As the science of nutrition has evolved
we now have compelling evidence of the critical role it plays in health and
disease the impact of nutrition is greatest during early life where it has
a substantial influence on growth and development despite the vital importance
of nutrition and long-term health it often remains a low priority within the
training and continuous education of health care professionals to gain new
knowledge for healthcare professionals is a real challenge today even old
experienced colleagues feel it is important to improve your lives with
such a varied level of formal education globally and a multitude of different
demands on their time and energy how can busy health care professionals locate
trusted nutrition information. Nestlé nutrition Institute website offers the opportunity to do a one-stop shopping of not only classical nutrition but also
coming events and what’s going on the Nestlé nutrition Institute is a one-stop
unbranded nutrition education and information hub we work with leading
experts globally to further the science and share that knowledge through our web
sites which are available in multiple languages and on any device I’m really
so impressed by the amount of material that is pulled together in a very
neutral way that is made available for a whole range of disciplines for
nutritionists such as myself for dietitians for pediatricians
gastroenterologists as a registered user you can view or download publish
and PubMed index publications across a range of different nutrition topics
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