Keto long term. Is it safe? Is it possible?
Is it healthy? A lot of people have concerns and questions so I’m gonna
answer some of the most common ones coming right up so keto is getting very
very popular because people are getting results but then there’s also a lot of
skeptics and when the skeptics raise their voices then people get concerned
they get worried and they wonder can i really trust this. Can I really do keto
long term because they’re scaring people that if you keep this up it’s gonna hurt
you. So at first they said, the skeptic said, “oh it’s ridiculous of course you
can’t lose fat by eating fat” and then they said, ” oops I guess you can” because
there was just so many people doing that but then they said oh well you can lose
some fat but it’s not sustainable and if it’s sustainable then at least it’s not
healthy and that’s kind of where everyone is today we have the keto camp
and the the skeptic camp and everyone agrees that yes you will lose weight but
the skeptics say that yeah yeah yeah it’s possible but keto is not sustainable
you can’t keep it up it’s dangerous and so on and so on but is that is there any
foundation is that a good argument what are they basing that on so
basically it’s based on a fat phobia and where did we get that where did that
come from why are we so afraid of fat because fats been around for as long as
human has been around and for the most part we have probably eaten more
saturated fat than we’ve eaten anything else so we have demonized saturated fat
and cholesterol it’s the first thing that shows up on food labels calories
total fat and saturated fat as if those are the things that we need to avoid
so this fat phobia is based on a couple of really bad studies in the 1950s where
they just watch people they’ve made certain assumptions and they decided
that saturated fat and cholesterol is bad
recent studies have shown that it is the processed fat it’s the man-made fats so
the reason people started noticing fat was when people got sick from eating
margarine and shortening and processed fats along with lots and lots of sugar
and this really started in the early 1900s and then accelerated all the way
through the 1900s and nobody looked at the quality or type of fats and that’s
where we got this fat phobia that is so ingrained now that nobody dares question
it everyone says oh if you propose eating bacon you must surely be crazy
and it’s like we’re not really questioning why would it be that bad
okay and it turns out it isn’t because most modern studies show that saturated
fat is actually better it’s a really really good fuel source
it’s the polyunsaturated fats that create problems and saturated fats
improve the ratio of cholesterol because it’s not the total number that matters
it’s the balance between the two total cholesterol to HDL of about three to one
then you’re doing perfectly fine and the lower that ratio the better you’re doing
and saturated fats improve that ratio but even though those old studies were
from the 1950s and we’ve had decades to get better information and we had better
information old ideas die hard because once we get a feeling about something
then it’s very very hard to and that’s what I hear from a lot of people is I
I’ve read this and I read this and I tried it and I feel better but I’ve read
I heard it for so long that fat is bad so I’m just scared to eat it and it’s
the fear it’s a phobia it’s founded on the wrong information because as long as
the fat is natural is perfectly okay and then people say that
carbs are the main source of energy that if you don’t eat carbs you’re starving
yourself and again this is just not true it is it is has been the main source of
energy for the last few hundred years when we have increased our agriculture
we’ve increased the the processing of grain we’ve included bread in in
everything but again agriculture has only been around for ten thousand years
which is a incredibly short time compared to the time that you have been
around as a human so agriculture started ten thousand years ago but also at that
time the grains were completely different they had more protein less
carbohydrates and people ate them whole so even if we say that we’ve had grains
for a while we just haven’t had them in the form that we’re eating them today
and carbs are not the main source of energy because humans have two sources
of energy two primary sources it’s three and four you include protein but the two
main sources are carbohydrates and fat and the body will burn which ever one it
has the most available so if you feed it carbs it’ll burn carbs if you feed it
fat it’ll burn fat it’s as simple as that so it depends on where humans have
lived it depends on what their lifestyle was it depends on the time of the season
what was available at the time then they mentioned that the keto diet
has no calorie restriction and surely that must be a bad thing because we all
know calories are bad and again we’ve decided that fat is bad cholesterol is
bad calories are bad oh don’t eat avocado it has too many calories
don’t eat salmon it’s too fatty it has too many calories don’t eat nuts it has
too many calories eat that little rice cake eat this
little fluffy processed sugary thing it only has a hundred calories per serving
haven’t we heard that over and over and over for the last 40 years we’ve turned
calories into the enemy and it’s not it’s what keeps us alive for as long as
life has existed on the planet every species have started the day
looking for calories okay it’s the thing that keeps us alive the reason that it
messes with us today is that we have processed them we have changed them we
have introduced processed foods and sugars and processed carbs that are
