Hello. I’m Mark Wolff with the
SAS global IoT division. Value-based care is emerging
as new global paradigm to address how patient
and overall healthcare are delivered and paid for. Value-based care can be
defined as the relationship between a patient outcome,
clinician performance, and the associated cost. The shift to value-based
care promises to drive down costs and
improve patient outcomes. It will incentivize
care providers to better engage patients and
to more consistently adopt evidence-based medicine
in diagnosis and treatment decisions. But, measuring value
across the care continuum will be challenging. It will require a much
more DATA driven approach to care delivery. Adoption of advanced data
management and analytics capabilities will be
critical to the success of this transformation. A major driving force
behind this transformation is the emergence of
the Medical Internet of Things or more specifically
connectivity between patients, clinicians, machines
and care environments. This connectivity
will ultimately result in an exponential
increase in the amount and dimensionality of data. Data available for
operational efficiencies and clinical decision making. “Intelligent” analytics will be
an imperative, not an option, enabling faster and more precise
diagnoses and more scientific determination of the most
appropriate and effective treatment plan. The shift to value-based
care is occurring, and IoT will play a vital role. The result? Improved outcomes, reduced
costs and ultimately, greater access to high-quality
care for more people across the globe.