okay in this iridology lesson want to talk about sulfur this all this orange in this eye is sulfur now right around the pupil of the eye is your gut area your bowels and your stomach and this is usually where the sulfur is in the eye we mostly get sulfur in the body through the use of antibiotics and what's happened here is that this has been here a long time because it's now outside of the bell wall you can see this sort of thick layer kind of jagged layer this is the bow wall so this sulfur is trying to get out get to the lymph nodes and then out through the kidney door so this has been here a long time the orange is spreading throughout the eye you can see a lot of sulfur build-up here in the head area too so this is nasty stuff it's a fungal proliferator Candida loves a sulfur because sulfur really Gunks up your lymph system it really thickens it up and stagnates it and so the fungus likes to breed in these sort of stagnant pools of lymph you know this this really is a problem in and it needs to be detoxed out of the body sulfur is inflammatory it's an irritant and it sets up an immune response in the body in other words inflammation sulfur can gunk up the glands and organs all throughout the body the good news is is that it is movable it can be thinned down and it can be detoxed out of the body some signs and symptoms that you have sulfur in you are gas bloating headaches migraines gout is is one also you see sulfur does attract the candida like I said and other funguses in those excrete uric acid people with sulfur in their eyes can expect a longer detox it's tough enough to detox even without so fleur in your eyes but this stuff really does gunk you up sulfur has also been linked to confusion and even depression so the answer to getting sulfur out of the body is detoxification of course you know get the kidneys of filtering move lymph go aggressively after this we would really want to go after the GI tract because a lot of the sulfur is in there now one interesting thing is is that a lot of people have have had some good experience with parasite em and I believe this is breaking the bond when you kill the the candida fungus and other funguses you're breaking the bond between the the sulfur and the in the candida so a lot of people have been freeing it up and getting it out with the parasite em the GI broom was almost specifically designed for this because it has the clays in there which absorb it it has a psyllium husk which will brush it out and it's got the the charcoals also which absorb it and then also the astringent herbs which pulls this kind of stuff out of the bowel walls so the GI broom for sure but general overall detoxification will help immensely you're going to want to avoid you know cruciferous vegetables like broccoli cauliflower cabbage brussel sprouts things like that because those will aggravate it even though the you know the sulfur that's inside these vegetables doesn't really accumulate in the body like the like the antibiotics it still aggravates it so I would avoid those you're going to want to make sure that you're sweating if you have a weak tie right Glenn you're not going to sweat properly so do some saunas Bikram Yoga is really great and I've actually heard about some people that were doing Bikram yoga in their towel they brought a white towel and their towel actually had some orange in it and smelled like sulfur so sulfur will smell as it comes out of the body the sulfur that has made it to the lymph nodes will come out through your urine and you might smell sulfur in your urine the sulfur trapped in your bowels will come out through your stools they can even look orange and smell sulfur ewwww you might smell it on your skin especially under your arms so yeah as you detox it it will come out I would also read the labels on your food of dried fruits especially have sulfites you know the dried apricots and things like that so read the labels on that red wine of course has sulfides shampoos and other beauty products have them so read your labels you want to avoid this stuff also be careful if you're drinking well water some well waters do have high sulfur contents in them so detoxification is really the answer to getting rid of sulfur it's going to take you a while longer to move it because it really does thicken and gunk things up but keep at it and you'll get it out of there good luck thank you you