so is the Mediterranean diet oh hi today what do you call a bad Mediterranean restaurant falafel well I actually really enjoyed if you really think about the word what up guys and welcome back to the fit min cook kitchen this is Brett comes with cool care I had it’s a cool part in there just says Kevin but whatever so if you follow a health and wellness news at least in the u.s. then you may be familiar with the US News and World Report they pretty much report on everything from top universities top careers best travel destinations and of course you guessed it best diets so recently they set the internet ablaze when they reported on the best diets for overall health for 2019 and I think that people were less concerned about what was named the best diet for 2019 and more concerned about what was not listed and that was the keto [Applause] I know it’s crazy right yeah because how could the most popular diet out right now not be included in the top three but not only was keto not in the top three it came in at a whopping number 38 at a 41 for best overall diets however it did tie for second place along with the Atkins diet for best weight loss diet which is not surprising since taking out carbs from your diet will likely cause a dramatic drop in weight in case you’re wondering and nodding your head right now thinking that well vegans the way to go well let me tell you that the vegan diet did marginally better it came in at an edit number 20 and the vegetarian diet score significantly better at number 11 and the derivative of that diet the flexitarian diet came in at number 3 which is basically eating meat from time to time so to be honest the results did not shock me if anything they just rented my own personal resolve to become a lot more plant dominant and that’s something that I frequently encourage y’all to do which is basically making plants the star of your dish while also incorporating a sensible amount of animal products that’s just my fancy way of saying a balanced diet now to be fair just because US News and World Report published the rankings it doesn’t necessarily make it the official rule of law for healthy standards for all of us you are the best determinant of that so whatever you can manage and whatever keeps you healthy and your body in your mind that’s the best diet however the rankings are good because they help to shed light on other forms of healthy living that we may want to explore and since our eyes have momentarily deviated from keto and paleo mania just for the moment let’s take a closer look at the Mediterranean diet to see what all this hype is about so first off what is the Mediterranean diet essentially it’s a Mediterranean inspired approach to healthy eating so just think lots of color and lots of fresh natural ingredients now while there are no overarching guidelines that you would normally find with the restrictive diet the Mediterranean diet does have some central themes if you will so let’s tackle them one by one first the diet places an emphasis on plants specifically incorporating fresh ingredients in eliminating processed foods this is probably the most restrictive part of the diet it does encourage us to be a lot more plant domina and again this means that there’s a strong emphasis on wholesome plant-based foods these include fruits and veggies – legumes grains and nuts this is what I essentially appreciate about the diet because we eliminated a lot of science and artificial ingredients from our daily regimen we eat real food and our bodies love it and by eating so many fresh ingredients we begin to learn the flavor of food so we can better pair them together so essentially this diet makes us all better cooks one of the best examples of this is the most well known dish it’s tabbouleh if you’re not familiar it’s crack wheat or bulgur with finely chopped parsley mint tomatoes cucumber lemon olive oil sea salt and pepper it’s fresh and varied and it gives us robust flavor and texture with each bite which raises another important element of this theme is that the diet prioritizes using fresh herbs and spices over salt to give more food flavor so if you’ve ever asked yourself and wondered how do people know what herbs to use the Mediterranean diet would be a great place for you to start rosemary saffron cardamom thyme dill sage and the list goes on tons of flavor without even adding an ounce or drop of salt and no I’m not saying that salt is bad it’s just that there’s an over reliance on salt because we often don’t know how to incorporate herbs next I’ll touch on oils and fats now generally speaking the dye encourages more mono saturated fats over saturated fats so oils such as olive and canola and even grapeseed oil are highly encouraged since coconut oil is higher in saturated fat it’s probably one of the ones that you want to avoid or at least lessen if you’re gonna follow this diet that being said butter is pretty much a no-go on this diet and if you’re bummed about the butter it’s kind of a saving grace that you can consume items like tahini which is grown sesame and other natural nut butters and snacking on things like raw nuts and seeds are all highly encouraged and since there’s a ton of flavor and those you don’t feel like you’re missing out too much on that butter next team I’ll deal with is protein even though the diet is plant dominant there is room for some animal protein primarily poultry and fish these are eaten at least twice a week eating red meat is allowed yet it is limb – only a few times each month this sounds similar to a flexitarian diet which is essentially a vegetarian with meat thrown in there every once in a while in terms of dairy it is allowed but it’s very limited some people