Hello and welcome to another episode of
Kyäni Wellness TV, and in this episode, we’re going to talk about the power and
the compounding effect of consistency. One of the simple keys to success, and
there are many keys and rules to success and in this conversational video, I want
to talk to you for just a moment on the power and the compounding effect of
consistency. The way that I like to define consistency is that it’s the bridge
between where you are today, and the goals that you aspire to tomorrow.
It’s the sum of compounding efforts repeated every single day, consistently,
that either yield the result or don’t. then many times these efforts are
monotonous, they’re boring, they’re tedious, because after all, success on the
outside regardless of whether it’s a health goal, fitness goal, career
goal, financial goal, family goal all have their struggles–they all have tasks and
things that we simply don’t want to do, and the difference between those that
are often succeeding are the ones that are willing to do what others
simply won’t, and it’s dressed up in overalls, and yes it does look like work,
but at the same time what I want to share with you in this video are five
simple keys to getting you started on the path to achieving whatever result it
is that you are after. Now to illustrate this, I want to share with you two
photographs: first of all here is a before picture of me and an after
picture me as an Ironman Triathlete now as you look at these photographs what do
they both have in common, of course besides myself? Well yes consistency. Both
are consistent it’s just dependent on consistent in
what. Here I was consistent in not taking care of myself eating whatever I wanted
to eat having bowls of ice cream every single night or treats or cereal or
garbage not working out regularly going here and there and not maximizing the
most out of my nutrition. It’s obvious! I was 200 pounds and probably about 20%
body fat or so at the time of this photograph when a neighbor finally
challenged me and said, “Hey Andreas, why don’t we go down to Rocky Point, Mexico
and do a triathlon?” My initial response is what do you want to
that poor doesn’t that involve running well obviously I went and did and I
actually got addicted to it because I saw the power of consistency. See when
you look at this photograph of me running with my son, which is one of my
favorite photographs ever taken, it illustrates the power of consistency in
terms of being disciplined in our approaches, and the food choices that we
make, and the workouts that we do, because it’s really the some small efforts
repeated every single day as I’ve already mentioned in fact had you told
me, now this is a true story by the way, I went back and added up all the hours and
all the miles that I spent in the pool and on the bike and running during my
six-year quote-unquote career as an average Ironman triathlete if you will,
an age group triathlete is the word I was looking for, and when I added up all
those hours if you told me that during that six year period that I would have
swam enough miles from San Diego to St. Louis that I would have traveled enough
miles on my bicycle to circle the globe one and a half times and run across the
United States twice I would have said you are crazy! In fact, when think about
it, it is crazy, but that’s the sum of consistency, because when I added up all
those hours, that’s about what it added up to. I’m going to tell you the
difference between these two is no difference between maybe where you are
in your own health and wellness journey. You can see here many people will look
at me and they’ll see me today and they go, “man, Andreas, you have a genetic gift”, or whatever,
make it whatever excuse to make them feel good about not where they’re at.
