We will see why the RESET stimulated by the quantum sound of Invertone resets the functions of the body and mind in order to find the maximum potential for well-being or sports performance, depending on the service chosen. I would say, like a motor vehicle, rather than doing something new with old, improve or mix “new parts” with “used parts”,
the Invertone Reset allows to integrate all the energetical information present in the body and around the body, and to promote its activation in the physical body, the emotional and the mind. Then this vibratory or anti-material information, as we say in quantum physics, is a kind of mold that has conserved, without any alteration, 100% of its potential and properties since birth. It is then enough “to import” these informations into the DNA of the body using personalized sound frequencies, those that allow to realize this famous RESET. It is as if we put our whole being in a quantum regenerator which, in a few months in the field of well-being, according to the people, will energize, reorganize, thus reinitialize all the potential of the human being. In the field of sports performance, you will get the first results immediately, in less than 24 hours. Here, it’s not about giving care, healing, replacing, applying therapy, absorbing a magic particle, but rather empowering the incredibly powerful, sophisticated, and autoimmune nature of the body. Of course, if you break a leg, the surgical techniques do wonders, an antibiotic too, in the presence of an infection where the vital diagnosis is at stake. The athlete will not be able to avoid the effort and
training. When you’re tired of changing parts by losing as much energy in repairs or partial unsecured improvements, if you want to get better performance and a greater longevity of your human vehicle, your body, your mind, your emotions, your mental abilities, the Invertone Reset is your ally 33 years of research, 20 years of experience and medical-scientific publications allow us today to give hope to many people, thanks to this quantum technology. You have already understood that it is the future we are talking about, which has already begun. I propose to talk about it without commitment of yours to a Certified Invertone Consultant for the well-being or the sport. You will understand why this quantum RESET can improve your daily well-being, make you more successful in your sport and revolutionize some received ideas. Whether you are a wellness researcher or sportsman, nothing better than to prove it by yourself, and if you were not satisfied enough, Invertone and the Certified Consultants will make a point of doing everything what is in their power to achieve the expected improvements and make you clearly feel the difference between before and after. Thank you for the trust and openness you will be able to give us. Feel free to check the information we have available on invertone.com! Thank you for your attention and see you soon!