Hello and welcome to Kyani Wellness TV.
My name is Dr. Andreas Boettcher, member of the Scientific Advisory Board and in
this episode we’re going to talk about the law of energy balance and what that
means to you in achieving any weight loss goal you desire regardless of what
diet plan you choose to follow. Stay tuned. You know there’s so much information out
there today that it’s truly overwhelming and it’s no wonder that today’s average
consumer trying to achieve any type of body transformation is ultimately
confused. I mean, you’ve got everyone telling you everything under the
Sun, from eliminating this food group, do this plan, eat this diet, make sure you do
this, you don’t need to eat for 24 hours, you can do ketogenic, you can do this, and
look–they all have their merits and can work for some people and it may even
work for you. Here’s the one thing that I want to be absolutely clear on with you
in today’s video, is that I really want to teach you to understand the law of
energy balance–that regardless of whatever guru or meal plan or diet you
choose to follow, you cannot evade the law of energy balance meaning calories
in versus calories out and I know there are many out there telling you you don’t
need to count your calories well I would love to see the long-term success plan
of anyone touting such a program because here’s the bottom line: your body is
going to store fat if you eat more calories than you need it’s as simple as
that. We are all given a daily budget on how many calories we can consume on a
daily basis and if we exceed that budget and go into the red well guess what
you’re going to store fat or on the other side of the equation you eat too
little you’re gonna become what’s called skinny fat where you may lose some
weight temporarily and not gonna have much muscle tone and you’re still what’s
called skinny fat and as a result you’re really setting yourself up for a
long-term failure because ultimately what you’re doing is starving yourself
and that eventual binge is going to come and you have done little for any type of
long term success. Look here, I’m not I’m not here to just hype up or give you
marketing speak and trying to tell you what you want to hear. I want to arm you
with a formula and a tool that will set you up for long-term weight loss and
weight management success and if you follow what I’m about to teach you
irregardless of what diet plan you follow
I rest assured that I will compare the results of any of my clients that I work
with with anyone else for long term success and achieving ideal and healthy
body weight because there’s two fundamental laws or rules that people
get wrong if you will, or mistakes that they make, when it comes to achieving a
weight loss goal. Number one is they overestimate the amount of calories that
they are actually burning. You know, I mountain bike a lot here in San Diego and
there’s very rarely a flat road around here and even in about 40 minutes of
mountain biking and I love to climb I burn maybe about 350 400 calories over
about a 35 40 minute ride so I want you to get that in perspective and for most
people that’s half a doughnut just to give you an idea the second mistake is
they underestimate the amount of calories that they’re actually eating
they have absolutely no idea how much they’re eating and as a result many are
overeating unintentionally even if they quote-unquote think that they aren’t
eating healthy so in this video I want to arm you with some simple tools to
educate you because look it is gonna take some work it’s going to take some
discipline it is going to take some effort on your part especially in the
beginning. However, once you go through what I’m about to teach you you’ll learn
how to fish and we’ve all heard that saying that when you learn how to fish,
you can feed a family for a lifetime. I want to teach you with this video and
using these tools how to go anywhere anytime anyplace be able to pick the
right foods without blowing your calorie budget without going into the red so
that you can enjoy food and enjoy the process along the way because most
people are incredibly amazed on actually how much food that I’m actually eating
on a daily basis now to do this we need to share an equation to give you an
understanding of where your calories need to be because we all have a basal
metabolic rate meaning it’s the amount of calories you burn just to exist
forget exercise just to wake up just to breathe
just asleep just to have digestion do its thing have the heart do the pumping and everything that the body does on an unconscious level requires
calories that’s your basal metabolic rate. What we want to do is we want to
give you a formula and that’s what I’m going to do with you in this video to
calculate your total daily energy expenditure where we also factor in the
activity levels that you’re doing on a weekly basis so let’s jump right and in
calculating your total daily energy expenditure. It’s 21.6
times your fat free mass in kilograms so take your pounds per body weight– pounds
of body weight and divide by 2.2 to convert it into kilograms and add
it to 370. so as an example for me it comes down to 21.6 times
81 kilograms. I weigh about 178 pounds divided
by 2.2 times .95. I maintain on average around 5%
body fat and so my fat free mass is .95 percent. Then add
that to 370 and that gives me 2,053 calories a day. Now something I want to highlight here that’s really
important you know maybe you’re struggling with an injury you’re not
able to exercise on a regular basis or what-have-you
you can still achieve or maintain your current body weight or your healthy
ideal weight by keeping your calories at this level whatever that number comes
out for you without any exercise whatsoever and if you wanted to still
lose you would just drop this down by point two about I wouldn’t go more
aggressive than that below that number to create a slight calorie deficit where
your body will continue to burn more calories then you’re consuming and you
will still be able to lose weight and that’s really how powerful this is
because when you really start to understand where calories are coming
from in food you start to educate yourself on the choices that you’re
making on daily basis you can really go anywhere anytime with anyone and be able
to pick and choose the right foods to be able to stay on track and on target
that’s why I really advocate teaching a long-term approach
and really educating yourself in what I call me we’ve all heard the same
teaching someone how to fish you can feed a family for a lifetime that’s in
essence what my goal is here with you now the next thing that we want to be
able to take into account here is the activity multiplier because I know from
any of you you’re out there you’re actively exercising and so we need to
take into account your activity levels in addition to your body fat percentage
when it comes to calculating your total daily energy expenditure so if you’re
exercising less than an hour per week you’ll take that previous number
whatever calculated was for you and multiply it by 1.1 if you’re
exercising one to three per hour hours per week you’re gonna multiply by 1.2
1.3 and one point four five respectively. Now I know for me I exercise on average
about 4 to 5 hours per week I really don’t do more than that
it’s about efficiency it’s about how you train and how you how you go after it in
achieving your goals and I’ll talk about more of that in later videos so for me
this now gives me a new budget 2053 calories per day times 1.3 about 2,669
calories per day now the beauty of this is that when I’m going to be traveling
or on the road and I’m not going to be exercising as much I’ll go back to this
number for my calorie management because I know I’m not exercising for the day
really important that you really understand this because it can change
based on what you’re doing how active you are and so forth. Now the way that I
use this number if I’m cutting or getting ready for a men’s physique show
I’m gonna drop this around to about 2,300 calories a day as long as I’m
maintaining this workout level per week if I’m going into a bulking stage a
clean bulk as I like to do it I like to put on lean muscle over time take my
time I’m not looking for any overnight fixes and honestly nor should you it
does take time and does take some patience
then I will add about 300 calories to that number and make it about 2,900
calories per day when I’m working on adding more muscle to increase my size
to get ready for shows or whatever is that I’m achieving or looking to do.