Well, here’s my argument to that genetic story: Here’s the power of genetics right
there. See if I don’t take care of myself with the small consistent habits on a
daily basis, I could easily go from here back to here. Consistency. It’s just a
matter of what you choose to be consistent in and that in itself is a
choice, so choose wisely. Here are some five tips that I have for you on helping
you to develop more consistency. Number one: You’ve got to keep your eyes on the
prize. What are you focused on? You can’t hit a target
that you can’t see. You’ve got to get clear on what it is that you ultimately
want. You have to visualize it every single day and then you have to abridge
it what a very powerful why. If you’re following us on Kyäni Inc on
Facebook, I’ve got a whole video on “The Power of Why” to help you define it thereof, because when you have that eyes on your prize, you know exactly what you’re
going for and then you can start to reverse-engineer and say, “okay what are
the exact steps that I need to do to get there?” Even if you have the exact
steps, if you don’t have consistency, you can have the perfect roadmap, you won’t
get there. Number two: You want to focus on the what
I call, the power of one. And what do I mean? Look, all too often we get far too
overwhelmed and we want to undo a lifetime of bad habits and poor
decisions overnight and we want the result yesterday.Fix me! And we just
immediately set ourselves up for failure. It doesn’t work that way; you can’t undo
a lifestyle of poor habits and choices in just 10 days or one week or 30 days
even. It takes time of consistent effort. So rather than overwhelm yourself with
so many things to do, pick one. One of the simplest advice that I often give
people is, when you go to the grocery store,
stop shopping in the aisles, stop buying the packaged, prepared sugary white foods,
and shop around the outside of the store get your fruits get your vegetables get
your lean proteins, that’s all you really need. Just focus on that one habit for
the next 30 days, because we all know that takes about 30 days to build a new
habit and if you’re eating less garbage, you’re going to start feeling better and
you’re going to start seeing results without changing anything else. If you do follow that and eat that you’ll actually be able to
eat more because you’re eating highly available food that supplies your body
with the right nutrients and micronutrients and vitamins and minerals
and everything that the body needs to perform and
be well. Focus on the power of one–make one change. Then you want to schedule it
and this brings me to a very powerful quote by Stephen Covey, “Don’t prioritize
your schedule, schedule your priorities.” We often make the mistake that we try to
somehow squeeze in health and fitness to our existing chaotic and crazy schedule.
Now I’ve been fortunate to be an entrepreneur for most of my life and
health and fitness has always been a part of it. Even in that before picture. I
thought I was “healthy” even though I wasn’t. So I always built my
career and my business around my lifestyle. That was always priority
number one. I know for some of you, that may not be the case. So you need to take
a serious look at your daily habits and your schedule and take inventory. Ask
yourself that what you’re doing on a daily basis, is it helping me to get
closer to my goal, or is it taking me further away? Because you’re consistent
in one way or the other. So find out what that is for you and focus on the
habits that get you there and schedule it. I work out every single morning with
my son at 5:30, 6 o’clock every single morning I have my meals most of the time
around the same time every single day. I have my supplementation program set up
every single part of the day it’s just simply part of my routine.
I don’t even actually think twice about going to the gym or working out, that
doesn’t mean I don’t feel like it, and I’ll talk about that in just a moment,
all the time. I make it part of my day it’s no different to me than brushing my
teeth or flossing my teeth or combing my hair or taking a shower. It’s just part
of who I am and part of my daily routine. The beautiful thing is it actually
gives me more energy and I challenge you, it will give you more energy to get more
done and to achieve more. All right, check your motion. Here’s the deal, like I
just said, you’re not always gonna feel like it; you’re gonna feel like some days
you just can’t. Some days you just like I’m just too frickin tired I don’t want
to go do this, in fact that just happened to me on Monday, but I went to the gym anyway. You see, what consistency teaches you, is it
teaches you the discipline to stick with it, because you know the power of
consistency. When you follow the rules of quote/unquote what I call engagement in
health and fitness and nutrition of course, I’m talking a lot about that, but
all these rules apply to anything in life, really, because we are wellness
tv-channel if you just follow that, you give your body no choice but to change,
and if you know what to measure and you know what to monitor and you know what
to look for, you can easily make tweaks and adjustments and know the compounding
effect of those daily habits will get you closer to the goal. Many
people ask me, “Andreas, how on Earth did you finish three Ironman Triathlons?”
I just simply looked at them, “One step at a time.” One stroke in the water at a time,
one pedal stroke at a time, that’s it! There is nothing magical about it, I just
did it more frequently, more regularly, on an ongoing basis, so that my body could
eventually do the longer distance. That’s the secret to Ironman. It’s
honestly the secret to really anything that you ultimately are striving for, so
you have to learn to check your motion, you have to let it go, watch for those
words like it don’t feel like it, I can’t, it hurts, I’m too tired, those are
all just excuses. Let’s just be real. Do you want results? Right? But many times
too many people are using their reasons. You want reasons, or do you you want
results? I know you want results. It’s why you’re here, it’s why you’re watching
this video. You got to stay the course.
