Hello and welcome to another exciting
episode of Kyäni Wellness TV. I’m your host, Dr. Andreas Boettcher and in this
episode, we’re going to talk about the power of building healthy habits by
answering this one simple, but very powerful question. You know, I thought I would do something
a little bit more intimate and different in today’s video, because today is really
just a conversation. It’s a conversation virtually between you and I where I ask
you one simple question, and before I do, I’ll also be revealing to you seven
powerful, yet simple steps on how you can incorporate and build healthy habits
into your lifestyle by answering one simple question. What is that
question? Well that question is simply this: How do you want to age? I mean think
about it. Have you taken the time to actually define what your life and your
health will look like 5 years, 10 years, 25 years, 50 years, 60 years down
the road? You know, as a practicing physician, and taking thousands of health
histories over the years, our health is often taken for granted until something
goes wrong. Why wait for the shoe to drop when you can choose right now in this
moment how you want to age? Your health potential is merely a product of the
choices that you make on a daily basis. You know, many people have asked me as I
travel the world speaking and training and helping others achieve their optimum
health potential, “Dr. Andreas, how is it that you’ve been able to build
healthy habits and fitness into your daily lifestyle while being a busy
entrepreneur and speaking and traveling around the world, while being a family
man and raising kids at the same time?” Now that takes some discipline and it
takes some commitment, but not necessarily as much as you may think. What it
really comes down to is your health, your priority? Are you able to work your life
around taking care of your health? It begins by very small, sequential, healthy
habits built over time. It doesn’t happen overnight. Now I learned this lesson very
early on in watching my grandparents and how they aged. I called them my
healthy oppa and my unhealthy oppa. Now these are old photographs, so I apologize
that they’re a little bit grainy, but I was able to win
this, the sum of choices, and how we age over time, as a young man. You know I had
the great fortune and privilege of being able to I grew up in Richmond, Virginia,
but my family, I was originally born in Germany, and my grandfather retired to
the coast of Spain after running a very successful business as a butcher, where
he then eventually lived out of his garden eating only what he could grow
organically, and all of his food that he would grow, would honestly rival any
organic farmers market in the world today, it was absolutely extraordinary.
Then in Germany, on the other side, was what I call, quote unquote, my unhealthy Opa.
Now look, I don’t mean to disparage him in any way, I love him dearly, and he
was a great man, but they live drastically different qualities of life.
Now before I kind of go into some of the differences, I want to give a little bit
of a back story about my quote unquote healthy Opa. He originally
didn’t like my dad when he was dating his daughter he thought he was too
involved in his sports and too involved in his health and he needed to take care
of his finances and take care of his business and and you know, and do all the
things that we’re sometimes groomed in society to do. Well he didn’t realize how overweight he actually was when he said those things and he pushed my
dad so far that my father simply challenged him one day. He said, you know
what? All you talk about is your business. All you talk about is your money, but you
can’t even see your own shoes, you can’t even tie your own shoes, you can’t even
walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. You need to start
taking care of your health, because if you don’t have your health, what good is
all that money that you’re making going to do? Well that was a pretty bold
challenge and they eventually obviously became great friends and and so on.
However it motivated him to make some simple lifestyle choices and I’m gonna
give you the most simple fitness program that you could ever imagine that helped
him drop over 50 pounds to be able to ride his bike. He had a ten-speed bike, not
just an ordinary bike, I’m talking about a Tour de France kind
of racing bike. That every Sunday, he would ride about 75 miles from Kalpa to
Benidorm, Benidorm back to Kalpa every single Sunday, and then he walked
everywhere he possibly could. That was his fitness routine. Now the
biking happened later, he did much of his weight loss just simply by walking and
the way that he did it was actually quite interesting and I remember this: my
grandmother, my Oma, would drop him off about a mile from home and he would walk the
rest of the way. Then eventually that mile became, “hey you know what? drop me
off at this corner I’m gonna walk the rest of the way.” It’d be two miles, he
would walk that the rest way, he would always Park in the back of the parking
lot, he would always take the stairs instead of taking the elevator,
he just expanded it, he finally started running his errands by walking
and that’s all he did! He eliminated the garbage from his diet which we all
inherently know what we should avoid. Started eating the organic fruits and
vegetables, dropped 50 pounds, was running and then it was able to drop me as a 16
year old varsity soccer player on a bike ride one day I couldn’t even keep up
with him and he was 75 years old. I said wow, that’s amazing! I mean look at how
he’s aging and the thing that I loved about him was his attitude. He was so
positive and so upbeat that he never took a medication his entire life, when
he did go to the doctor for his routine checkup, they would laugh at him like
well why are you here and all of his markers were always within normal limits
and he hated quote/unquote hanging around what he called old people, because
he just thought they complained too much. All they talked about was
how sick they were or the prescription drugs they were taking on what surgery
was in line if they were somehow kind of a trophy or a badge of honor of some
kind and he didn’t want anything to do with it.