unnatural to our bodies that’s why we lose our ability to regulate hunger so
we shouldn’t have a calorie restriction when your body is healthy when your body
gets the type of food and the nutrients that it’s designed for your body knows
how much to eat the only reason it eats too much is you eat processed foods and
your insulin resistance then they say that it forces the body to burn fat
again as if that was a bad thing there is no force about it because when carbs
go really really low the body burns fat so you can turn that argument around and
say when carbs are really high it forces the body to burn carbs because the carbs
high blood sugar will put a diabetic into a coma carbs are toxic high blood
sugar is one of the most dangerous things that you can have so if you eat a
lot of carbs you force the body to burn carbs okay it’s it’s a ridiculous
argument it’s again it’s about balance and what has the body been doing for
most of the time and for most of the time we have never ever had a lifestyle
that allows us to develop insulin resistance we’ve never had that many
carbohydrates and sugars and processed carbs around
never been around so we we know plenty about missing a few meals because we’ve
done that for as long as we’ve been around we never we had no defense
against the the abundance of carbohydrates it forces the body to burn
fat and as a result you can there is no deprivation or exercise it’s like you
have to have calorie restriction you you have to have suffer you have to have
pain because otherwise you don’t deserve to be to be slender it’s like this crazy
mentality that we have forgotten what it’s supposed to work like we’re
supposed to feel happy we’re supposed to feel good we’re supposed to eat till
we’re full we’re supposed to know when we’re full okay but carbohydrates and
insulin drive a fat storing mechanism that prevents us from using the fat and
therefore we don’t know when we’re full because our bodies tell us eat more eat
more eat more because I put all of my my blood sugar in fat storage through
insulin and I can’t get to it because the insulin is still high so you got to
eat something more and that’s the mechanism that turns off your ability to
decide how much to eat humans are not supposed to be deprived and of course
exercise you shouldn’t have to exercise to
maintain your weight but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to exercise because
like I talked about in many many different videos exercise is absolutely
necessary to optimize your health so you want to do that five six days a week
regardless but it has really very little to do with losing weight it is good for
reversing insulin resistance but you shouldn’t have to force your body
through exercise to lose weight and then one of the most common arguments is that
it’s too extreme and and again it’s an opinion it’s like surely fat is bad
surely it’s extreme to eat that few carbs but when we call it a
dream we want to ask extreme compared to what okay if we go into a food store
today it has about fifty thousand items on the shelves how many of those items
existed ten thousand years ago or even five hundred years ago okay
hardly any that’s extreme we have replaced our entire food supply with
fake foods we don’t have access to real food from most regular food stores
that’s extreme okay when people say that it’s too extreme to eat 30 grams of
carbs compared to what 400 grams of carbs is extreme because your ancestors
never ever saw that kind of carbs never even if they found a beehive and they
ate the whole thing in one bite they probably couldn’t get that much so most
of the objections are based on emotional reactions to what we believe is true and
it doesn’t have any solid foundation doesn’t have any good explanation in
physiology and the best way to judge this is try it and see how it works what
you want to understand though is along the way it’s about quality of foods is
it sustainable absolutely is it safe absolutely can it be done healthy
absolutely does everyone have to do it is it the best possible diet for
everybody not necessarily if you like it then do it if you reverse your insulin
resistance all the way then I think most people can probably not have to be in
ketosis I think you should still be at low carb because four hundred grams of
carbs a day is going to ruin your health guaranteed
but even if you start eating a little bit of potato here and there or some
some brown rice or something if you have
completely reversed your insulin resistance then that might be okay so we
don’t want to turn keto into a religion either okay the reason it is so popular
and the reason it works so well and the reason it’s a fantastic idea for most
people is that most people are insulin resistance from decades of eating
processed foods and too many carbs so what you want to do you want to listen
to people who have clinical experience who have actually worked with a lot of
people over a long period of time and who have some sort of education and some
foundation in physiology to understand insulin everyone else is pretty much
just a self-proclaimed expert in in one field or another and what they’re
throwing around our opinions and most of these opinions are based on emotions and
what we’ve been told and surely it can’t be like that
okay so this channel is all about learning as much as possible about how
the body really works so that when you see that next article or you hear that
next comment then you have enough knowledge that you can make up your own
mind and you can say yeah that makes sense
that fits about a hundred other pieces of good information I’ve heard or you
can say you know that doesn’t make sense because it’s just another piece thrown
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