you welcome for the Seraph it showed the latest healthy living info brought to you by sarah fit comm today i am bringing you katy perry's workout she's getting married in about two months and also has a new album so it's extremely important for her to look good and be in shape her trainer is Harley Pasternak and his name might sound familiar to you because he's also the same trainer as Lady gaga and Jessica Simpson's he is also the author of the five factor fitness plan and diet so with Katie's workout she gets in five days at least of exercise and Harley says that really you only need 25 minutes whether or not Katie exercises more I'm gonna guess that she probably does if she has the time she is busy and she didn't say that she exercises as much as she can but with a busy schedule like Katy Perry's 25 minutes maybe all that she can handle so she starts off with 5 minutes of cardio if you're gonna do this at home I would suggest jumping rope if you don't have a gym or you can't go outside or run for 5 minutes then depending on which day it is she focuses on three body parts an upper a lower and an ab so for example one day she would work on her biceps her glutes and her obliques so she moves from one move directly into the next move directly into the next this is called a superset there's no resting in between moves she does each move about 25 times and so she goes does each exercise so for example let's say we're gonna do 25 bicep curls then we'll move into 25 squats and then we'll do 25 bicycle crunches we're gonna do that four times and then we're gonna finish with five minutes of fat-burning cardio Kati typically does jump rope when she's on tour because she doesn't have a lot of equipment with her but Harley also recommends doing five different cardio exercises one after the other so jog in place for one minute then do speed skaters for another minute jumping jacks for your third minute to cross over elbow crunches for another minute and then finish it off with some mountain climbers to really blast that fat and get your heart rate up there so that's a sample workout of Katy Perry's five factor fitness plan and so come on and we'll get started to get in a 25 minute workout like Katy Perry you want to start with 5 minutes of cardio you can go running jump rope or even start 5 minutes on the Stairmaster then you're gonna come and you're gonna do an upper body exercise followed by a lower body followed by an ab and we're going to do 25 reps of each exercise and we're going to repeat this four times so for 4 sets so to start we're gonna do bicep curls so we're gonna come up and it's one down you want to squeeze on the way up and really stretch on the way down after you do 25 we're gonna move in to a squat so you want your feet about shoulder width distance apart and you can use a pair of dumbbells or you can even have a body bar up here and so we're gonna come back squat down with your chest up and push up through your heels so come down and come back up we're gonna do 25 reps that's right that might seem like a lot but when you only have 25 minutes and you're only doing three moves you really want to get in as much as you can so now we're gonna come down to the mat and do our obliques we're gonna do a bicycle crunch a lot of people don't do bicycle crunches correctly and again we're not gonna we're not resting I'm just talking for you to come down with your hands behind your head you want your knees to be at a 90 degree angle you really don't want to go past this 90 degree angle otherwise you're helping out you're cheating and you don't have to come up as far and so as you extend one leg out you're gonna reach up your opposite elbow to the opposite knee again not breaking 90 degrees and you want to look at your opposite elbow and then switch and really extend that other leg try to touch the the wall and once you do 25 reps of those you're gonna get back up rest 90 seconds and then you're going to do by Carles all over again followed by spots followed by bicycle crunches then at the end we're gonna do some cardio and I'll show you guys that next so now you've only got five minutes left before the cooldown and we're really gonna try to get our heart rate up there so that we're burning fat apparently according to Harley we've already burned the carbs so now we're really getting into that fat melting cardio that we all want so we're gonna start by running in place now this isn't really an easy running a place you really want to get your knees up there and just kind of go back and forth then once you get to one minute we're gonna go into speed skaters so you're gonna come to one side touch with your opposite hand and jump over to the other side and touch this takes a little bit of balance we can't do it at first the farther you drop the harder it's gonna be so really try to get to the opposite side of your mat and touch down after you get to a minute of those we're gonna go to jumping jacks next minute we're gonna do elbow to knee crunches you really want to get it up there and curl and then you've just got one more left and it's everybody's favorite it's mountain climbers get down your hands underneath your shoulders and you're just gonna start if you're a beginner you can just come up and back and if you're a little bit more advanced like me and even watching my videos you should be come in too fast and that is the last five minutes of the five-factor fitness plan I hope you enjoyed this workout featuring Katy Perry's workout I'm wearing this t-shirt I make boys cry because I feel like it would make Katy proud what do you guys think leave your suggestions in the comments below don't forget that you can enter to win my favorite new naturals products giveaway by entering a suggestion on my channel backslash Sarah's fab channel in the moderator section so you have until this Friday to enter and if you win you'll get some amazing new naturals products that I personally use on a regular 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