He liked hanging around people that challenged him and were younger than him
and I saw this as a young man growing up. Now contrast that to my quote unquote
unhealthy Opa for the sake of this story. He did none of that; didn’t
exercise, ate a very poor diet, he smoked a pipe, he didn’t really do much of
anything and I mean he enjoyed his retirement but he didn’t travel, he sat
around a lot, and as a result, his health just rapidly
declined. He was in and out of the hospital, he had a whole medicine cabinet
full of medications, his circulation eventually became so bad that
unfortunately he had to go to the hospital and have both of his legs
amputated just so that he can merely get out of pain and function. Now here’s the
difference: they both live to be about the same age. See to me it’s not about
the latest biohack or living to be 150 years old or any of these things that
some people who are out there claiming, it’s about living a high-quality,
functional life and that’s my simple philosophy. When I think about how I want
to age, this is what I think about. Unfortunately, many of us are on this
road and we can change that with the choices that we are making, that you are
making right now. And if I’m a little bit passionate about it–I am because this is
your health. Life is not a dress rehearsal, you don’t get a second chance
at this what are you going to do to start taking care of it today? Because as
you see here, this wasn’t just one miracle pill, a one miracle solution that
was just going to help him enjoy this high quality of life, it was the sum of
small healthy habits repeated every single day. Stop looking for the miracle
and start doing the work and the work will yield you more energy, more
enthusiasm, more focus, more drive, more ability to get done, better life and
quality, enjoyment ,avoiding trips to the doctor, avoiding medications, avoiding
surgeries, and maximizing the health potential that you’ve been blessed with.
Whatever that may be for you. So here are some simple steps to help you on your
way to building healthy habits. Number one, you’ve got to develop the proper
mindset and that’s kind of what I was just alluding to. Stop looking for the
quick fix, there are a lot of brilliant marketers out there that are preying on
the fact that many of us just want to take a pill don’t want to do anything,
eat all you want, follow this miracle diet, you
can eat all the bacon in the world and you can still lose all the weight that
you want, and I’m going, “what on earth does that have to do with being healthy?”
And by the way, having a six-pack doesn’t mean that you’re healthy! In fact, being
that lean all the time actually is not. What do your lab results look
like? How is your function? How is your focus? How is your energy?
How is your stamina? It’s not about looking like a magazine cover. So have the proper
mindset. You know many don’t know that I’ve struggled with an autoimmune
condition and I was diagnosed with back in 2000 when I had microscopic hematuria
in my urine that which means I had blood that was visible on my ear not a good
thing in fact many thought it was cancer at first when that was revealed, but
through lifestyle choices, habits nutrition, a proper supplementation program,
I have no more blood in the urine, my kidneys are functioning normally, and as
a result, they’ll outlive me and so I want you to develop the proper mindset
and have the proper goals. Yes it’s fine to get fit and get trim and get lean and
to feel good in that dress or look good in that bikini or to get ready for
summer or whatever that goal is for you, but you’ve got to have the proper
mindset that goes deeper and beyond those superficial goals. So you have to
shift your focus for the long term. Health is not a destination, there is no
finish line to health. It’s something that you have to maintain and work at
every single day, so be patient with yourself stop looking for the quick fix
there is no overnight solution to whatever challenges you may be having,
but if you start making the changes start small and start moving in the
direction of your goals and what you want for your health it’s amazing what
you can allow your body to do. It’s the sum of small tedious steps– I’ll say this
over and over again: it’s not always glamorous it looks great on a magazine
cover or you see someone at the gym that looks great or is fit I can tell
right now it’s the sum of small steps every single day, so acknowledge those
small steps, reward yourself, as you move forward and stop looking at everything
that went wrong that week. I don’t have a perfect diet week every week unless I’m
getting ready for a physique show of some kind, so celebrate your victories
and know that it’s the sum of those small tedious steps that are gonna get
you there. Don’t rely on your motivation. Motivation is fleeting as as you know as
a feather in the wind, you know it’s great to feel motivated but it’s that
discipline that’s going to get you through when you go to the gym and you
don’t want to be there. You know this morning ironically my son and I didn’t
want to be there we had a terrible workout. We both just felt flat we
just weren’t there present in our mind we’re like, ugh are we almost done yet?
