what's up guys jeff cavaliere athleanx.com an athlean xpress video for you take you behind the scenes once again a leg workout my leg workout for those of you guys who don't know I've been dealing with some pretty bad leg issues my whole entire life having athletic background I pretty much trash my knees back in a lot of another 1993 or so and they never really recovered since but I still got trained my legs and as all athletes we gotta find ways around our ailments if you got bad knees figure out moves that don't bother them so much because the moment you stop working your legs period is the moment you've got nothing left at all because your legs are gonna anchor you through every single thing you do I don't care what upper body workout you're doing you better have your legs underneath you so that being said I'll take you through my workout what I did here was I start off with my squats of course always but I did something a little bit unique for me I do an isometric whole I start down at 135 and my goal here is to literally just try to hold this for about 20 seconds if I can and I'm just trying to build up some real good stability to feel like I have a good foundation because again every time I approach my leg workouts I never know where I'm gonna get whether my knees are really marking or if they feel pretty good on certain day I got tested and I usually do that right here with this isometric squat hold today they feel pretty damn good so I moved up to 225 and again I'm not looking to push heavy heavy weight like I used to guys for me it's all about stability and strength and to be able to hold my own body in the positions I know I'm going to need them in and for an athlete that's going to be way down deep in this squat position and we'll do it here with pause squats with 225 well it's really I'll work my way up to around 315 again I'm going for pause squats here I got to make sure that my legs always feel good I always feel in control of what I'm doing because I've had too many issues in the past secondly probably my all-time favorite in here I'm actually able to load up on it because I found a version of the lunge that does not hurt my knees and that is here in the reverse lunge I have to do it with a barbell I feel like I'm moving bigger weights I don't have to worry about necessarily my grip give it out so I love 225 and I'll go into reverse lunch again I'll do that and I'll move on to my you know and I say my all-time favorite this might be my all-time favorite again for its athletic carryover I love the dumbbell Bulgarian split squat and here I'll try to load up and do something a little bit unique again this position I don't feel a lot of pain in my knees because my weight is traveling down and back anytime I try to move my weight down and forward as I would with a forward stepping lunge it bothers me but if I can go backwards as I do in a Bulgarian split squat I don't really feel the pain so much so I can do that and I try to add this explosive we call the Bulgarian split squat hop right we want to explode up as fast as we can basically what I'm using the 65 here it's really more about acceleration because I really can't move those 65 all that fast but as soon as I drop those weights I always like to speed it up again so whether we're slowing down the movement because we're adding weight I do as an athlete like to speed up the movement at the very end so I'll drop the way to do by weight version of this until I fail and of course I move on over to the other leg for the back side you guys know I don't like lying hamstring curls open chain exercises for hamstrings so what I'd like to do is closed chain alternatives here I've got my two favorite the physio ball glute ham raise again here the physio ball is acting as a spot for me as I move myself out and extend out into this eccentric hamstring overload I have been Conscription around here's the ball as my spot to actually grab in case I go too far and then work concentric lis to really really pull up that hamstring ball up at the top to feel as if I got a really really intense contraction and again I really focus as I do for most of my other exercises on the eccentric component I feel like if you can't control the eccentric component you have no business doing the concentric part of it so we'll do that for the physio ball glute ham race and then finally I move on to a barbell hip thrust and again closed chain movement feet in contact with the ground you gotta play around with this one a little bit I've got to looks like 205 on the bar here you got to really push the bar forward on your hips so it doesn't obviously roll back towards you and you want to find that comfort spot sinking into the crease of your hip so it doesn't really hurt where the barbell doesn't feel like it's really killing you you can always lay a couple towels over you if that becomes an issue again if I wear my hoodie here which as you see sometimes what I really want to focus I'll flip the hood up because I feel like you know there's no playing around I cannot afford to have it even a single bad read then you'll see I'll have this out for a secondary purpose because it provides some extra cushion on that last exercise and on that point guys you know what I do legs I kind of go into another mode I will literally take my hood which I never wear and I'll put it up over my head because I want to be zoned in because for me it's really really serious my legs my knees can't absorb many more bad reps in my life before I can't use them at all so I want to make sure that I'm extremely focused I'll put my headphones on I'll stay really really driven I don't want any distractions and I really concentrated that's why I do all those pause reps in the isometric hold I really want to concentrate on each and every rep I can't give one in I can't give one away because I might give away my ability to do that exercise yeah from that point on so hopefully guys this little look into a leg workout for me will help you guys to understand a little bit more that there are different ways to attack their legs the key is have as much athletic carryover as you can if you're an athlete try to stay close chain keep your feet on the ground try to do unilateral stances have split squat stances like you're doing a lunge and like you do with the Bulgarian split squat because that it has a high carryover and transfer to what you do athletically if you're just looking to build more powerful athletically strong legs then you can do that add the weight as you can guys if you found this helpful make sure you leave a comment and a thumbs up below in the meantime let me know what else you'd like to see and if you want a complete program and we train legs pretty intensely in the athlean-x system as anybody that has the program can tell you we hit them from every single angle and a lot of times guys will curse me out the next day saying they cannot move following our leg workouts but I'll tell you this just like they really work that we do we hit them hard but we hit them quick 20 to 40 minutes all-out intensity we're trading and workout length for that to get you better results head over to athleanx.com right now in the meantime I'll be back here in just a couple days