Hi, my name is Carleton, and I’m a registered dietitian with NCHPAD. Today we’re going to be talking about heart-healthy snacking, and I have two awesome guests with me Abbey and Hailey. Now Hailey do you want to talk a little bit about
why it’s so important for you to eat heart-healthy? When I was eight I had an open heart surgery. OK, so do ya’ll know what types of foods are good for your heart? Fruits and vegetables. Very good, so fruits and vegetables are going to be
high in vitamins and minerals as well as fiber. Now fiber plays a very special role in keeping your heart healthy. It helps to remove cholesterol from your body. Now this is important because if you eat
too much cholesterol and not enough fiber then plaque will form in your arteries, and that will block the blood flow to your heart. and your heart will have to work a lot harder. So the types of foods that are high in fiber are: oatmeal, beans, peas, citrus fruits, and apples just to name a few. So the first snack we’re going to make is a black bean dip. Do ya’ll want to help me? (Sure. Yeah.) Ok, so we’re going to take one 15
ounce can of black beans, low sodium, and we’re going to drain them, and we’re going to rinse them. So Abbey if you could help me out. So just pour the beans in there. (Do you
want me to take the top off?) No, that’s fine. And we chose low sodium because sodium can raise your blood pressure and that can be bad for your heart. So now we’re going to rinse the beans off
so just pour the water on top. Very good. And once she’s done with that we’re going to add it to the blender. I’ll take your cup. And give it a little shake to get the water out. Ok, and just dump it in the blender. There we go. And it’s OK if it gets a little messy
in the kitchen, it means you’re having fun. So once we’ve done that, we’re going to take half a cup of salsa. So, Abbey if you’ll grab that and put it in the blender. Just dump it in. Great job. OK, and then we’re going to take the juice from one lime. And now if you don’t have fresh lime, you can
get the store-bought kind of lime juice, And it’s just two table spoons so I’m going to squeeze this in. And get one, and we’re going to get the second half. And if you roll out your lime beforehand it helps
the juice come out a little bit easier. Get all that in. Ok, and then if,Hailey if you will grab
the cilantro and we’re using fresh cilantro. Make sure to pull the leaves off of the stems and wash it. So if you’ll just dump that in. Ok, dump that in. And then the last ingredient is ground cumin. And we’re going to do a fourth of a teaspoon. Abbey, you want to get a fourth of a teaspoon out? Very nice, yes. Just like that. Ok, you can dump it in. And that’s going to be our last ingredient, but if you want to kick it up a notch
you can add garlic or red pepper flakes. So we’re going to put this top on nice
and tight. OK, you can switch it up. So you might need to stir it up a little
bit to make sure it all gets blended, but you want to blend it up to a smooth consistency. There you go. Let’s try it one more time. Want to hit it? Push it up. OK, once you have it all blended you’re going to just pour it into a bowl. Thank-you Abbey. So ours is not quite blended all the way but it’s good enough. So we’re going to get it into a bowl, and
then what we have to serve it with…. We have some whole wheat pita bread. And now I chose whole wheat because it’s really high in fiber. If you girls want to try some, go ahead and dip. You can also use whole wheat tortilla chips. Or
like we have here, we have veggies. We have sweet red veil peppers, and carrots. What do ya’ll think? It’s really good. Awesome! It’s good! OK, so our next snack is going to be frozen, yogurt-covered grapes. So what we’re going to start off with first, is grab a wooden skewer. And you’re going to just put the grapes on them. (How many?) As many as you like. I just usually fill the middle part. Sorry. Oh my Gosh! (Laughter) Sorry. OK, so once you’ve threaded all of your grapes,
you’re going to cover them in yogurt. Now I chose low-fat vanilla yogurt, because whole milk dairy
products tend to be high in saturated fat, which is not good for your heart because it
can raise your blood cholesterol levels. Now ya’ll can just grab a spoon and go ahead and coat your grapes. This is fun. This is fun. Now once you’ve covered your grapes in yogurt, you can add different toppings like sliced almonds, (I like the grapes!) and
that will add a little bit of protein to your snack. (Laughter) And if you don’t want to use grapes you can
use things like blue berries or strawberries as well. And it’s OK to get messy. So once you’re done you can just put them on a paper plate. You put too many grapes. Ok open up. And then just stick it in the freezer,
and you can leave it in over night. I usually make a bunch at a time so
I just always have some in the freezer. So we have some already frozen ones, I’ll give one
to you Hailey and one to you Abbey. And this is a great snack to take on-the-go. Very heart healthy. So what do ya’ll think? Yeah, it’s good. Good. So next time ya’ll go to reach for a heart healthy
snack, grab the fruits, vegetables, or anything high in fiber. What do ya’ll think? (Yayyyy!) Ok, Bye-bye! Byyeeee!!!! Happy Eating! What? (Don’t be gross.) Got it!