Look, we all fall off the wagon. We all do. There’s parts of my life
sometimes where I’m not always as consistent as I know I could or should
be. I’m not gonna sit here and pretend that everything’s perfect in my world.
It’s not. I just know how to push through it when I don’t feel like it or when I
“fall off the wagon”. Far too many people and I’ve coached thousands
of entrepreneurs and treated thousands of patients and helped them with their
health and fitness and wellness goals and far too often when we fall off the
wagon, we use it as an excuse. Let’s just be real you and
I for just a moment. If you’re honest with yourself now, I say that with love
of course, if you’re honest with yourself, what you’re really doing is self-sabotaging your success. “Ah! you know, I knew it was gonna be too hard, I just
can’t do it. Why on Earth am I here? What is this all good for? You know what, I’m just
gonna go back and eat what I want anyway, because it’s all futile.” And all that
really is is an excuse for you to feel good about making bad decisions. True or
true? If you’re honest with yourself, you know this is true, and you know that
you’re capable of so much more. Look, I fall off the wagon, too in fact, I
did a video at Kyäni Inc on Facebook not too long ago about how I fell off
the wagon and got right back on it. Be gentle on yourself,
go easy, be flexible, but steadfast in your approach, and your commitment to
your success. Get back on the wagon, don’t let it leave the station without you,
don’t beat yourself up. Tomorrow’s another day you’re in this for the
journey. This is not just simply a 12 week challenge to get to point A to
point B this is a lifestyle. Health and wellness is a lifestyle it’s not a
90-day program, it’s not a 30-day program, it’s a commitment to the life and the
health well-being that you can enjoy. Now that doesn’t mean you won’t be faced
with challenges or obstacles. You know, back in 2010, I thought i was invincible. I was an Ironman Triathlete. Well, it didn’t take long
for me to go from Iron Man to aluminium man with emergency back surgery as an
injury that I sustained over, well, years probably of training, but also two car
accidents that I had where I got hit by a car when I was training on my road
bike, then the sum of those cumulative injuries eventually landed me in the
emergency room. Gone were my triathlon days at at point this point
I was scared out of my mind I’ll be honest with you.
I thought it would be never a day that I’ll be fit again, that I’ll be strong
again, that I could overcome this, because I couldn’t much less walk much less do a
triathlon or do anything else that I had been used to doing. Well when you’re
faced with an obstacle, sometimes you got to change the course.
That’s what I mean by being flexible in your approach. So what I decided to
do is rather than focusing on what I can’t do, start focusing on what you can
do, because you can do something. I had to start reminding myself
of everything that I’d learned about being consistent so I wasn’t working out,
I had to learn to eat less. Period. I couldn’t work out as much, and so I had
to learn how to do what I could: Walk in the pool, just start gently swimming,
and then over time sort of saying, “Okay, what can I do?” Well, make a long story
short, though I don’t do triathlon anymore,
I took it upon myself to see how I could challenge myself, because I needed to
stabilize my core. I needed to get as strong as I possibly can, and so I just
started working on the gym and all of a sudden my physique started to change when a friend of mine
said, “Why don’t you go do a men’s physique show?” I said, “You know what?
That’s a heck of an idea! I need a carrot, I need a big goal to go for.” So I
competed in the 2017 Southern California men’s physique championship, and the
men’s over 35 and over 45 category and took fourth place in both of those age
groups. I was very proud of that accomplishment; I was just even excited
to get a trophy, but more importantly, I was just excited to be competing again,
by not giving up. That’s why you’ve got to have a strong goal, you got to
have a powerful why, and just implement the consistent behaviors, because you do
have the ability to be consistent. Stop telling yourself that you can’t. Start
telling yourself you can. It’s just a matter of how. So here’s a 90 day
challenge for you to get you started, because as a physician, if you look at
most treatment plans, care plans, even clinical studies on research on the
effectiveness and efficacy of supplements and products and so forth,
most of them are 90 days; they’re over a 12-week period of time. Why? Because it
takes time. Again, be patient with yourself to allow your body to heal
itself, to give it the tools that it needs, too many of us just simply look at
supplements, they look at nutrition, as all of a sudden, just a pill to fix every
ill. They don’t want to change all the other lifestyle factors that got
them in trouble in the first place. It doesn’t work that way.
