Why, why is it..why, oh it’s 30 minutes…AH! Sorry, that was an accident. Really?
Eh PAIN LAH! Welcome. I’m Professor Stephen. Today I was thinking about calories. When Ally asked, This episode is about K-pop What do you mean calories? Great question, Ally! Calorie is the unit measurement for the energy value of food. Huh? What are you talking about? Ever wonder how food relates to weight gain and weight loss? Fine, go on. Your body stores fats or builds muscles with the excess calories, This is called a calorie surplus. And what about weight loss? When you eat fewer calories than you burn, Or you burn more calories than you eat, This is a calorie deficit. So what’s the point of all of this? You guys are gonna try K-pop diet for three days. Huh what? Shen me (what)? A modified version so you’re still getting 1,100 calories! What? That’s a calorie deficit. Yaaaassssss exactly. What the f**k? Hi guys! Hello!! The eat everything diet ah. Nooooo! Hey!! The “see food” diet I have gained 15kg in total, Since the time I joined TSL. What you need to do is go and chase MRTs again. Please refer to the video over here and pay close attention to my jawline. My heaviest was like…67kg? I broke up with my ex And then I got very sad So I ate emotionally. I think that’s the difference between a girl and guy. When a guy breaks up he will lose weight. When a girl breaks up she will gain weight. When I first joined TSL right, I was 48kg. And then two years later, I was 58kg. I go lie to my mum that I’m pregnant, I just show her my belly right, Then she believe eh. So basically very little calories as possible. Doesn’t matter what you eat? Some girls drink coke. That’s a little unhealthy. What about kopi o kosong? PD: No, cannot. Why cannot? We need to wake up eh. PD: Only water. Coke Light also cannot ah? Coke Zero also cannot ah? PD: Nooooo. Water only! Don’t bargain with me. Come at us. Even if we don’t lose weight, you know, at least it’s a start. Alison: Wow, so positive.
Huy: At least we got free food. Is anybody gonna cheat? We say first. I’m not eh. I’m also not eh. I’m never cheating. PD: Ally why are you so quiet? Are you planning to cheat?? PD: Chiara This is your breakfast. What the…so sad! How long are you going to do this for? 72 hours. You two hours cannot already. First meal of the day. So here’s my apple and yogurt that I’m gonna keep for lunch. And I see what you’re cooking. So…what steak? Are you happy about this meal? I’m quite okay, actually. Hi lunch buddy. We hate our producer!! Look at our food. He gave us canned tuna leh! It’s so disgusting I cannot. I hate canned tuna so much. You’re spoiled. *tilting* What is a K-pop diet? We’re supposed to eat 1,100 calories. They prepare for you the meals every day ah? Ya. Eh not bad what, free meal not bad eh. You wanna eat? I okay. Eh just now you just ate KFC Parmesan chicken. I cannot drink coffee. I need coffee eh. Which K-pop idol doesn’t drink coffee? Eeeeeeee Really look like cat food hor. Nice not? Is it salty? No. Mix with the kimchi ah. The pantry is a dangerous place. There’ll be people pouring Milo cereal, Cornflakes, This truly is the valley of death. I’m going to have this transparent liquid here T-T Okay so I’m at a shoot. Oh my god someone is kissing outside. They are eating lobsters and all I can do is just watch. Ha ha ha K-pop diet is it? K-pop DIET ah? Happy snack. Huh walau. Happy snack. Mmmmmmmmm This is a Japanese sweet potato. I’m not a fan of sweet potatoes But this is my dinner now. I’m still on a food shoot. They ordered beef, my favourite, And fries. I want to complain. Why all the egg whites stick to the shell? These are extra calories lost leh. Wah they are so fast! Why is it so quick? Aaaaahhhhhh PD: You okay not, Chiara? PD: Chiara! Get up, get up. get up. IT HURTS! I farted! PD: You’re not doing! I’M DOING! PD: Move to the right! Left! Not all villains wear scary faces. This is one of them. She made me work out for 30 minutes today. She even kicked my butt and made me fart. Have you had your breakfast Huy? No I never see my breakfast, producer never bring to us. It’s in the fridge! Really? Ya must ownself go and take. We don’t have enough energy to take. So today I took my weight and I was actually 53.7kg. I always eat supper before I sleep and this is the only day in a while that I didn’t eat supper. Means in 24 hours I lost about 1.8kg? Oh I can