It was just one of those days. Right? But we were there and we did it and we
celebrated those small steps we made it to the gym it wasn’t the best, but it
certainly beats not doing anything. Now be accountable this is really important. You
know one of the biggest things that you can do and here at Kyäni we have an
entire community and and that support your ongoing success both in health and
fitness and of course in opportunity make yourself accountable there is a
study actually done a New England Journal of Medicine that talked about
improving your success in any kind of fitness or health goal when you’re part
of a community, when you’re part of a movement, meaning that there was a 225
percent increase and those that were part of a community, as those they’ve
tried to go it alone, have the support. Make yourself accountable not only to
yourself, but make it public just somebody at least that you trust
that says hey here’s my goal, this is where I want to go, help me to get there,
make yourself accountable. You will get more done. Surround yourself with the
best. Now this becomes a challenge for many when we’re struggling with our
weight, we’re not feeling maybe as confident as we should, or
sexy as we should or whatever that may be for you. I’ve been there I get it.
I understand, but one thing that I have found, regardless of what it is that
I’ve done, whether it’s in career health, fitness, business, anything, is to
surround myself with the best and interestingly enough, when I first
started doing Ironman Triathlon I was about 35 pounds overweight
I could barely swim across the pool without being completely out of breath
and much less hang with the local bike riding group, but I just decided that if
that’s where I wanted to go, I need to go hang with those guys and those gals
they’re better than me they’re leaner than me they’re faster than me and the
thing is is that most people that are successful are truly willing to help.
They love to give back; it’s why I’m doing these videos to hopefully give
back to you to help you realize your health goals because I know what it’s
done for me and my family and my children and I know what it can do for
you. So surround yourself with people that
better you, check your ego a little bit. People don’t care as much as you think.
They have their own problems that have their own challenges they’ll be
impressed by your sheer determination and will to be there and the next thing
you know when I started surrounding myself with these other triathletes that
were way better fitness or conditioning than I was even though they dropped me
on runs and drop me on bikes eventually over time guess what the weight started
coming off they weren’t dropping me as much and then in fact I was actually
pushing them and so believe that that is possible have a very clear vision and
that focus on the long-term it’s why I just don’t believe in just 90 day
challenges or 12 weeks and get fit for summer that’s why there’s so much
rebound weight gain because people aren’t focused on the long-term health
of what it is that you’re ultimately looking to achieve and then finally take
consistent imperfect action. Notice I said imperfect action it’s not going to
be perfect it’s not going to just be a skyrocket path to success
there will be challenges there will be obstacles in the way there will be
people telling you that you can’t do it why do that come have fun with us you
should do this don’t worry about that they want to pull you back down to where
they are. I challenge you to elevate yourself where people start looking at
you going hmm he’s not drinking he’s not hanging out
late he’s getting up early he’s working out he enjoys a quality life he loves to
go surfing he loves to go jet skiing he loves to compete in the gym
he loves to motivate and inspire other people I know where I’m going and I know
how I want to age and I’m going here I’m not gonna just fall back to here to go
back to the habits that pull me down that doesn’t mean I don’t have fun over
here don’t get don’t get me wrong but I want you to focus on where you want to
go and make sure that your priorities and your health habits supersede someone
else’s potential goals or unfortunate unconscious efforts to sabotage your
success don’t worry about it being perfect just start moving in the
direction of your goals and over time your skills improve your fitness
improves your strength improves your meal planning improves your meal
prepping improves your preparation when you travel improves and everything else
starts to fall in place it just doesn’t happen overnight.