the scratch. My point is this: There’s a lot of information. There’s a lot of value that are found in all of our products. All I’m saying is that, what if what we’re sharing with you truly provides the benefits that you may be looking for? Let our products speak for themselves, in fact, literally just this morning, our housekeepers, have you been watching any of this, had just got another supply of Sunrise to help them with their overall health and well-being, because guess what, they ran out, I gave it to them as a gift a couple months ago, they now love it, they feel amazing, they don’t feel the same without it. We are that confident in our products. Not to mention, you get to be able to try all our products 30 days risk-free. I’ll end with this one final note. Amentor once told me that our life is in direct proportion, and I would even say our health, is in direct proportion to the quality of the questions that we ask ourselves. If you are skeptical, that means you’re likely asking the question, “well what if they’re wrong?” I understand that question, but let me flip that around on you and say simply this: what if we are right? Post your comments your questions below, subscribe to this channel, enjoy the Triangle of Health, let our products speak for themselves and let’s discover what’s possible for you. Until next time, best in health. This is Dr. Andreas.