smell the kimchi. This is temptation because I have to walk past my favourite shao rou fan (roast pork rice) stall. So we have extra ingredient, which is chicken breast, Cooked by… Suphon They replaced the tuna with chicken breast. Chicken for life. So the chicken breast was magnifique. Even the broccoli is quite nice. Lunch day 2 is great. Suphon you the bomb man. What are yall eating?? Lor mee You can’t spell lor mee without ‘me’. Oh shit oh shit! I want to smell the chicken. What the… A pro tip, if y’all wanna peel eggs, Put it in a bowl of water then the shell will come out. So I’m at a LiHo event I already drank half the strawberry latte drink, No ragrets. The producer said that if I were to cheat, I have to burn the calories. I’m going to take responsibility and do a 30 minute arms workout. The diet we have now is quite healthy, but I think a lot of people on the internet are doing very unhealthy K-pop diets la Because they want to lose the weight as fast as possible and that’s really hard la. One time only I don’t know eh, I cannot believe this. Okay ROCK SCISSORS No no no I think…okay okay SCISSORS PAPER STONE YAAAYY!!!!!! Come on! 4..3..2..done. So after our workout, I realised I got a pimple. How can it be when I eat so clean?! It’s the last meal. It’s the same~ Do you see the love? I don’t feel the love at all. Try the chicken breast. Not bad right? But you still cannot eat ma la and fried chicken! Huy it’s our last meal. I’m gonna miss this. Why why? Quite nice what, this one. You’re weird. I’m hungry to a point that I can’t really concentrate. I can’t wait for the challenge to be over tomorrow So I can eat some fries, pizza and ice-cream And just any food but brown rice, broccoli and chicken breast. Look at these people having a Korean feast. So…we are having a Korean feast here today *Evil laughter* *Sadness* Oh my gosh her thing is moving eh! My body is not made to move like this. Ready, girl! Hey! Hey! Hey! Ho! Woooooooooo! I cannot coordinate! I farted! We look like Taylor Swift sia! Am I using kitchen towels? Throw in the towel! So, today is the weigh-in and Ally and I we are wearing our lightest clothes. Y’all are done, y’all can eat already. Woohoo! Are you gonna treat us to McDonald’s? Yes Yay!!! One Sausage McMuffin with Egg, meal, Milo! I want Egg McMuffin with three cheeses. Three cheeses?! Cheese is life. Oh my gosh my Egg McMuffin with three cheeses. Huy the food is here! Wow wow, Ally! BLACKPINK! BLACKPINK! *Shouts their favourite food* My name is Chad I’m currently working in a public hospital doing diabetes research. I’m a dietitian as well. Hello! Hi! You guys went on a K-pop diet. Yes~ Do we look like K-pop stars? Uh…if I close one eye, maybe? My exercise load was not very very high so what I did was to cut carbohydrates almost completely from my meals. Is that recommended? Sounds quite deficient. You’ll definitely lose weight but I don’t think it’s sustainable One of the symptoms is you may get very short-tempered, very angry. Oh my god, it’s you. Poor Huy!
John: No I didn’t! You can remember the three ‘S’ So a diet has to be sensible Sweet? Savoury? Sensible in the sense that it’s based on science. It must be sustainable. You don’t mind doing it. You love it, you will do it. The last one is source of motivation. Source of motivation Why are you doing this? Initially when he said ‘source’…I thought…sauce? So the producer gave us a can of tuna, right… He cannot let go Is that unhealthy? So it’s not sustainable, so you change to something else. Chicken breast. Shout-out to Suphon for the chicken breast. You can download an app What app? What app? MyFitnessPal is one of them. And then there is a Nutritionist Buddy. Nutritionist Buddy is developed by NUH, so there’s a lot of local food inside. So your advice would be, to our non-vegetable eating colleagues, AHEM Chris Adria, would be? Would be find a vegetable that you like because you cannot use fruits to replace vegetables. Do you know why you are here? I guess…because I don’t like vegetables? What’s your advice? Okay, drag out and smack. I’m sorry, but you can’t use other food groups to replace the benefits of vegetables. Maybe…carrot?
Alison: Broccoli. CARROT AH? Lady’s fingers Lady’s finger is fine. Whaaaat That’s not the scolding we were expecting. Okay I’m walking out of this room happy! Hope that was insightful. I’m leaving this room happy!