So I call this the “Power of Three” that fits within our Triangle of Health
program here at Kyäni. Focus on shopping on the outside of the grocery store,
start cleaning up your diet, commit yourself to eating five six seven
servings of fruits and vegetables a day, make that one change in here
nutritionally. What will that one new habit be for you? Whether that’s eating
more grass-fed beef, or eating pasture-raised eggs, or organic chicken,
or going vegan, or what have you, that works for you. What change will you make
right now, and start focused on being consistent every single day when it
comes to your nutrition? Also, your fitness. How can you start becoming more
consistent with your fitness? How can you make it a part of your normal
routine like brushing your teeth or flossing your teeth or combing your hair
or taking a shower every single day? If you’re just starting out with fitness,
you don’t have to do a lot. You can walk out the door for 15 minutes and then
walk back do it as fast as you can raise your heart rate up, you got 30 minutes
and you’re done! It can literally be that simple. If you dial this part in, you
can make this a lot easier and I’ll share more on that in future videos. And
then of course, a proper supplementation program. Many people look at supplements
like it’s a pharmaceutical drug; it doesn’t work that way. If you go back
to episode 1, I talked to you about the power of the healthcare continuum. Make
sure you go back and watch that so you can really understand where health and
supplements and nutrition fit in the prevention of the disease process itself.
I challenge you to get on a supplementation program, to get the
vitamins, the micronutrients, and the antioxidants, and the bioflavonoids, and
the polyphenols, and all of the things that the body needs, and give it what it
needs on a cellular level, and do it consistently for 90 days. Most research
projects, like I talked about, all evaluate supplements or products or
anything for a minimum of a 12-week period of time. 30 days,
sixty days, is not enough. 30 days to build a new habit. So here’s a couple of
tips for you then how I integrate them into my own life. You know I meal prep
all of my food. I actually just finished before shooting this video, roasted two
big pans full of asparagus and I literally got a big old Tupperware
container of roasted asparagus that’s done with some precooked chicken and
some black rice that’s all precooked. So if I need a meal on the go, boom. I just
go in the kitchen, heat it up in a pan a little bit, and
it’s done. 5-10 minutes. Easy. Work out. Make a commitment, schedule it, schedule
it like an appointment, and don’t miss it. I actually get tough on myself if I’m
late to the gym. I have to be at the gym by 6:10, or else I don’t get my son to
school, or I’m late and I am falling behind in my schedule and my work and
running a family and managing teenagers and work and everything else that we all
deal with on a daily basis. My supplementation program–very easy. I have
everything set out where I need it when you look at the triangle of health as an
example, we have a three prong approach. You have the Sunrise, which is designed
to be taken in the morning, so where do I have that? I have that in the morning,
where I have my morning supplements. I have them right there on the counter as
a reminder I don’t even have to think about it. I take my Nitro, which is right
there with it, my nitric oxide boosting through nitrates that help me to get the
maximum from my nutrition and bioavailability for everything that I
eat and to maintain my cardiovascular health and all of the arteries in the
human body and so that’s right there with it. Then upstairs by my
nightstand, I have my nighttime supplement with Sunset. Right there as a
reminder, don’t even think twice about it. It is simply part of the routine. So I’ll
leave you with this one final thought: “Success doesn’t come from what you do
occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.” Well, we certainly hope you
enjoyed today’s episode. In fact, if you enjoyed the conversation, feel free to
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Feel free to post your comments and your questions below and I look forward to
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