in brentwood forest south west of Brisbane Australia the developer of a new city noticed that fitness boot camps began to appear in their older parks therefore they built a dedicated outdoor gym area in Tucker family park with equipment from compact it was my first time here it really pushed me the arm work over there was really intense and horrible but it was good the hottest who was definitely here with my arms got a little bit wobbly after a while the set up is amazing the equipment’s really good at challenges my girls when they get the chance to come down here being able to use body weight in addition to stationary equipment just completely channel injures them in ways that they didn’t really think they could be challenged before it’s really good to the outside and to have so many different options through the steps to use in my arms and leg I’ve loved it I’d definitely come back here it’s got everything that you really pretty much need I think spaces like this would really encourage people to come out a bit more because it doesn’t take much you can literally just drop off do a 20 30 minutes hour session and you’re off again and all of my sessions are run outside we just love it the fresh air the sunshine it’s still got a bit of a sour cloth so even if it does rain a little bit there’s no excuses to stop the site has been a huge success you know we’re all over the social media side of things and we monitor that very closely and yeah they’re making full use of that and it has been a huge asset of development absolutely and as they say no pain no gain I’m gonna go home and a lot of pain today [Music]