♪ Intro Music ♪ Hello there everyone … Judging – it’s what we do … Judging is what people on Earth, do. The good news about your judgments is it can tell you a lot about what is contained in your unconscious mind. Today, instead of go on a litany of teachings about Judgment, what I want to do is to show you a really awesome process. This process is in fact part of a therapy technique
called Voice Dialogue but I figured I’d share it with you
because it’s such a great tool to use in your own life. So here we go … Because I am talking to a Spiritual Demographic, the Judgment that I chose is ‘Rednecks’. So what we do is we first decide what it is that we’re judging. This can be literally anything: – a group of people, – something that’s in the world that’s not a person, – a trait, – anything you want,
just what is it that I judge. And then, you wanna make these columns (in total it’s 5 columns) and you begin with the thing you judge,
so in this case – ‘Rednecks’. Now I want you to write down
all the negative things you think about those people so that these are judgments you make about the ‘thing’ you judge. So, ‘Rednecks’:- – stupid, – cruel, – narrow-minded, – embarrassing, – ugly, – ignorant, – uneducated, – destroy Earth, – no empathy, – they’re ‘takers’, – they’re selfish, – and, they’re irresponsible. «laughs» This is not the time to be friendly or to try to be enlightened – this is the time to let your subconscious mind just completely rule the day and be as cruel as possible. In this next column – this represents You in your current state. So what you wanna write down is
how the Rednecks judge *you*. So, here’s an example … A Redneck might judge You as:-
– uptight, – pretentious, – self-righteous, – condescending, – judgmental, – miserable, – no fun, – dictatorial, – self-conscious, – fearful, – and, rigid. «laughs» … okay … Then, the next column – (and in my particular opinion, this is the most important column
of this entire exercise) – this, is the Worst-Case ‘them’. So, if you took all of these traits
that you can’t stand about them and you took them in the worst-case scenario
what would *that* actually look like? For example – a worst-case scenario might be something like a statement like ‘they hurt people’ or it might be something like ‘digging around in a trash-can’ or ‘sleeping in a gutter’ is the worst-case scenario. It’s whatever the worst-case scenario is
according to *your* definition of the worst-case scenario. But, my favorite way to do this
is to look at each item that you wrote in this Judgment Column and then think about the worst-case scenario for *that* thing. So for example, the worst-case scenario at being ‘Cruel’
is: ‘You hurt other people’. Then you can even take that further, potentially, and think about what is the worst-case scenario
of ‘hurting other people’ … Hmmmm – ‘people will turn against you’ – something like that. Like here’s … here’s this list … The worst case ‘them’ for Rednecks could be: – they destroy Earth, – they hurt other people, – they are blindly causing pain, – they get rejected, – they’re unwanted, – they’re evil, – they fall prey to anyone smarter, – catastrophes, – “oh my gosh, it’s all their fault”, – they hurt other people, (there I show that again) – they’re bad, – everything falls apart beyond repair. Okay so – next column: this is the Worst-Case ‘you’. So, essentially, if you continued and you evolved into the worst-case scenario for your over-compensation, (which is really what your personality is, right now) then what *would* happen in your life … The best way to go about this is
to look at all of these judgments that the other person (the Rednecks) might make about you, and then take *that* to the worst-case scenario. So, for example, the worst-case scenario for ‘uptight’ might be you’re ‘sick and unhealthy’ and ‘stressed’. The worst-case scenario for ‘pretentious’ might be
‘you make other people feel like ‘less” (that’s an example)
So let’s read this list … Worst-Case Scenario for You:- – sick and unhealthy, – stressed, – make other people feel ‘less’, – end up alone, – no closeness, – depressed and hating life, – life has no joy, – others resist you, – no inner freedom, – shut-in, – taking no risks, – controlling to the point where you’re abandoned. «laughs» Okay, so now – the next step is: we think about ‘us’ taking a homeopathic dose of ‘them’. So, if I judge a Redneck and I took a homeopathic dose of ‘redneck’, how might that improve my life? Again, the best way to do this is to think about it this way: If I took a homeopathic dose of being more ‘stupid’,
how might my life be better? Or, if I took a homeopathic dose of being ‘cruel’,
how might my life be better? I’ll give you an example of how that works. If I was more ‘stupid’ I might live from the heart, not my head. If I was taking a homeopathic dose of being ‘cruel’,
I might feel more unrestricted. So here’s how this list looked after we went through taking the homeopathic dose of ‘redneck’:- – living from the heart, not the head, – unrestricted, – feeling safer, – liberated, – not self-conscious, – free, – being in the moment, – not on-guard, – fun, – less stress, – nourished, – happy, – and there’s ‘fun’ yet again (twice ‘fun’ showed up on this list) For any of you who remember my episode on Projection you’ll remember that anything that we deny, disown,
