hi I'm Tracy Lockett Beckerman I'm a registered dietician in New York City and it's my job to help you figure out what to eat and why and today I'm answering your nutrition questions of course these are just my professional opinions and they do not and should not replace a conversation with your own trusted practitioner think of this more as helpful Intel rather than a treatment plan because everyone's nutrition needs are uniquely different with all of that out of the way let's dig into what's eating you what's the deal with the detox teas I keep seeing on Instagram on social media celebrities and other a listers are endorsing these teas to their impressionable fans to get a flat tummy and to help detox in reality these teas are nothing more than glorified laxatives that can ultimately cause some pretty unpleasant and stinky side-effects such as diarrhea massive headaches drastic and dangerous fluid chips which can lead to bloating and even fainting they contain herbs enzyme blends and ingredients that give a healthy veneer to what our ultimate ly pure laxatives and diuretics it's a scam it's deceptive misleading and harmful these detox teas and shakes are another example of pseudo-scientific snake oil and these products are beyond dangerous to promote to society according to the CDC roughly 23,000 emergency room visits are due to dietary supplements and more than half of these visits in young people ages 5 to 19 are due to weight loss and energy supplements specifically these types of teas contain as many as 80 ingredients with too many flavor profiles and sweeteners to count shouldn't tease just have one ingredient tea what am I missing here they have unsafe levels of vitamins like huge unnecessary amounts of vitamin b12 too much b12 is actually extremely dangerous for the kidneys to have to filter it's like if you just wanted a sip of water and all of a sudden you were forced to drink the ocean ah plus these Thaksin claims are also smoke and mirrors because our livers and kidneys are designed to help us detox deal and in the long term swapping detox teas in for meals can truly mess with someone's relationship with food body image and self-worth research shows that even modest amounts of dieting reduces our brains ability to produce serotonin one of our brains most important neurotransmitters that regulates happiness mood sleep memory sexual desire and appetite and the same behavior often leads to disordered eating which can lead to the development of other mental and emotional issues so you can see how dangerous it can be to take any kind of diet advice from a misleading Instagram post hey subscribe to votives youtube channel okay I promise you'll get a lot of great tips from me you