I know there’s a lot of fear about people
rationing healthcare and the whole notion of rationing healthcare. But it’s interesting.
If you look at it right now, healthcare fundamentally at the base level is rationed now and it’s
rationed by the socioeconomic range of the individuals getting care. I mean, if you look
at it, people with multiple resources of their own, with third party payer insurance from
their positions, with a certain amount of wealth can get as much healthcare as they
need any time they want, any place that they want. But as you move down the socioeconomic
ladder and levels, healthcare is rationed because people simply can’t afford it. So
the whole notion that healthcare reform is going to force us into rationing is really
not recognizing the real reality we’re facing now, which is fundamentally based on the economic
position you’re in. It’s rationed for you anyway. �