or reject within ourselves, becomes a portion of our subconscious mind. We essentially polarize ourselves by getting rid of one trait and exaggerating the other. So what you’re watching with this particular episode is Projection in-the-works. I would suggest in fact, if you’re gonna do this episode (highly) to go watch my video on Projection, so you can understand more how this works. Once you have delegated something to the subconscious mind
that you’ve rejected, you reject that aspect externally in the world as well – you treat it the same way you treated that aspect within yourself. So, the major reason you have this resistance
or this judgment to other people is really because you’re reacting
to a suppressed aspect of *yourself*. And we’re about to uncover that aspect of ourselves … So this is why this is so genius – this column – #3 – is really what you’re afraid of. You are not afraid of, or resistant to, Rednecks in general. You’re afraid of them because they represent all of these things that you have already decided you’re so damned-scared of that you can’t even go near – you have to suppress it. You have to get as far away from it as possible. So you have swung the pendulum (with regards to your own personality) and you have become all of *these* things which we can see of course, has consequences, if it’s taken to the worst-case scenario because by swinging the pendulum you might be so pretentious, for example, or so
consider yourself to be so much more educated that you end up all alone cause let’s face it – nobody wants to be around somebody
who’s, like, way more righteous than them. So what we wanna do
is to swing ourselves back into a kind of ‘balance’. Rather than ‘balance’, let’s say we want to ‘re-own’
the aspects of ourselves that we have *disowned*. And it’s not like I’m telling you
that you need to become a redneck – I’m saying that the lesson inherent in the thing that you judge is if you take a homeopathic dose of it you’re a more healthy and whole and integrated Human Being. *That* is what this column represents … By swinging the pendulum – I got rid of ‘living from the heart’, – I got rid of ‘being unrestricted’, – I got rid of ‘being fun’, – I’m no longer ‘liberated’, – I’m not ‘happy’, – I don’t let myself be ‘nourished’ and so, I have to *come back* into Alignment. So this is what I want you to do – I want you to look through this final column for the words that stick out to you the most. The ones that just *pop* at you – I chose ‘liberated’. ‘Liberated’ was the one that kept popping out
on this particular list. And, you form a Name that is representative of an identity. So, for the example for this one is ‘The Liberated One’. I have suppressed ‘The Liberated One’. (which is an aspect of my Identity) So what you wanna do now,
after you have found that suppressed Self – (that’s what this is all about – your judgments will
alert you to the suppressed Self) – once you’ve found out what your suppressed Self is (and you’ve given it a name), then your life becomes about figuring out how you,
on a daily basis, *suppress* that Self, and how you could let that Self express. So, for example – how do I suppress ‘The Liberated One’? Well, for example: – I might do what *has* to be done,
instead of what I want to do … – I might be extremely perfectionistic … – I might have a job I hate
because it makes sense to keep it … – I might put Fun last … So then
(and of course I want these lists to be way longer than that and very, very, very descriptive too) so you might …
you might find that, like, you always have the same way of cooking an egg and that’s how you’re restricted. That’s an example of ways that you suppress the Liberated Self. So then the next bit is – how can I let that Self express? How can I let ‘The Liberated One’ express? I might say:
“You know what? I’ve always wanted to do sculpture – ” “so what I’m gonna do is to take a Sculpture Class
and start doing that Art” … “Maybe I should quit my job” … “Maybe I’ll leave my house a mess, one time a week” … Yet again, you want that particular list
to be much longer than that and very detailed and very specific, so that you can think of actual practical ways
to let that Self express itself. So, yet again, just for the sake of your understanding if we have a judgment against Rednecks and this was our chart, what we’re really afraid of, and have a resistance to, is not the rednecks themselves. We are so desperately afraid of:-
– hurting other people, – of blindly causing pain, – of being rejected, – being unwanted, – being evil, – falling prey to smarter people, – of catastrophe, – of hurting others, (there it is again) – of being bad, – and of everything falling apart beyond repair, that we have swung the pendulum to the degree that we are now:- – sort of uptight, – little bit pretentious, – self-righteous, – condescending, – miserable, – not very much fun, – dictatorial, – self-conscious, – fearful, – and, rigid … So, by finding the suppressed Self within you and of finding ways to let that suppressed Self
express itself in little ways every day not only will you become less judgmental
and resistant to the thing you judge, you become a more-complete person in and of yourself, you will experience Integration. So, feel free to try this exercise
and have a good week … ♪ Outtro Music ♪ Subtitles by the Amara.org community