Juicing versus Blending. What is it?
What’s it good for and when would you do one or the other? Coming right up. Hey I’m Dr. Ekberg with Wellness For
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so that you don’t miss anything. Both blending and juicing are getting
more and more popular but there is some confusion so I thought I’d clear up a
few things first of all if you blend something it doesn’t make it juice just
because it’s liquid in juicing we remove the fiber and we keep the sugar and the
nutrients in blending we put the whole thing in there and you keep all the
fiber so it’s a whole food still in that sense obviously and with blending use a
blender in a juicing you use a juicer so a juicer is something that can separate
the fiber from the liquid it shreds it puts pressure on it and you get the
liquid out there so why would we want to do one or the other because it’s about
vegetables it’s about fruits and vegetables and this is a convenient way
of consuming them however in blending it’s difficult to consume more than
maybe one pound or so a day and inducing however we can consume as much as 10 15
maybe even 20 pounds of fruits and vegetables in a single day and we’re
getting all of those nutrients into our bodies everything except the fiber
because vegetables are cleansing that means that this is a cleansing method
it’s super charging your body with nutrients you’re assisting of your liver
and getting rid of toxins so this is most suitable for people with a chronic
disease someone who might be too weak to digest food at all day they don’t have
much of an appetite they eat something but it doesn’t know
good because they don’t have the energy to break it down digestion is very
expensive it takes a lot of energy for the body to process
the food and it when we juice then it’s predigested it’s extremely simple for
the body the nutrients basically just flow across the intestinal membrane and
they’re in the bloodstream and we’re done very very toxic people people with
cancer and autoimmunity and degenerative disease they’re prime candidates for
this because if you’re toxic you need cleansing primarily so juice provides
concentrated nutrients you can’t get that much nutrients in you from real
food unless you remove the fiber so here it tastes it juices taste very good even
things that you don’t think of a sweet per se like lettuce and cucumber and
things like that they turn out sweet when you juice them
because you’re concentrating nutrients and you’re concentrating the sugar so
you’re getting the vitamins minerals and enzymes everything that you need to
process these foods you’re getting all its nutrients in their natural form
but it is also important to not heat the juice and don’t let it sit too long if
possible you want to use a low speed juicer that doesn’t heat or fling the
juice around too much so it gets exposed to a lot of oxygen so low speed juicer
and drink it as fresh as possible within minutes or a couple of hours don’t drink
it the next day because a lot of the nutrients will be gone by then
the concentrated sugar can be a good thing and a bad thing if you’re really
weak people who don’t have a lot of energy they don’t have the energy to
digest things that sugar is a great energy source they can get get some
energy they can get some blood sugar that’s an easy energy for them but if
you are more just trying to do this because you’re overweight and you’re
extremely insulin resistant then juicing may not be the way to go because if
you’re working with ketosis and intermittent fasting this will
definitely throw you out of ketosis there is however a place
there’s a Gerson Institute founded by Maxie Gerson and he started treating
chronic disease and cancer and severe cases of different things back in 20s
and 30s and he found that he had great success with cancer and and several
degenerative diseases but he also had success with diabetes so I don’t know
all of the factors that are involved there but it seems like just loading
supercharging the body with nutrients could have such a beneficial effect that
you could even overcome and heal the body and help it heal from diabetes as
well but I would primarily suggest this for people who have the chronic disease
the cancer the who are too weak to digest etc for most people I would
suggest for the most part stick with blending because here you keep the fiber
it’s an everyday habit something that you can do every day for a long long
time it’s a great meal replacement you can put some nuts you can put some
protein into the blending and you have a whole meal it is a raw food that
provides enzymes so you’re getting a lot of the natural things from whole food
you’re getting raw plant fiber that is the raw materials it’s the food for the
healthy portion of your gut flora the sugar and the starch the processed food
feeds the opportunistic bad flora but the raw plant fiber the whole food feeds
the good flora so that’s a way of helping your body rebalance that gut
flora and because you want to emphasize mostly vegetables and not so much fruits
maybe a few berries in here you can get this very low in sugar so that even if
there’s a few grams of sugar it’s not gonna throw you out of ketosis you can
maintain this with a very low carbohydrate lifestyle as well this is
more of a temporary thing or more of an extreme measure to supercharge your body
this is more of an ongoing lifestyle habits hope that was helpful
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