Hello my name is Jeneita Bell and I am the
team lead for the Long Term Care Facility Component of CDC’s National Healthcare Safety
Network, also referred to as NHSN. The NHSN long-term care facility component
provides long term care facilities with a customized system to track infections and
prevention process measures. Tracking this information allows facilities
to identify problems, improve care, and determine progress toward national health care associated
infection goals. There are certain facilities that are eligible
to report to the long term care facility component, including: Skilled nursing facilities, Nursing
homes, Intermediate chronic care facilities for the developmentally disabled, Assisted
living facilities, and Residential care. The Long term care facility component has
three modules where information can be entered. The first is Healthcare Associated Infection
module. It enables facilities to monitor urinary tract
infections, one of the most common healthcare associated infections in long-term care facilities. The second is the Laboratory Identified Event
module, which enables facilities to monitor multi-drug resistant organisms and clostridiodes
difficiles infections, formally known as clostridium difficile. And the third the Prevention Process Measure
module which allows facilities to document and monitor adherence to prevention practices
among healthcare personnel, specifically hand hygiene and glove and gown use. Overall, the Long Term Care Component of NHSN
is a valuable tool that can be used to monitor healthcare associated infections, prevention,
and control activities. Nearly 22 thousand healthcare facilities use
NHSN as the cornerstone of their healthcare associated infection elimination strategy. For more information and additional videos
about NHSN’s long term care facility component please visit CDC dot gov slash NHSN.