So that’s basically how you work with those numbers. So for you who
wants to maybe get that weight-loss goal don’t go any lower than 20% below that
number anything more aggressive than that you’re gonna start starving
yourself and as a result you’re gonna set yourself up for long-term failure
because it’s just very difficult to maintain anything much lower than that
for the long term nor is it healthy and what I really want to promote for you is
long term healthy weight loss and so now the question becomes how do you actually
start to track your calories and start educating yourself on where the calories
are coming from? So here are two of my favorite tools and helping you to start
calculating your total daily energy expenditure and of course the calories
that you’re ultimately consuming. MyFitnessPal from Under Armour or
calorie King it’s really a preference entirely up to you but the beautiful
thing is is that most of all the foods that you’re likely already eating are
already in the system it’s just a matter of you just taking a few minutes out of
your day to enter them and the portions and the amounts that you’re actually
eating. Now I know for many of you this scares you you don’t feel like you have
the time but I’m gonna tell you right now you’re going to be guessing
otherwise as to what you’re actually eating and more likely going to create
more long-term pain and frustration as a result of lackluster results or no
results at all or even weight gain as a result despite all of your hard-earned
efforts in the gym. If you’re gonna work hard on eating right and you’re gonna
workout in the gym, take a few minutes out of
your day to just start educating yourself and the beautiful thing as you
do this is you’ll be able to start eyeballing food and have a very good
idea of the amount of calories in helmet how much of the proportions you actually
should be eating. So this only comes through
experience and comes through time because now I feel like I can walk into
a room see what’s on a plate of food and have a very good idea of how many
calories are sitting there so that can still be socially engaging with all of
my friends but stay on track with my goals by cutting portions in half
putting things on the side or avoiding things altogether knowing how many
calories there are and food and the beautiful thing is is that you can
simply scan a lot of your foods their barcodes on the labels and just enter in
the proportions that you’re eating and it’s instantly entered in and you create
a library of foods that are already eating that you’re eating and then
sometimes because we all are creatures of habit we eat a lot of the same foods
over and over again you can just simply do an ad swipe boom it’ll take your
breakfast over from yesterday if you have the same breakfast again today and
boom it’s already enter and done and you move on and as you go through your day
the beauty of this is it really lets you know where you are in your calorie
budget and a perfect examples I’ve been helping my son with his transformation
goals is that we were out to eat had a very good idea where the calories were
for him for the day but he really wanted a piece of pita bread and I knew exactly
how many calories are in that pita bread and I said you know what you’ve
got 400 calories left for the day plus I’ll still have a little room for you to
have some dessert today a small sugar free dessert that I make for him here at
home and not blow his budget and still stay on track for helping him to achieve
his goals or for me personally and one of my favorite things I like to eat is
like a blaze Pizza where you go in and make your own personal sized pizza
gluten-free crust add in the vegetables and the chicken what have you on top by
the time you add up all those calories that’s about a thousand to twelve
hundred calorie pizza just to give you an idea so if I know my budget for the
day is 2600 I’m gonna make sure that I only go into that meal with about 1,100
calories for the day so that way I stay on target, can eat that pizza completely
guilt-free, because why? Because I’m tracking my calories and I know exactly where my
budget is and I don’t have to worry about blowing the bank on a meal. So
download these apps start tracking your calories use the formulas stay within
that budget and I promise you’ll start seeing
results one final tip: If you’re ever in a pinch and you’re not able to enter for
whatever reason a great rule of thumb is to use your hand for your portion sizes
use the palm of your hand and including the thickness for a protein source right
here for a good healthy low glycemic carbs source using your fist and then of
course whatever you can fit in your hand and with vegetables and vegetables as
long as they’re not fried or socked in a bunch of oil or really free calories
they’re incredibly high ROI very low in calories but very
nutrient-dense and you can pretty much eat as many vegetables as you honestly
want without blowing your diet so use your hand when in doubt and of course
don’t guess, start using the apps here today. Look forward, post your questions
in your comments below, and I’ll see you again on another episode of Kyani
Wellness TV.