As soon as I started working at the University
I started coming to the gym. I had a little tour and started going to the gym before work.
And then as time has moved on, like three years later I do a lot of classes now as well.
I normally come before or after work really and then sometimes at lunch. So it just means coming
in, doing a class, sometimes only half an hour as well, then a quick shower, then straight
to work and I can get to work for 8.30 so it’s really really easy. And the same after
work because of the variety of times of classes you could come at 4.45 or 5.30 so you can
just change your finish time to come to a class and then just go straight home. It’s
really chilled out I think. I tend to do interval based stuff so I’ll move around the gym quite
a lot, so I might go on the bike for a bit, then I go on the battle ropes for a bit, I’ll
use the kettle bells, then I’ll use the free weights and cable machines. So I kind of move
around the gym quite a lot, but everyone’s really friendly. I think this goes for gym
and classes also, the mix of people is really really varied, not just in terms of age, in
terms of ability as well. So I think everyone is just in there doing their own thing and
no one’s bothered about what the next person’s doing, which is a good thing really. My name’s Kirsty Bramley and I work in Staff Development as part of HR, and I’m a Staff
Development Advisor.