What you wanna do is get on the right path
and the right path simplicity keep it simple and stay on the right path Hello everyone, It’s old Butter Bob, I’m out here in the woods. Sometimes it feels like it’s a bewildering situation when when you first dieting. You have so much
information coming at you from every conceivable direction and I’m just one
more instance of someone send you more information but i wanna I wanna tell you
about my experience and maybe it’ll help you a little bit. You know, I’m out here in the
woods and there’s all kinds of trees and bushes and we could pretend like
those things are kind of like information but what we really need to know is a simple idea where the path is. What is it that we’re really trying to do? the path of course is we want to lose that big belly we got and we want to know the best way
to do that Well, I had a gift given to me and it was the gift of not being a very good cook I’m a terrible cook actually, and every time
I try a new recipe it doesn’t work out very well for me so I had to learn how to keep my food very simple so I just broke it down to the very most simple things that I could do like I told you in my other videos, I had bacon and eggs,
sausage and eggs, I had fried chicken cooked in lard. I did very simple menu, a simple high fat menu and I noticed something I didn’t need all these elaborate recipes
because my appetite went down and I noticed that I wasn’t eating and I
followed and listen to my body listen it’s only later on as I was more
and more successful that I realized that I had accidentally tapped into the most
important thing that you could possibly do on this diet what is that thing? It’s listen, listen
we’re trying to reduce our weight and some people will complicate that they
want they want to make up a hundred different recipes, or they want to do
very elaborate things but what we gotta do is focus on what the real thing is that we’re trying to do and that real thing is to lose the fat. Well, these this
simple food makes it easy you’re you’re able to eat, but not spending a lot of time
on the eating or the preparing of the food and therefore you’re able to get on with your life fasting is the same way. when you feel the appetite control kick in, you want to go with it you want to listen to it listen to your body believed me guys it
will get so much easier for you as you go along. The magic and this is really
the magic is once you get your appetite down and you begin the
process fasting its gonna make things easier you’re gonna see your weight is
coming off your not having to put all your energy your mental thought into
getting this thing accomplished. You’re just doing what nature tells you to do, not eat, and when it is time to eat you’ve got some kind of simple
little meal that you can eat to get you by some people say well that’s really
boring well I’m telling you it’s not boring when you’re able to come out to a
park like this and walk up and down these hills without being out of breath, that’s not boring, and it’s not boring to be able to jump on a trampoline with your grandkids, that’s not boring, what is boring is being heavy and being confused and studying
yourself to death trying to figure out a thousand different recipes to make this
work look at yourself a high-fat diet did you actually simple menu layout few
simple meals that you can put together for your week listen to your body and
watch the way come off as a weight comes off you’ll feel better and better you’ll
feel better about every aspect of your life as you see this thing work guys I
know what it’s like to be bewildered you know it to be in a forceful of
information and not know what to do you know before I lost the weight before I
got on this plane I went to a jail and I worked myself have to bear on these
machines and it did almost no good at all it made me feel terrible about
myself I’m not putting exercise then exercises fantastic career hell but it
was a waste of my time we all have a limited amount of time to get things
done before before we become frustrated so what we need to do is find simplicity
employ that simplicity and go with it bulimia wants guys you have no idea how
power how powerful it is to get your insulin level down and watch your body
transform itself by making simple look on my website this could be a short
video on my website I have a little article called simple boring take a
chainsaw to your problem man you creating a pretty much puts together the
idea of eating high-fat diet put together a simple high-fat diet but you
get a simple strategies that you can put together to make those recipes for sure
maybe increase the fat in those recipes it also put together my idea that
simplicity + listening to your body plus short-term fasting is it just a it’s a
miracle almost a white will do your body because I will
tell you why it’s not because it’s a smart plan on my part is because it’s
nature’s light it is nature’s way to get the white often get you back down or you
should also be so when you do it nature’s White Horse it’s much easier
than doing it some smart guys wife are some intelligent persons white folks you
gotta see this beautiful here keeping it simple help you control your appetite
and that’s the whole point controlling your appetite allows you to harness
nature’s power and nature’s power which is fast think we’ll ask you to lose the
white house to make a lot of plans will have to think a lot about all the issues
that you need to do just need to harness nature’s power thank you