At last!
I’m so looking forward to this! Bluey is ready for take-off. In 10, 9… Yeah, I don’t think so.
Woohoo! Bluey, wait, what are you doing?
You can’t take off. Bluey! Bluey! Where are we going today, Dad? I’m going for my airplane check. Look, there it is! Huh, a check?
But you’re working just fine. Yes, son. But airplanes
travel across the world… which is why they’re regularly given
a really thorough check-up. And then?
Can you just fly off again? Up, up and away… yeah! Um… okay. So today we’re going to relax… or… what should I say… chill with my homies? Um, dad. I think you’ve got
a few wires crossed. Welcome to the Airplane Check.
Are you here for the full check-up? Check.
– Just follow me. Check. Hey Bluey, why don’t you go
and play in the playground? Check!
– Tyres? Hey Pauly, what are you doing?
– Hey, Bluey! My old man is also getting his…
beauty treatment. I’m flying! One, two, woohoo.
– I’m flying! Uh-oh… Come on Bluey, let’s go after her! Check. I’m so nervous! Oh, I’m so nervous! This way! Quick!
– Check. No, no way… No, you’re kidding.
– Shh, we can’t let them see us! Come on, that way.
– He said he was a pilot? You’re joking. Whoa… This place is really huge! We’re never going to find her in here… Hey, look, there she is! Come on, let’s go, Bluey! Mama, Mama? Faster, Bluey! I’m going as fast as I can.
– Duck! Watch out! Tyres! Yeah, I see ’em.
– Woohoo! Whoa… Uh-oh… Mama? Look, there she is! Mama?
– I think she wants to go to her mother. Oh, it’s all my fault… Mama? Et voilà! Mama, Mama! Bluey, what are we going to do? Mama…
– Oh no, she’s leaving. Wait, I’ve got an idea! Bluey, Bluey, where are you? Oh, no. Now I’ve got Baby
back again, but I’ve lost Bluey. Ha ha, that tickles. What is he doing?
– Mama? Bluey! Ha ha ha, you look like a girl! No way. I look like her mum now!
Watch and learn! Mama! Mama! Yes, it works! She’s following me!
– Mama! Mama! Whoa! What is this?
It’s like a sauna. Phew, it’s so hot in here…
– It sure is! Whoa, sorry!
– Who was that? Let’s get out of here!
– There’s the exit! Let’s go! Turn left here.
– Mama! Quick, in here! Whoa… No, no, no, no… Whoah!
– Who broke wind? Bluey, you’re losing your colour! Ocean breeze, check.
– Yuck, this stinks! Bluey, you almost lost your colour!
Quick, let’s go! Whoa, whoa. Phew, that was a close call! You said it!
– Thanks, Bluey! Mama! Mama! I don’t think they’re on to us! Come on, Bluey.
– Coming, Dad. See you soon, Bluey! Bye!
– Yeah, bye! Yes, bye, Bluey, bye!
– Yeah, yeah, bye! You smell nice and fresh, Bluey! Yes… that’s shaving cream. Huh? But you don’t shave. Um, erm… Hey look, a flying penguin! Where? A flying penguin? Yeah, they really exist! What are you talking about?!
– It’s true, really! Well, that’s strange… If you don’t want to believe me…