Hey ! What’s up Warriors. It’s Amit. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist And welcome to Amit Physique Ultimate Nutrition Iso Sensation is one of the best selling and cheapest whey isolate available in India At the same time, Iso Sensation is sold by fake sellers also In this video, I am going to tell you whether your new Ultimate Nutrition Iso Sensation is original or fake First things first, safety seal. In every Ultimate Nutrition Iso Sensation there is a safety seal Please look at the seal carefully Generally fake sellers, try to re-seal by heating or use gum to try to make the seal intact Fake sellers take out original iso sensation powder then they pour glucose powder SARMS and any such harmful substance like Dexona try to mix it and then try to sell it So that the customers who buys the product continuously gets the results and can not even identify whether they are using a fake supplement Ultimate nutrition is a trademark symbol At the front, where ultimate nutrition is printed You can find a small R symbol near it Please check the weight of the product. Iso sensation is available in only two weights First, 2 lbs which is available as bottle Second, 5 lbs which is available as bucket Iso sensation is available in six different flavors Chocolate Fudge, Cafe Brazil, Cookies and Cream Natural , Strawberry and Vanilla Bean If your product’s flavor, doesn’t match with what I have mentioned. Then your product is fake Original iso sensation has 12 digit bar code by the help of which shopkeepers scans the product when you are doing a checkout at the shop The packaging is of very high quality If your product’s fonts are blurred or it’s not printed properly. Then your product is fake. Please check the address of the product, which should be Ultimate Nutrition INC, PO Box 643, Farmington CT If your product’s address contains any local Indian address then your product is fake At the bottom of bucket, at the top of the cap , and on either sides of the bucket IPL should be printed If your bucket doesn’t contain IPL printed at all these four places. Then your product is fake At bottom of the bucket, in yellow ink jet print should be printed batch code, manufacturing date and expiration date The format of manufacturing date and expiration date should be MM/YY And the difference of manufacturing and expiration date should be three years If your product is imported by Muscle House India Pvt Limited Then it should contain a hologram in the importer sticker If you look at the sticker in light, then it should emit rainbow like colors Always purchase the product from official importers so that chances of getting duplicate protein powder is minimized There are currently 7 different importers of Ultimate Nutrition in India Bright commodities Muscle House India Pvt Ltd, Kar Enterprises OSR Impex , Muscle Pro Nutrition Global Impex and Arc Distributors Please look at the product carefully there shouldn’t be any spelling mistake and shouldn’t contain any grammatical errors Original Ultimate Nutrition Iso Sensation has transparent scoop where it’s written “National Standards 70 cc” If your product’s scoop is looking cheap then your product is fake Let’s check it’s mixability One hand I have 1 scoop of Iso Sensation Chocolate Fudge and on the other hand I have around 300 ml of water Here goes protein powder in water I won’t cut the camera, so that you get a live example how it mixes with water And it’s new flavor I have been using Iso Sensation since many years If you use shaker or blender then it will mix more quickly But then again we will check it’s mix-ability in a glass of water Obviously it should take around 1/3 or 1/4 time if you are using shaker or blender It’s almost dissolved. We can see Please check the mix-ability. It’s crystal clear No visible clumps or nothing At the top there is a foam like substance formed Which is generally seen in most protein powders Let’s taste new ultimate nutrition iso sensation chocolate fudge It tastes very different from last time I have used I have been using ultimate nutrition since many years and there is a difference of taste in new flavor I guess there might be difference in all the rest flavors too I don’t know , how the rest tastes But currently I am having chocolate fudge and it’s having a different taste personally , I like the previous taste better. It’s fully depends on you what you like Still This one tastes amazing Please LIKE the video if the video helped you. Please SHARE it with your friends so that everyone be safe I need your support guys. If you won’t share the video then it will a trend in India to sell fake supplements which will damage your kidney and your organs Peace, this is Amit signing off