Why do pediatricians think that
vaccines are so important? @JeanMoorjani: I vaccinate to protect babies that are too young to get certain vaccines. They depend on vaccinated kids and adults.
#WhyIVax #ivax2protect @DrStager: I watched a nine-month-old baby
cough and cough until she turned purple and desperately gasped for air due
to whooping cough infection. #ivax2protect @StephRStarr: #ivax2protect infants from rotavirus illness requiring hospitalization – I have admitted zero since we started vax @AmerAcadPeds @MNHealth @NancyGraffMD: I’ve seen kids die from vaccine preventable illnesses. That’s why #ivax2protect #vaccineswork #AAPLegCon @pmlndr: Because I love babies #WhyIVax #ivax2protect @dmarie208: As a critical care pediatrician, I’ve seen kids die from vaccine preventable diseases. That’s why #ivax2protect
#AAPLegCon @AmerAcadPeds @freckledpedidoc: Took care of child with
Hib meningitis, survived with complications: hearing loss, electrolyte imbalance, decreased tone, etc #ivax2protect. @RThienprayoon: #ivax2protect my baby and all immunocompromised kids who can’t vaccinate! @freckledpedidoc: #ivax2protect babies and kids with poor immune systems so that the entire community is safe from Hib,
whooping cough, measles, chicken pox! @DrAparnaBole: #ivax2protect my children,
my patients, my neighbors, my community. It takes a village!
#WhyIVax #VaccinesWork. Talk to your child’s doctor or visit www.cdc.gov/vaccines/parents Immunization.
Power to Protect.