The Italian health care system how different is it really? hey what’s up friends and foreigners I’m Rafael Di Furia aka Rafi Di is me and I’m NYAG so whether you’re coming
to Italy for a short little trip or you’re planning to actually become a
citizen or a resident of Italy it’s good to know kind of how things work out here
today we’re going to be going just into a brief overview of how the medical
system here in Italy actually works how to use the system before we get started
with this video if you want to see more content like this be sure to make sure
you are subscribed with the notification bell on and that you like the video I’m not any kind of legal expert or advisor or authority on the matter but these are
just some of the basic things that I’ve seen and any of this information could
change at any time so always double check if you feel as though there is a
need to know but this information I would assume should be relevant for a
while one thing to keep in mind is that I will mention a few prices during this
video but those prices can change depending where you are in the country
first off if you’re not a citizen of Italy or a resident you’re just here for
a quick trip just know that that does not exclude you from being able to
access Italy’s emergency services while there are plenty of people who come here
without insurance I wouldn’t recommend necessarily
following in their footsteps better to have your butt covered than not literally but if you are going to be here for a while you especially need to
make sure that you are covered and if you’re looking for any sort of insurance
as an expat traveler or whatever for yourself or for your gear stick around
to the end of this video cuz there’s this great website that I recently found Italy has been ranked number two by the World Health Organization just behind
France and the system here is mixed between private and public you do have
fully private insurance available however we’re going to only be talking
about publicly available services there are services which you do have to pay
for but there are some services which you actually don’t have to pay for for example trauma care in theory is not a not actually supposed to cost anything at all and unless I’m mistaken it’s actually covered under Italy’s Constitution that
anybody who needs medical care can get it or there are instances when you go to
the ER where it can cost you but not as much as walking through the door back in
the States even if an ambulance is needed in many
cases you don’t actually have to pay but we’ll go a little bit more into
emergency services later in the video if you are wanting to become a resident or
if you are becoming a citizen of Italy just know that there are even more
services that are free for example going to a GP general practitioner family
doctor those visits zero cost and having children in Italy that’s also supposed
to be free but when we’re talking about doctor’s office hours in Italy this is
probably the one thing that’s a little bit stranger than bank hours also different doctors have different ways that they work some doctors don’t accept
any appointments and it’s only walk-in services whereas some other doctors you
will have days or times of day where it’s only walk-ins and times where it’s
only appointments but just a quick example my doctor doesn’t accept
appointments you have to walk in how does that work though you go in you go
sit in the waiting room some doctors have numbers you can take but many don’t
and it goes at this point just by the honor system I have heard about in some
places where people do kind of try to get ahead but in my experience I’ve not
had any problem with this you just ask who is the person who was last there and
it’s just that easy but there will potentially be a wait and that wait
could be a little while the longest I’ve ever waited was about an hour but I’ve
also waited five minutes before depends on the day
but if you only need a prescription renewed that can actually be much
quicker what happens usually is that in between patients the doctor will come
out they’ll ask if any prescriptions need to be renewed and they’ll take it
and then when they come back out of the room again you’ll have your prescription
ready to go so this way you don’t have to wait as long as somebody who actually
needs an appointment but one other big
difference with going to the doctor here in Italy if you’re on the public
services and not a private doctor the whole idea of getting a check-up isn’t
really normal here this is just my opinion here but it seems as though the
system is so overworked and the doctors just have so many people that they just
need to kind of get them in and out as quickly as possible and there also seems
to be a mentality that you only go to the doctor if you need to go to the
doctor however I have heard from other expats that if you really do need a
check-up for whatever reason and you ask very nicely you may actually have a
chance of getting one you might get lucky and find a doctor that speaks
English but there are plenty that don’t another reason why I keep saying in my
videos learn the language and if you want five quick tips on how to learn any
language check out my video down in the more info section below yeah on with the
video all right going back to the ER not back to the ER but you get what I mean
going back to that subject in Italian the way that you say ER emergency room
is “Pronto Soccorso” literally it just translates to first-aid the way
that the italian ER works is a little bit different than in the states but the
way that it works hopefully assuming that you didn’t come
in an ambulance is that what you’ll have to do is you’ll go in you’ll check in
and once you’ve given them the basic information you’ll be given two things
you’ll be given a priority level and a number basically what happens is you
wait first until your number is called and what happens is you go into a room
you’ll talk to a nurse and you’ll describe what happened how it happened
what the injury is and any other relevant information about your health
if you’re allergic to anything or whatever then after that you’ll go back
out into the waiting room and wait again until they call your number again but
then they’ll bring you into whichever area you need to go into to go into the priority levels a little bit just so you have the basic idea of how that works
there are four levels red yellow green white quick explanation of what those priority levels actually are is read basically
means the patient is really in serious danger and that very serious risk of
losing their life potentially they aren’t even conscious when they enter yellow means immediate attention is required however within about ten
minutes they’re not going to be at any immediate risk of losing any vital
functions but Green is more if you have like a simple break or a sprain or
things that are a little bit easier like that where you’re life is not at any
kind of immediate danger but white basically means there’s no real
necessary reason why you should be there they don’t say that but that’s basically
what I’ve been told pretty much it means that you should have just gone to your
regular doctor for regular medical services and to my understanding the way
that the fee system works is that if you come in with red or yellow that there’s
no cost however if you come in with a green priority level in my region of
Alto Adige it costs 15 euros that means walking in the door seeing the nurse
seeing the doctor and potentially x-rays for 15 euros whereas just going to an ER
back in the States just for breathing the air and the
waiting room can cost you a couple
hundred bucks and it should be more or
less the same around the rest of the country however some things in alto
adige function a little bit differently but if you come in and you have a white
priority level that means you’re at risk of a fee between 50 and 100 euro but
just to go on to one last quick thing what if you’re living here and you go to
your GP and they say hey you need to get some tests done what happens when you
need to get blood taken the way that it works in my region is that if you need
some blood taken what they’ll do is they’ll maybe try to tack on a few extra
little things because the way that it works is you have a paper that you’re
given with a maximum of about I believe five tests with a maximum fee copay fee
of 30 euros about each test can cost between five ten fifteen euros it
depends on what needs to be done but if you need to get multiple tests all done
at the same time you don’t really have to worry about spending
a few hundred euros or like back in the States for the same services potentially
a few hundred dollars however for everything that we’ve talked
about all of the medical services don’t expect any of this to be in English I’m
not here to say whether the system is good or whether it’s bad whether it
works or doesn’t this is just a brief overview of the way that it works and
personally I’ve had no complaints the only may be minor complaint is just
sometimes the waiting time can be a bit much so like I mentioned at the
beginning of this video I’ve got some information for those of you who are
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