(wind rustling) (snow cracking) – What’s up? I’m over here at the Keystone Lodge & Spa in Keystone, Colorado. Whether or not you’re here or at home, I’ve got the 10 most beneficial
snowboard warmup stretches and mobility drills that you
should be doing right now before you go out into the mountain. Let’s get to it. (upbeat music) Please go ahead and click
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bell so you never miss any of my latest content. (soft music) All right number one
starts with foam rolling. So first and foremost, whether
or not you’re snowboarding, skiing, or just daily
life, you’re working out, you need to foam roll your back. So I’m just going back and forth. I like to get about eight to 10 passes, just kinda massaging. And then also, I’m gonna
get into my lats here. Your lats get super tight
and your shoulders get tight, so if could release a lot of
the tension here in the lats just rolling back and forth, it’s gonna help open up
these shoulders a little bit. You can do a little shoulder rotation just moving this around. Getting some circles,
moving it back and forth. (upbeat music) Number two, we have the
low back hip opener. So, get onto a comfortable spot. If can’t get the pressure
on the back there, you can just slide this roller underneath and then lightly drop the back. When you’re more advanced you
can kinda lean left and right. But all I’m doing is I’m dropping here, get an ankle over my thigh
and I’m just rocking. I’m just trying to open up the hips, I’m trying to open up that lower back, I’m trying to lean my weight into there and it just slowly massages the area. (upbeat music) Number three, we have the
neck and trap massage. So this one start off nice and easy just literally moving
your neck left and right. When you’re more advanced get a bridge and really get onto
that neck and that trap. Because heaven forbid you fall, but you wanna take care of your neck. And your neck health is so important. I can almost argue that any
one of these is more important than the other, but they’re
all important together. (upbeat music) And obviously you’re gonna
be using your legs a lot, so we’re gonna foam roll
our quads, our hamstrings, our calves, everything on our legs. So basically you get on
top of the foam roller, nice passes back and
forth, about eight to 10. If you’re more advanced you can get all that weight onto one leg. Bending and extending, rolling
around into the adductors, into the inner thighs, coming around, getting into your calves. And sometimes these can get super tight, but if you’re not too bad
you can roll left and right and get one leg on there. And then also, you’ll
wanna get onto your shins. And while I’m doing this
I’ll get some ankle circles and further that ankle mobility there. (upbeat music) Lastly with the roller,
we’re gonna get our glutes. So this is a really good
glute massage hip opener. If you wanna use the massage ball you can, but I’m gonna mash right
onto the side of that glute. Just give it a nice mash, I’ll bend and kick this leg up and down. Rotate this foot in and out. And I want really good hip mobility. So I’m mashing the glute, I’m
releasing all that tension and tightness in there. And when you have nice strong glutes, they’re gonna give you a lot of power. (upbeat music) All right these utilizing the bands, we have the band and hammy kick. This is a classic favorite of mine. We’re literally holding onto the band and we’re kicking the legs up and down. Generally you can go for
about 20 repetitions, we’ll go up and down. We can also go across by bending the knee, pulling and stretching. Bending the knee, pull and stretch. And then also, all the
way out to the outside. So, we have the band to
the outside of the foot. Get that on there just right. Band to the outside of the foot, we’re dropping out to the side, we’re pulling and then we’re kicking. That one’s gonna feel a bit easier you can pull it towards you and get a nice stretch in the legs. (upbeat music) This one we have a three-way
neck stretch with a band. So, first and foremost, we’re here and we’re just going to the side. Dropping our neck to the side
and just dropping it over. You could even give it a little
bit of pull into the neck, a little dynamic stretch. About 10 repetitions
you’re going to the side. Next you’re gonna angle
downwards so you’re coming down towards the back of the head pull. And just a nice pull right there, just coming down into a cross. And then this one, you’re
gonna look towards your left or towards your right, which
side you’re doing this on. Just look and stretch, look and stretch. Also chest out, shoulder blades back. We’re just trying to look
and stretch and you’ll hit about 10 repetitions for
each on of these moves. (upbeat music) Next one with the band, we have
the overhead squat stretch. So band overhead squat,
pulling the band up, arms behind the head
sitting into the movement, looking up into the ceiling,
getting a nice squat. From the side we’re here, opening it up, head up,
sitting into the squat. Watch the knees, push the
hips and the butt back. You don’t wanna make sure the knees are forward so we’re here, band open, sitting into the movement. One more time from the front, we’re here, open it back, and sitting down. If you’re having a hard time with that you may get a lighter band
and just work on opening your arms and your shoulders,
you don’t wanna let that pull behind you ’cause it could hurt. (upbeat music) We have our foam roller stretches. So, I’m gonna take off one shoe. So the foot that has the shoe on, I’m gonna use that to balance. We’re doing an adductor calf stretch mash. So, adductor stretch, we’re
getting our inner thighs and our groins. And then we’re mashing our calf. We’re just rolling left and right. Even get in a little bit
of the ankle circles. You can get onto the base of your ankle onto the bottom of the calf. That’s gonna open up your
inner thighs and your groin. And we’re gonna really mash that calf. (upbeat music) And lastly we have the lat
and tricep mash and stretch. So, elbows here right
on top of the roller, and then you’re gonna
try and get your head below your shoulders and your
arms and you’re gonna drop. And you’re gonna come all
the way down and stretch. And just feel that pinch
when you get the head down. Watch these elbows, sometimes
they wanna come out. So you wanna make sure they’re in. You drop the head below
the shoulders and drop. And just feel that stretch. You can do that about eight to 10 times and then also individually. You’ll mash onto the tricep,
moving this arm up and down, rotating it around, and
give it a nice mash. And again, if you haven’t already, please go ahead and click
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bell so you never miss any of my latest content. I hope these 10 beneficial mobility drills and stretches help, because before you get
out into the mountain, chances are you’re gonna fall, your legs are gonna get
hammered from going out there all day long. So implement these stretches
and mobility drills to keep your body loose, injury free, and hopefully you never get hurt. Stay tuned and I’ll see
you in the next one. ♪ You let me in, let me in, yeah ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ I’m grateful, oh yeah ♪ ♪ Able, oh yeah ♪ ♪ I’m stable, oh yeah ♪ ♪ No label, oh yeah ♪ ♪ You know me, ♪ ♪ I have only a path ♪ ♪ I’m lonely, but damn ♪