Today we will make some delicious chicken
packets and fruit parfaits. Look at all these great vegetables we have
to work with. So, one of my favorite things about making
these chicken packets is that you can put just
about any vegetable in it that you like, and you can change up the flavors every time
you make it by just adding a different set of ingredients. Let’s wash our hands and
then cut up a red pepper.
Now remember, when you’re working with knives at home to always make
sure a grown-up is around. There’s really three things about this dish.
We have the protein, which I’m using fish and you’re gonna use chicken.
And then we have the vegetables and the seasonings. Will it make a difference if you’re using
chicken or fish? Well, there are some differences, cooking
wise. The fish takes a lot less time in the oven.
The fish has important oils in it that are particularly healthy for you.
They are both excellent sources of protein. Let’s get started on your chicken.
One of the things is to try something new if you’re feeling adventurous today,
or if there’s something you haven’t tried before, why not try something new.
Or if you prefer, pick your favorites today and the next time you make it at
home you can try something different.These are looking good.
If you are making this at home, with your family and everyone wants to make it
their own way you can actually write names on the foil. Then when it comes out of
the oven you will know exactly which one is yours.
The oven is set to 400 and preheated. We’ll come back and check on them in 20min and make
sure the internal temperature has reached 165 degrees.So, after 10min we’ll put the
fish in. The fish will cook to 145 degrees internal
temperature. While that is cooking let’s get
started on the parfaits. YEAH! Dessert
We have some fruits here that your familiar with, like strawberries, grapes, blueberries
and bananas. For toppings…we have some low fat whole grain granola, and some pecans.
Some examples of whole grain ingredients are oats, brown rice, whole grain barley
and whole wheat. In our bowls here, we have some low fat yogurt.
Yogurt and milk adds calcium to your bones, so you can grow up to be a strong
young man or woman in your case. How you do it is really up to you. Some people
like to put the yogurt down first. Some people like to put the granola down first.
I usually eat fruit for a snacks. But sometimes I also eat them for breakfast
Fruit is a great snack. It can be good for breakfast, lunch, part of a meal or dessert.
Here ya go! Do you remember what temperature it should
be? About 165 degrees Fahrenheit
Perfect. Yeah! It’s done. Let’s go eat. So, here in this meal we have the protein
from the chicken and the fish and we also have all the vitamins, minerals
from the vegetables that we used. So my favorite part was working with you guys
to put our packets together and creating our own unique flavors and now
getting to taste how it comes out. Yeah, it tastes delicious.
This stuff is like edible art. It’s colorful and creative at the same time.
I didn’t know cooking healthy foods could be so nutritious and fun.
On to the parfaits. I can’t wait to dig in.
Chef I can easily make this at home for a snack and I think I will some time.
You can use whatever fruits are in season. Switch it up, just like we did with
the chicken packets. We can try different things at different times.
It’s actually very easy to make this parfait. Today we made chicken and fish packets and
a fruit parfait It was very fun…
…and nutritious …and delicious
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