encourage fat-free dairy products were all in this diet but I would recommend staying away from those because they’re often filled with hidden sugar and they are heavily processed so I stick to things like whole or 2% milk or reduced fat but no like nonfat items the last thing that I’ll deal with is exercise the Mediterranean diet is one of the very few that encourages regular exercise and or activity it’s nothing exhausting like a CrossFit workout however you should be getting sufficient exercise or activity daily or weekly and this could be anything y’all I’m talking about walking around in your neighborhood or your local mall hiking biking mowing the lawn cleaning out the garage it could be anything really you just need to be active and while this is not really good to exercise it should be noted that drinking wine in moderation is allowed yes you can get your drink owned on this diet so if you’re the type of person that needs a weekly fix of red wine then you’re in luck drinking in moderation about a glass per day is not uncommon when on this diet I think the general rule is that women should have about 5 ounces daily and men can drink up to 10 ounces but I don’t think that’s really generous I think you can mix and match there you know so women if you want to get to drink on to 10 ounces there you go now that being said drinking alcohol also requires restraint so if you’re unable to limit yourself on a daily basis I just say to stay away from it and just for the time being and of course it goes without saying that if you have a medical problem then you should probably avoid drinking wine altogether so basically you get to eat fresh ingredients and still eat meat and drink red wine and the only thing you really have to do is just stay active I mean that’s just hard to say no to but I know what you’re thinking the golden question still remains can you lose weight following the Mediterranean diet well absolutely you can lose weight but that really all depends on your calorie input and calorie expenditure are you in a calorie deficit at the end of the day and/or week then of course you will lose weight and if you’re eating the optimum number of calories for you and your goals you’ll reach those goals much faster with the Mediterranean diet more than anything else you get sensibility and speaking from personal experience and working with y’all and listening to thousands of y’all over the years that sensibility piece that solves a majority of our problems it’s hard to be committed to something with so many rules it’s just like being in a relationship in junior high school the slightest innocent misstep results in a tragic breakup but following a diet that doesn’t eliminate entire food groups and is actually pretty practical has some overarching things that are doable is likely that something like that will yield much more success because you can actually do it another thing that should be considered is just how easy meal prep would be with a strong emphasis on fresh ingredients it’s easier to prep large batches of individual food items and pair them together to mix and match them throughout the week imagine prepping a fragrant or spicy quinoa some savory chickpeas some big fish some roasted veggies hummus and even baked chicken and then creating several different meals throughout the week so with that you get way more variety while you save money and when you have your food prepared you can keep your weight loss and your fitness goals at the forefront of your mind so you can achieve your goals and what I’ll also highlight is just how satisfying this diet can be the rely on soul and wholesome grains and healthy fats leave you feeling energized and satisfied for much longer if you’re a frequent snacker and you struggle with hunger throughout the day then this diet may be much more of your style this is something that I’ve struggled with because feeling full and satisfied will help you to slow down mindlessly grazing and munching on food I unknowingly tried this diet about two years ago right after I did my eight-week keto experiment I did a food tour in Tel Aviv my diet pretty much followed the guidelines of the Mediterranean diet I felt full and energized throughout the entire trip and what I remember most was feeling fresh because for about 11 days I didn’t have one bite of process or packaged food while I had eaten eggplant before the trip I enjoyed it several different ways while I was there and it reminded me that there are tons of ways to enjoy the same exact darn foods sometimes I get tunnel vision and I don’t explore new ways to enjoy foods but with the Mediterranean diet the food options are literally endless so is the Mediterranean diet auto-hide I don’t think so I’m much more inclined to think that this diet is a lifelong way of eating since it’s based off the many cultures of the Mediterranean region so that coupled with its practicality lead me to believe that it has some real staying power in one final aspect of this diet and lifestyle is how food is shared and it just brings people together this communal connection fosters lively authentic conversations and interactions so we not only nourish our bodies but we also nourish our minds and our souls because we’re eating together so how can a positive way of life be sustained for so many years be all hi well it can’t be comment below if you tried the Mediterranean diet and give your thoughts about what was shared here today I want to know if you think it is a lifelong diet or it is a passing trend we want to know thank you for tuning in to breadcrumbs with cool care until next time I want to how to keep it healthy but of course never ever boring ooh bye guys [Music] [Applause] [Music]