I’m Vanjo Merano from PanlasangPinoy.com It’s weekend, perfect for making salad but we’ll be making special one today because I’ll be showing you how to make Keto Bacon and Egg Salad this is for those on Ketogenic diet and here are the ingredients we need for this salad bacon, this is popular in every keto recipes egg, organic or regular will do shredded sharp cheddar cheese “dahon ng sibuyas” or scallions Dijon mustard few red onions salt ground black pepper of course, Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise we also need water for boiled egg and here is the complete list of ingredients with their measurement Are you guys ready? This is really simple, let’s start cooking! put eggs one at a time in a pot full of water at this point, the stove not yet turned on cover cooking pot bring to boil make sure that the eggs are well cooked, we may not turn the stove on it’s important for the water to boil this starts to boil we want this to boil rapidly once the water boils like this, this is now ready turn the stove off then let the egg be cooked with the water for 10 minutes after 10 minutes, It’s ready remove lid drain water then run cold water on it we are now trying to stop the cooking process putting ice would be better the egg still cooks from the inside even if hot water is drained since it’s still hot adding ice will stop the the egg’s cooking process so this won’t be over cooked cool down for 10 minutes let’s cook the bacon for the mean time preheat a cooking pan and then put the bacon in it I’m using a huge pan so this bacon fits well, but if your pan is small just cut the bacon to half So i will now show you how this should be done get a kitchen shears, cut bacon into half then arrange in the pan for efficiency, cut bacons in bulk arrange bacon like this then cut cook under medium heat, 3 minutes for each side flip this over after 3 minutes so the other side is cooked It’s important to make this crispy so after 3 minutes, if the other side is not that crispy yest, cook a little bit more until this becomes crispy once this shrinks, it means that this is already cooked you will notice that bacon fats are now extracted from the bacon, making it shrink cook until crispy once bacon is ready, transfer to a bowl transfer bacon one a time so we could arrange this in the bowl make sure that bacon is crispy cook a little more if necessary while we are cooling the bacon down, let us peel the egg then slice afterwards the good thing about how we cooked this eggs, no ring marks are visible once sliced peel then slice all the eggs then set aside we may now slice the bacon after cooling it down I stack this, about 3 to 4 pcs then slice do this for efficiency slice all the bacon we got set aside let us prepare our mixture for the salad get a bowl and our Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise I always use this in making my salalds I always use this in making Bacon and Egg Salads so as to my Macaroni Salads, of course that’s apart from making “palaman” put Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise on our mixing bowl and then the Dijon mustard this Dijon mustard is also creamy this got minimal carbohydrate content season this with salt and then ground black pepper and then prepare our red onions onion has low carbohydrate content but has high sugar content so I suggest to put few only mix well after mixing, we may now add the eggs we sliced here goes the eggs, let’s put it all in here, adn then followed by chopped bacon there you go as simple as that, then mix fold make sure to fold this slowly as much as possible, mix this without breaking the eggs fold this slowly and then we may now add our shredded sharp cheddar cheese mix make sure that all ingredients are well blended we may now add the scallions or “dahon ng sibuyas” mix transfer to a serving bowl and serve this is now our Ketogenic Bacon and Egg Salad here goes our Ketogenic Bacon and Egg Salad, I told you this is easy to make let us now have a taste I bet this is delicious of course, this got bacon in it Mmm~ Delicious! the bacon is so tasty and the mayonnaise is so rich and creamy plus the egg and all other ingredients onions are just right, making this so delicious Mmm~ Wow! I could actually have this daily beause this is so tasty, so delicious and of course it suites me since I’m on a Keto diet as well so if you are on keto, try this, you may have this daily but of course, in moderation good thing we tried this so next time, we could have this on our salad list I hope you learn something new today and if you liked this recipe don’t forget to like this video and thank you very much for tunning in on our videos and If you are not yet subscribed, just subscribe here at our Panlasang Pinoy Youtube Chanel now let me greet the following Hello and how are you Che Reyes andto Genevieve Orais Hello as well to Arthur Gallos, to Malou Velasco, How are you Malou? huge shout out to Jeliane Rosal HT Parada, Hello to you too “To Archie Magno. How are you Archie, Thank you very much for your greetings!
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