Mitchell: Hey guys, my name’s Mitchell,
I go to Westlake Boys High School and I’m here today because I’m interested in the
career of a fitness trainer. Which is why I’ve come to… Clinton: Mitchell’s spending the day here
at City Fitness in Queen Street, Auckland. His mentor for the day is Neil Wagstaff, City
Fitness’s director of sales and operations. Neil: I’ve got your uniform here for you
– should we get inside and get ready to go? Mitchell: Cheers. Neil: After you!
Clinton: Now with Mitchell looking the part…and smart, in the company uniform, it was time
for a guided tour of the gym. Neil: So the club is based over three floors
here, and the way the gym is laid out is you can see here is we’ve got a cardio theatre.
So this is, all this equipment is very stable, so all resistance based, we’ve also got
equipment that’s going to be great for the legs, great for the back – a lot of people
when they’re working out will exercise what we call “the beach muscles”, the muscles
you can see at the front of the body… Mitchell: Yep.
Neil: Our machines are cable-based, so again, depending on what you’re looking to achieve
as to whether we recommend the stable equipment or going to the more unstable. Neil: So downstairs, Mitchell, we’ve got
our main cardio theatre and as you can see a huge variety of equipment – from our incumbent
cycles right the way though to our cross trainers. We’ve also got our main studio where our
main classes happen, so things like our Group Power, our Group Active, Group … Studio
– again, a huge variety of classes depending on the goal that your clients will be looking
for. Neil: So up on the third floor Mitchell, we
see some of the similar equipment we’ve already seen downstairs, what you will see
up here though is lot more open space where a lot of our trainers do there one-on-one
sessions, so once they’ve worked downstairs in the Cardio Theatre with their clients,
they bring them up to do their core work up here – body weight exercises and some of
the biggest strength exercises as well. We’ve also got up here as well our Abundance Studio,
which is Abundance we work in partnership with, which is yoga and Pilates. Clinton: Tour completed, next up for Mitchell
is to meet Bryn, the gym’s fitness manager, who was about to assess City Fitness’s newest
member, Lisa…. Bryn: So Mitchell what we’re doing at the
moment is just going through what Lisa wants to achieve while she’s in the gym and working
together with a personal trainer. Clinton: Every new member is assessed by their
personal trainer so their own training regime can be tailored to their health and fitness
goals. Bryn: So is there anything that’s holding
you back from achieving these goals at the moment? Bryn: Stay nice and still, and just a constant
breathing. Clinton: Included in the assessment is a measurement
of blood pressure and heart rate. Lisa: Yeah, I think it’s great to bed led
because it’s quite daunting coming in and not really knowing what to do and where to
start so it’s great to have somebody tell you the situation you’re at, at the moment… Martin: Yeah, yeah. Lisa: …and give you a goal to work to. Mitchell: So Lisa, I hear you’re going round
on your first circuit around here? Lisa: Yep. Michell: Do you mind if I join you? Lisa: Not a problem! Come on. Mitchell: Sweet as. Neil: We would go through and regularly recruit
for new trainers at all of our clubs. The process we go though is looking – our main
priorities is to find the people that have got the right characteristics, so they’ve
got a passion for health and fitness, they’re motivated, inspirational and have got that
ability to communicate well, and listen to what people want. Bryn: There’s many different ways of being
a personal trainer – you can have individual clients, and then also you can be ding group
sessions, or known as boot camp. So what we’re going to do today is we’re going to do a
small little group of four young men, and I want you to join in and shown them how to
do it, so we’ll get in to it! Mitchell: Sweet as! Bryn: Alright. Bryn: Ok, so Max over here is going to come
up for one, come down and so on, ok? So Max, up for one, down! Ian, one, down! Mikey… Bryn: Mikey, two , three… Bryn: So, down…push on the way up… Bryn: Use that leg, down… Neil: A lot of our trainers have come though
qualifications from university-based, private suppliers, but we also run our own, our own
academy, which is we run in partnership with Skills Active. It’s a Level 3 nationally
recognised qualification, which allows all of our trainers to meet the standard we require. Mitchell: Now, do you have to be ultra-fit
to be a personal trainer? Neil: No, definitely…definitely what you
do have to do is you have to be able to walk the walk. Mitchell: Yep. Neil: So you don’t need to be able to do
an ultra-marathon though ,you don’t need to be able to play first grade rugby, you
don’t need to be able to swim for the north and south island, but you need to be able
to walk the walk. Neil: obviously a gym’s open from 5.30 in
the morning through to nine or ten at night, so you need to make sure as well that that
energy is there for the whole day. Mitchell: So I believe you run some group
fitness classes here? Pich: Yes we do. Mitchell: Is it the Power fitness, is that
it? Pich: It’s Power, that’s right. Are you
going to try one today? Mitchell: Er, I believe I am. Pich: Well Power is a 60 minute class and
it’s barbells and free-weights based, so you’re working all over your body, you start
off with a warm up, and it just goes from all your main muscle groups, you’re covering
every part of your body – muscles that you probably didn’t even know existed, so then
and end up with a core track and a core… Alan: Skills Active is an Industry Training
Organisation. We don’t do any training – what we do do is help facilities, the likes of
City Fitness in this world, to provide training to their staff and bring them up to a National
Certificate qualification level. So people, when they come to City Fitness to go through
City Fitness training, will do all the training inside City Fitness, but when they finish
that training, they actually end up with a National Certificate from Skills Active. Neil: So to become registered with the Registered
Exercise Professionals, our in-house qualification is recognised by REPS, and it’s a requirement
for all of our trainers that they are on the Register of Exercise Professionals. Two reasons
for that – first one that we want to ensure that each one of our trainers will meet the
industry standard, if not another reason that we want to make sure that all of our customers
and members know that the trainers have the required qualifications.
1.06.02 Alan: This gives them their ability to work within the professional bodies in
the industry, such as City Fitness. It also gives them the ability to move internationally. Clinton: Well, it’s been a busy day for
Mitchell and it’s not over yet! Time now for Bryn to put Mitchell himself through his
paces – one on one… Bryn: What I’ll do is we’ll just jump
down and I want you to 15 push ups to start with ok, to get that chest warmed up, ok so
let’s go… Mitchell: …all the way down to my fist,
every time. So touch…I didn’t feel it, let’s go…there you go! Bryn: What want you to do is try and pull
yourself so your chin is over, all the way down, ok, and coming back up. Bryn: Yep, you’re alright, and pull, here
we go, pull, good man! One… Bryn: There we go, up, one… Mitchell: How many are we doing? Bryn: Let’s go for twelve… Bryn: One more, one more! Push, work for it,
good! Neil: He’s done well. He’ll sleep well
tonight I think! He’s had a fun-packed day, he’s obviously had a tour round the club,
he’s seen us assess some of our members, he’s been through that assessment process
himself, he’s tried a Group Fitness class, he’s been through a Boot Camp with Bryn,
our Fitness Manager, and he’s still got a smile on his face. Bryn: So well done Mitch! Awesome work! Mitchell: Cheers! Mitchell: Thanks very much, man! Bryn: No problem! Mitchell: Well, I had a fantastic day, and
I guess being a personal trainer is something to consider. Clinton: There are no specific entry requirements
to become a Personal Trainer but you must be passionate about Health and Fitness with
a strong desire to help people change their lives. Training can be done on the job through
Skills Active ITO who offers Level 2 to level 4 National certificates in Fitness. All Skills
Active fitness qualifications are recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals
for both initial registration and for on-going education. Career advancement is good with
overseas work possibilities once registered.