hello and welcome to day 4 for january active challenge with one six eight Fitness today I'm going to show you another rebounding specifically but don't worry they'll be in alternatively definitely mini trampoline at home so many people ask me how do you run on rings on there well it's quite simple and say I'm going to start off with a job so all you have to do is just for your knees up you have your strength for straight back just to compensate for the knee through it up high in front of you you should come up underneath you not behind you like that you want to ring them up and beneath good and use your arms opposite arm opposite leg like you would if you're jogging outside now I'm going to fits of doing it on the rebounder other it's low-impact so you don't damage your me or joints like you would if you're running on a hard surface so today we're just going to do it for five minutes so I'm going to time I'm going to do it with you starting from now so I'm just going to drink and nice and steady and as you go throughout the challenge good progress on this yes he's brilliant and in some sprinkles as well now you can do it longer if you want to over the five minute or you can just do it five minutes at a time maybe don't more than one single day but five minutes gone beautiful but don't forget next to the other challenges from day one day two is a three if you really try this progression business there are 10 growing no bottom means come today keep going to taste so it's always good to have some music on my sure exercising this helps to motivate get you interested you keeps you going most the time you can pick an album that you quite enjoy this little to mine goes much quicker if you've got something else in the background doesn't have to music you can put your favorite film on or it's a TV show my favorites and just go jump on the rebounder and go out never benefit of doing jogging and running inside on the rebounder it was not cold in time the heating up mean out to put all the layers on meeting what if you ran outside during winter so they can be useful for people that struggle with their breathing in the cold weather some my clients struggle to get the air ring and slip it year and how cold they're doing it inside prevents that come in a problem okay about halfway through coupla minutes left just keeping the knees coming up on this nice and steady trying to eat the a pace that we can sustain the five minutes again just recapping on that technique make sure you heal to come in up underneath not behind you like that if you sometimes they run is doing throughout the community learning that's a more efficient foot strike and leg action you being okay how you are just recap as well save one tricep dips say to use it two squats they prove without a bit more than the Vandals Pacific is it's a basic band but you're interested in an alternative exercise for that and then just let me know and I can give you an alternative and then today we're in the Geoghan obviously you can do this in live on the floor or you can go after a better job as well hey you go creep work from the legs and keep your breathing as well that's sometimes what beginners who are just starting to do some running often forget to use yards it's really important to use your arm crutch for jogging because it helps your legs to work harder take that into the work who ends up ultimately you can go for longer you go you get tired that's really important to get into a nice routine of doing opposite arm opposite leg keep going at the same pace of play time now the really left that is not long at all the keep it going you'll find that you do hands on the rebounder you also getting fitter because when you're on here besides me hands behind exercising on a mini trampolines that when you are expired on here you're heavier than if you did the same exercise on the clock because the initial gravity action gets it so if I hang on here I'm actually learn the more calorie you coming fitter and stronger all my muscles think I'm heavier so in the recovery time between exercise sessions my body goes away and adapt and become stronger so this sir to cope with the extra demands but really read now actually remind so it's a bit of a fine strip go really good on all the same hey you keep it up the pace guys nearly done look at him quite warm after this be good to start off with this exercise then go on to the squat party leg you're nice and warm and the tricep dip and they go back to the basic back for a cool-down pack okay let's five four three two one and then just take it this goes inside to cyanide and lightly relax the muscles let the arms swing and when you're ready you can come to it stop remember tuning your exercises if you're trying to progress your fitness rush you're out January and join me again for day five of the January active challenge with ones it's a fitness