This is Carl. And this is Joe. Carl and Joe both live in the same city, in the same kind of house, and drive the same car. Carl is an omnivore and Joe eats a plant-based diet. They eat about the same amount of food everyday. But because of his diet, Joe uses 300 gallons of water per day, while Carl uses four thousand. Also because of his diet, Carl uses eight times more fossil fuels than Joe. And Joe’s annual carbon footprint is 1.5 tons while Carl’s is 2.5 tons. Carl’s diet means he uses five times more land than Joe and meaty diets like his cause 70 percent of rainforest destruction. Carl weighs about 30 pounds more than Joe. And Joe’s risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer are all significantly lower than Carl’s. This means that Carl will die an average of nine and a half years sooner than Joe, while Joe will have spared tens of thousands of animals in his lifetime. Because of his diet, Joe is healthier, kinder to animals and the environment. Be like Joe. Eat a plant-based diet.