We are moving into cities where there are
even less opportunities to be active. It’s very difficult to find open green spaces. We know from lots of studies that physical activity
is extremely important. Now the world is talking about exercise as medicine. The world is facing huge challenges in terms of cost
for medication for Type 2 diabetes, and all the lifestyle diseases. And now more and more research show that some of the
best medicine is actually exercise. You can make Type 2 diabetics free of
medication for instance. If you are physically active, you reduce your risk of
Alzheimer’s with 30 percent. That’s a huge reduction in risk from being physical active. KOMPAN builds outdoor fitness sites around the world
to create happier and healthier communities – For instance here in Canberra,
Australia. On weekends, it’s packed. It’s people of all ages, so it’s not just fitness fanatics
or gym heads. So, there’s that real encouragement that people want to
give it a go and stay active. You can do circuit training. You can do interval training in bootcamps. And the best thing is, you can get many people
involved at the same time. The KOMPAN Fitness Institute is all about using
science and knowledge to build great and engaging outdoor fitness sites. One way of achieving this, is to work with
universities and experts to create the best user experience. What we are doing today is, we are validating that
we actually see the increase in oxygen uptake, lactate, metabolism and all these
things that we know are necessary to create an effect. Keep going!
Faster! You are above 300. Perfect, perfect! Our ambition is to create products that are
at the same quality – equally effective – at what you would expect from an indoor fitness centre. One question stands above all the others
at KOMPAN Fitness Institute. How do we create things that motivate people? That makes people come back and do exercise again and again? The answers are many. For instance, by designing and organising
the equipment in ways, that makes for an exciting social experience. Or by making it easy to find new exercises via an app. Or by creating equipment that can be used
by many types of people. The bike is kind of intelligent. So, if you are in poor shape, unaccustomed to exercise,
you can come and use it, and it will provide exactly the workload you need. If you come to the bike as an athlete, the
bike will adapt to your profile, and you can get a high-end, high-intensity sport experience. KOMPAN Fitness Institute works hard on
the ergonomics of the products. If we take the hand bike as an example. It fits disabled, wheelchair users, old weak
persons. But it also at the same time fits the very
well-trained Crossfit type of person. The exercise experience is just right for
each user group. So, we are not basing it on feel, but we are using science, and then making the products very precise. The design of the equipment needs to be appealing. There’s a great attraction to come and use the equipment. The color, the forms, the heights. When you’ve got such dramatic and iconic fitness equipment, it’s very attractive for people to come and use. KOMPAN Fitness Institute talks a lot with
the users of the fitness sites. Often it shows that we are engaging
many previously inactive users. They come to our sites and because it’s freely available 24/7,
then they actually start exercising. It was my first time here. It really pushed me. The arm work over there was really intense
and hard but it was good. I’ll definitely come back here. It’s got everything that you pretty much
need. It’s really good to be outside
and to have so many different options, through the steps to using my arms and legs. I’ve loved it. I think spaces like this would really encourage people
to come out a bit more, because it doesn’t take much. You just drop off, do a 20-30 minutes session
and you’re off again. In the future, outdoor fitness will be one
of the key elements in providing equal opportunities for all people to have a healthy, active and
fun lifestyle. KOMPAN is happy to be your partner in that