DR. MARTHA SOMERMAN: I’ve been jogging for years,
ever since I was a child. Jogging helps me in many, many ways. It’s a stress reliever. It’s a way to see the scenery. It’s a way to see the beauty of life. And it’s very relaxing and soothing. I see the flowers, I see the snow. A life experience. I usually do weights in the morning. I also do stretching exercises in the morning
and I also enjoy biking a lot and I also do some meditation and yoga; a very important
part of my day. If I wasn’t jogging I wouldn’t be able
to work. So for me that’s quite an exaggeration,
but I get fidgety if I don’t have . . . if I don’t jog. So it’s a very important part of my daily
activity. So jogging helps my health from I guess the
stress side of it as well as my muscles and bones because, as many of you know, jogging
is so important for tone and also for older women in terms of bone health. The exercise does change with aging. So I used to run many more miles a day—maybe
six to eight and the weekends eight to ten—and now I go maybe three to five during the week
and will do a little bit longer, but you have to be careful about your knees and a lot of
my friends have had to stop and I haven’t had to stop because I have been very careful
of the stresses that you need to monitor with aging. I find the time to exercise because it is
a priority. I can’t live without it. So if I don’t exercise, I can’t function. I need to do it.