Learn why there will be a swarm medical responders
and law enforcement downtown this week. Plus, make sure to end your summer with a
big splash. And finally, sign your four legged friends
up for an exclusive pool party! We have these stories and more coming right
up on Iowa City Update. Emergency crews will be responding to a mock
drill on Tuesday, and you’ll want to be aware so you can avoid the area if possible. Beginning at 7 a.m. this Tuesday there will
be an active shooter drill at the University of Iowa Campus Wellness and Recreation center. You can expect to see police vehicles, fire
trucks and ambulances in the area. Some roads, sidewalks, and parking lots will
be closed until 2 p.m. when the drill is over. The areas shut down will be marked for the public, and commuters should avoid the area if possible. That includes Madison Street in front of the
Center. Also, the eastbound lane for Burlington Street
will be reduced to one lane. The exercise is to help medical responders
and law enforcement react to a situation that they can make as real as possible. Remember, while it will look realistic this
is not an actual emergency but a training exercise. Another road closure this week will be for
the fourth annual Farm to Street Dinner. The event will close down part of the road
on North Linn Street that evening between Market and Jefferson Streets. Tickets for the dinner sold out, which features a six-course meal made from locally sourced ingredients. Funds raised at the event will go to support
the Iowa Valley Resource Conservation & Development. Summer is quickly coming to an end and we
want to make sure it goes out with a splash! City Park Pool and the three splash pads will close for the season following Labor Day on September 2nd. Friday, August 23rd to Sept. 2nd will have
limited swimming pool hours. Here is the full schedule for the last two
weekends: For more information visit icgov.org/pools. And before the pool is drained, make sure
you bring your four legged friend by to take a dip! The annual Dog Paddle takes place at the City Park Pool on September 8th from one to five. There is a fee and the funds go to support
the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center. If you sign up now, you can save five dollars
and avoid long lines on the day of the event. Early bird registration is only $10, and it’s
$15 on the day of the Dog Paddle. The event details and registration forms can
be found on the Friends of the Animal Center Foundations website. Just head to facf.org to get signed up. Have a great week, everybody! We’ll see you next time on Iowa City Update.