So let me show you one of the quick tools that you can add-in. like I said food is one of the factors that you can add-in to turn on good genes Everybody knows, you guys are familiar with the Probiotic Kimchi? Great, I am going to show you the demo of how to make this water Kimchi it only takes 5 minutes to
make and it is very simple and very refreshing. It is very similar to a probiotic shot you
can have every day. so let me show you. Has anybody made Kimchi before? So Kimchi is a Korean side dish made with various seasonings. You can make Kimchi with any seasonal vegetables that’s the beauty of it the diversity. We need to make the brine first. The brine is here it’s water about 6 cups to this, we will add a little seasoning which is part salt and part sugar. As you know water is a very important component of the body. Water is like the lever of the body. If there is no water nothing works in your system. Nothing will function in your body so make sure you are hydrated. and do not get confused when you drink coffee and soda and juice it’s awesome but that is not hydrating. So make sure that you drink something that is hydrating not dehydrating. So to this, we will add about 5 teaspoons of sugar and the same amount of sea salt, preferably organic ones. Like I said food is not in nutrition but in
the formation as well. So organic food is really the natural food and non-organic stuff has all this chemical stuff and so in turns on your
disease genes on so be mindful of what you put in your body.
So to that, we will add some spices and the classic one is garlic and ginger. As you know ginger is very helpful and most widely used spices in the world for many reasons. Ginger is anti-inflammatory that is why you drink ginger tea when you have a sore throat because it soothes you and I am sure everybody has experienced that. So put a little of minced ginger there and some minced garlic I am using about two and a half tablespoon of ginger and garlic here but you can use less or more if you want it depends on how you like it. Cooking is all about making things how you like it that is the beauty of cooking. When you learn how to cook with your senses you do not have to worry about recipes anymore. If you are like me I hate to looking at recipes I just make what is available at the market basically. So that is ready, give it a swirl and at this point, I am not going to taste it now but I am going to give it a little taste Cooking is all about taste as you go. See if it tickles your palate. The taste will be the goal you are looking for it should be is semi salty a little extra salty and semi-sweet because we are going to add a lot of vegetables into it. So the brine is ready supper simple right? And to that, we will add I have here what I have is Korean radish it is very similar
to Daikon. but you can also use radish. So thin slices and add this to the jar and to this, this is a classic water Kimchi there is more than one. There are different kind of Kimchi in Korea. This is the less known in the states but very common in Korea. Water Kimchi literally translates to I mean Mul Kimchi that is a Korean name, Mul means water so it is refers to a type of Kimchi that has a large liquid base. So to this, I am going to add some red onion to make it colourful and also it has great flavour to it As you know different colour indicates different nutrition so it is very important to have colourful stuff it is also pleasing to your eyes It also has different vital nutrition meaning each plant has different nutrition so make sure you are eating variety. We are born to eat variety And to this, I am going to add some green onion. I will chop this and put them in there. And tadaa the Kimchi is ready.