Hello and welcome back to my channel,
today I’m going to talk to you all about keto breakfast ideas for beginners so
whether you’re new to the keto diet or looking to get back into it this video
is going to give you heaps of ideas and inspiration for low carb keto friendly
breakfasts that are so easy and simple to put together
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into it, so how do you put together a breakfast that is keto, low
carb high fat and is also quick and easy well it’s really simple first of all
start with eggs! I start with eggs most days I definitely
have breakfast without eggs but I start with eggs most days, now how do you like
your eggs? Do you like them fried, scrambled, an omelet, poached however you like them cook them with lots of fat, unlesss poach then you cook it in water
but I put my fried eggs or on little scrambled eggs in lots of butter or you
could use coconut oil or whatever oil you like to get it nice and crispy and
to bring up the fat content of it and once you have your eggs how about some
sides, think about vegetables, you can go for mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower,
asparagus, I’ve been loving radishes lately, you can have spinach, green beans
there are all kinds of low-carb keto friendly vegetables to choose from, I
definitely enjoy at least a portion of vegetables with my breakfast and then
there’s protein sometimes I will have an additional protein in addition to eggs
like sausages or any leftover meat or smoked salmon in the past of also had
steak and eggs as well for breakfast for a massive protein hit to start my day
out and then add fats, we’re all about low carb and high fat so think about
adding some sour cream some feta maybe cook eggs and vegetables in some cream or mascarpone, add your fat in lots of delicious ways there’s so
many options and then it’s really just about mixing and matching you can pick a couple of veggies to enjoy over the week and then make eggs in different ways you
can have mushrooms and fried eggs, next day you could have mushrooms and an omelet
the next day you could have scrambled eggs with mushrooms on the side so you
can have eggs in different ways and buy veggies that you enjoy and enjoy them
day after day oven you can mix and match, I tend to just rotate through whatever’s
in season whatever I feel like and just everyday I’ll have eggs, couple of eggs,
some fat and just rotate that in whatever way I feel like and how about
breakfast without eggs definitely can have keto breakfast without eggs
in fact I filmed a whole video with seven breakfast ideas without eggs, I’ll
definitely leave that in the information cards and down below for you but for some
quick and easy ideas for you chia pudding, you definitely can have chia on
keto it’s just pure fiber goodness, find a low carb yoghurt, you can leave it in
the fridge overnight and you’ve got an easy go to breakfast in the morning I’ve
also had smoothies, loads of smoothies through my Keto, journey and sometimes
I’ll even have a protein shake if I’m on the go, really quick I’ll make up a
protein shake and run out the door you can also be a little bit organized and
spend some time making a meal prep box I’ve done that in the past as well made
a meal prep box with all kinds of breakfast goodies and then I have my
fridge full with meal prep boxes ready to go for the week with all kinds of
easy yummy keto breakfasts and don’t forget you can also have leftovers for
breakfast what did you enjoy for dinner yesterday, have it for leftovers this
morning just raid your fridge put together a platter of all kinds of
goodies and you’ve got breakfast really the main key is keep it simple what do
you already have in your kitchen that you can enjoy for breakfast, find two,
three breakfasts you really enjoy and just keep cooking those, you don’t have
to cook a different breakfast every day of the week for every day of the month
and every day of the year, find a few things
you enjoy and just rinse and repeat, so there you go those are my tips for keto
breakfast ideas for beginners make sure that you check down below for a link to
the blog post and all the other videos that I mentioned along the way for lots
more inspiration for easy keto breakfasts for beginners and remember to leave a
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