Hi, I’m Tom Daschle I’m the leader of the Transition Healthcare Policy Team, and you remember my friend and colleague Lauren Aronson. We are just so pleased that so many of you have already written in. About 3,500 people have already commented, and given the fact that that this was a holiday weekend, where millions of people were traveling, it’s all the more impressive. I spent a lot of the weekend actually reading the comment, and I have to tell you – I am extremely moved by a lot of the stories that you shared with us. We want to keep this a very open process. We want to make sure that you understand how important those comments and your contributions are. We really want to hear from you. And already we’ve begun to follow through with some of the ideas, and Lauren’s going to outline a few of those right now. One comment that we heard a lot about was from a person named “kllmt”, who said: “All Americans would benefit from a paradigm shift in healthcare, one that emphasizes preventive care and addresses the causes of illnesses above treating symptoms.” She’s absolutely right. Yeah, that’s exactly… That’s what I hear as I travel all over, too, is that we really need to put that kind of emphasis on prevention, because if you can keep people well, you’re not going to pay so much once people get sick. And that’s exactly what she’s saying here. Right, and I also think it affects American companies and businesses, because if you have a healthier workforce, people are not taking off time to be in the hospital or be sick at home, and they are being productive citizens working for these businesses and companies. That’s right. Another comment that we thought was actually very interesting was from “kkdc”, who suggested that we set up a kind of Health Corps, like the Peace Corps, which is a fantastic idea so we can have folks who are just finishing college, and medical school and nursing school go straight back into their community and give back to their country. It’s a very interesting idea. I like that. Yeah, so do I. I think it’s something we should definitely look into. Unfortunately our friend Dora, who did the video with me last week, is still visiting her family for Thanksgiving. When she comes back, she’s going to take the lead on looking into that issue. Great. And another big issue we talked a lot about – that was talked a lot about online in the discussion – was on cost containment, and what a big… and issues we need to face as we look at trying to expand coverage, we also need to contain costs for those who do have healthcare. I think it’s one of the biggest issues driving this whole healthcare debate. As I talk to businesses and families alike, everybody is saying if we can’t control costs, we haven’t solved this healthcare problem. I think you’re right on, Senator. And I think that Margaret, also, a CEO and founder of a large non-profit corporation would agree. She provides healthcare for 20 – sorry, for 52 full-time employees with healthcare, and has been struggling to find a way to provide her part-time employees with healthcare, as well. And it’s such a vital issue that we’re facing. Those are the stories that I think have really got to be compelling for legislators. I mean I know when I was in the Senate, it was stories like that – probably more than all the factual information – that really moved you to want to act. Right, absolutely, great. Well, we really appreciate all the comments that we got. You know the Senator and I have spent a lot of time over the weekend – the last couple days – looking at them, and I think we’re really going to try to incorporate all the ideas that we got, because they really were just fantastic ideas from the American public. Thank you.